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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - NPC's

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Shen aka Traveler

Traveler has tried to be something between uncle and teacher to his foster children, he's tried NOT to be a parent (except when he's had to be), preferring to be more of a guide, and to allow his wards to develop as they chose, rather then forcing them down a particular path. He's a master of spatial relations, a powerful precognitive as well as a remarkable Watcher and Sphinx (watcher more then sphinx), also he's also a student of the Sifu (if not being the Sifu himself), making him a remarkable martial artist.. he knows the Qi Meng Style, and can teach it, as well as Kung Fu, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, and Bojutsu, and is willing to teach others, if they indicate interest, meet the proper prerequisites, and prove worthy of the style.

As a teacher, he can be hard or kind, he tailor's his style of teaching to the individual. For that matter, due to his teaching style, his wards were taught at very different paces his teaching style is very unique, and very unusual, if one them was very good at something.. like Athletics or Science, he had them teaching.. mostly he took a supervisory roll, except with regards to Martial skills (Martial Arts, Brawl, Melee) He's very much an advocate of balance in all things..

Traveler is Taoist in his beliefs, generally, holding to a monotheistic view of the Tao, and has a deep respect for different religious beliefs and thoughts.

Here's his appearance, he's a bit older then he looks in the following picture, picture a bit of white in his hair, giving a more distinguished look..


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

In combat, Shen relies on his incredible dexterity, spatial control, and teleportation, his powers and abilities mean that he is never surprised and always has an edge in combat. His precognitive abilities mean that he always tends to know what his opponents are going to do even before they do it, and he tailors his abilities to his opponents, never using more capability then necessary to fight them. When facing nova level opponents, he tends to use teleportation and spatial control to totally confuse his opponents, and when he really lets go, which is rare, it is almost awe inspiring to watch.

Eruption: Revelation, while studying the Tao under his master, his teacher in the martial arts in the mountains of Tibet. At first he believed he had taken the first step on becoming a Taoist Immortal, sense he had been isolated from the world, and the appearance of nova's wasn't known in the more remote regions at the time. Later, when he realized he was a nova, he wondered if the ancient legends of mortals becoming immortal wasn't actually stories from nova's in the ages past.

Character Sheet


'Divine Power' [Mega-Strength 2 (Crush, Precision, Quantum Leap)]

'Immortal Grace' [Mega-Dexterity 6 (Accuracy, Cat-Footed, Enhanced Movement, Empty Force, Fast Tasks, Kensai x 2(Martial Arts, Melee), Perfect Balance, Rapid Strike, Ricochet, River Fighting, Soft Fist)]

'Eternal Body' [Mega-Stamina 4 (Adaptation, Durability, Fertility x2, Hardbody, Regeneration, Resiliancy x 2 Healthx2, Unaging x2, )]

'Perfected Vision' [Mega-Perception 6 (Blindfighting, Body Awareness, Estimation, Electromagnetic Vision, High End Electromagnetic Scan, Holographic Awareness, Hyper-Enhanced Hearing, Psychic Awareness, Psi Sensitivity, Quantum Attunement)

'Everlasting Wisdom' [Mega-Intelligence 4 (Analyze Weakness, Compartmentalized Mind, Discerning Mind, Eidetic Memory, Fast Learner, Linguistic Genus, Self-Analysis, Tactical Prodigy, Taint Resistance)]

'Mental Clarity' [Mega-Wits 6 (Combat Awareness, Enhanced Initiative x 6, Lie Detector, Foresight, Hypercongition, Mind Over Matter, Multitasking, Natural Empath, Quickness x 4, Unfazable, Unpredicatable)]

'Divine Beauty' [Mega-Appearance 2 (First Impression, Mr. Nobody) ]

'Immortal Influence' [Mega-Manipulation 2 (Evasive, Subtle)]

'Divine Presence' [Mega-Charisma 3 (Commanding Presence, Pedagogue, Politesse, Perfect Guest)]


'Flesh to Spirit, Flesh to Iron' [Level 3; Density Control 5; Extras: Full Control (Fixed Results for Density Increase Power + 1 successes, plus 1 per extra quantum spent, up to a limit of (Quantum + Power Rating)]

'Chi Redirection' [Level 1; Deflect/Redirect 5; Extras: Catch]

'Chi Strike' [Level 1; Claws 4; Extras:Kinetic Discharge]

'Chi Disruption' [Level 2; Disrupt 6]

'Immortal Influence' [Level 1; Hypnosis 3]

'Taoist Master' [Level 4; Chi Mastery 6 (Techniques: Perfected Chi, Enhance/Diminish Pain, Resurgent Chi, Destabilize Chi, Drain Chi, Chi Shield, Chi Blast, Chi Bolt) - Note: Purchased extra techniques as though they are dots to have as many techniques & See Custom Powers for the details on this power]

- Special Manouver 'Chi Overload' (Add Extra: Area to Chi Blast (Bashing Damage))

- Special Manouver 'Finding the Enemy' (Add Extra to Chi Bolt: Range +6, Homing, Armor Piercing)

'Essence of Yin' [Level 3; Disintegrate 1; Weakness: Dependency level 2 - Entropy Manipulation must be active to use this Power]

'Embracing the Yin' [Level 3; Entropy Manipulation 3 (Techniques: Bioentropic Vortex, Breakdown, Stability)]

'Shifting the Threads of Battle' [Level 3; Spatial Manipulation 4 (Techniques: Askew, Ripple Shield, Spatial Shock Wave, Warp Body)]

'Battlefield Relocation' [Level 3; Teleport 5; Extras: Combat Teleport]

'Knockout' [Level 2; Stun Attack 4]

'Unyielding Will' [Level 1; Psychic Shield 5]

'Divine Essence' [Level 1; Quantum Shield 4]

'Spirit Shield' [Level 1; Empathic Shield 3]

'Shielding the Senses' [Level 1; Sensory Shield 6]

'Knowing the Moment' [Level 1; Intuition 5]

'Sensing Threats' [Level 3; Premonition 5; Extras: Others]

'Visions of Past and Future' [Level 3; Pretercognition 5; Extras: Moving Vision (Limit: Many futures, must sift though them to pick out the most likely, can be mistaken, ST limit]

'One with the Tao' [Level 4; Quantum Awareness]

'Distant Visions' [Level 2; ESP 3]

'Feng Shui' [Level 3; Elemental Anima: Earth/Rock 3 (Techniques: Shaping, Wall, Elemental Shield]

'Geomancy' [Level 3; Elemental Mastery: Earth/Rock 1 (Techniques: Imprison)]

'Right Place, Right Time' [Level 3; Teleport 5; Extras: Safe Blind Teleport]

'Taoist Immortal' [Level 4; Immortality 1 (Weakness Effect: Torper.. based on 12 - Permanent Willpower rather then taint for duration, minimun duration of 1 week)]

'Worlds Within Worlds' [Level 4; Crosstime Travel 2)

- Special Manouver 'More Things Under Heaven and Earth' (Add Extra: Exotic worlds)

'Meditations Upon the Path' [Quantum Instruction 5]

'Touching the Spirit' [Telepathy 1 - Weakness: Can not actually alter memories, only read them. NOTE: never uses this power without being invited to do so]

'Divine Form' (Body Modifications: Hyper-strong Bones x 2, Improved Skeletal Muscles, Improved Attributes (Perception, Wits, Stamina, Dexterity), 6 Bruised and 12 Maimed Health Levels)


Attunement 5 + Boosted Attunement 3, Allies (Special doesn't Include PC's.. which makes it much higher) 7 (Allies Extraordinaire), Cipher 6 (Enigma), Contacts 8 (Man of the World), Dormancy 5 (Mortal Form), Followers 5 (About a dozen Students of Qi Meng who are his to call upon at need), Influence (Known Precognitive & Martial Artist) 5, Node 5 + N-Stage Node 2, Neofiber 5 (w/Cunning 5), Resources 5, Sanctum 4 (Lost Mountaintop Monistary in Tibet), Sanctum 6 (Sanctum Sanatorium - Arctic Isle)


Willpower 10

Quantum 6

Q. Pool: 75

Initiative: 31/61

Soak: Bashing: 22 Lethal:10

Movement: Walk: 3m || Run: 27m or 189m w/En. Move || Sprint 65m or 455m w/En. Move

NOTE: With enhancement movement, his movement speeds are fast enough to run up walls, across water and along ceilings without falling or sinking

Health Levels: 9 Bruised, 1 Hurt, 1 Injured, 1 Wounded, 13 Maimed, 1 Crippled, 1 Incapacitated

Merits and Flaws

Taint Resistance, Iron Will, Devotion (Tao & Martial Arts), Devotion (His Wards)

Baseline Stats

Strength 4 (Athletic) [brawl 5 (Mui Tai Kick Boxing (3rd Degree), Might 4 (Leap, Climb), Throwing 5 (Knives, Throwing Stars, Darts)]

Dexterity 9 (Graceful) [Archery 5 (Archery 3rd Degree), Athletics 5 (Acrobatics, Dodge, Gymnastics), Drive 3, Legerdemain (Card Tricks) 3, Martial Arts 5 (T'ai Chi Ch'uan(3rd Degree), Kung Fu (3rd Degree)), Melee (Bojutsu (3rd Degree), Pilot 3, Ride 3 (Horses), Stealth 5(Ninjutsu (3rd Degree)

Stamina 7 (Enduring) [Endurance 4, Resistance 4, Channeling 5 (Increased Node Sensitivity - Perception Based)]

Perception 10 (Insightful) [Awareness 5 (Acute Hearing, Spot Ambush), Investigation 4 (Deduction), Navigation 5 (Land, Stellar)]

Intelligence 6 (Discerning) [Academics 5 (Anthropology, Philosophy (Taoist in particular), Geography), Bureaucracy 3 (Rumors), Computer 2, Demolitions 3 (Disarming, Shaped Charges), Engineering 3 (Architecture/Construction), Gambling 3, Intrusion 2, Linguistics 5 (Just about all of them), Medicine 3 (Emergency, First Aid), Science 4 (Mathematics), Survival 5 (Track)]

Wits 8 (Iron Nerves) [Arts 3 (Architectural Design, Gardening), Biz 3, Rapport 5 (Discern Motivation), Meditation (Qi Meng (3rd Degree)), Tactics 4 (Nova)

Appearance 6 (Luminous) [Disguise 4 (Disguise Self), Intimidation 4 (Silent Threat), Style 2]

Manipulation 5 (Persuasive) [ Diplomacy 5 (Arbitration), Hypnosis 3 (Therapeutic) Interrogation 3, Streetwise 4 (Information), Subterfuge 4 (Lying), Seduction 3]

Charisma 6 (Polite) [ Animal Training 2 (Dogs), Carousing 2 (Games), Command 5 (Tactics), Etiquette 5 (Social Graces, Tact, Polite Insults), Instruction 5 (One On One, Martial Arts), Perform 5 (Impersonation, Piano, Violin)

Martial Art's Techniques: All of them, advanced and regular

NOTE: This is after the last 24 years of development, he started less capable then this, he's concentrated more on development of natural abilities (Mega-Attributes, and abilities). This careful attitude has kept him less powerful then he could be, after 24+ years a nova, but it has also kept him away from taint as well, with Qi Meng he's managed to keep from gaining any taint at all. Quantum 6 is a most recent development, he only felt ready to take this step in the last year or so, as he also developed a number of powers.

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Beautiful, incredibly cute, fascinating, compelling, convincing, elegant and incredibly likable, with a soft scent of roses about her. This young girl is around 11 years of age, she seems quiet, but she is the one who is silently leading the group first rescued by the Traveler's wards. She also seems to be pure and innocent, even possess a bit of vulnerability that makes folks want to protect her. This however, is misleading, for Zia always knows the emotional state of those around her, knows if she's being lied to, and it's difficult to imagine her as anything less then angelic. She does tend to get what she wants, but she does appear to have good heart, and isn't inclined to manipulate people into doing anything that would be harmful to them, but she is willing to encourage matters to insure a situation would serve her interests. She's very subtle in her manipulations, only a few of Traveler's wards, namely Alex, Epiphany and Darrik possess the capabilities to know when she's trying to get things to go her way.

Zia dislikes physical conflict, and doesn't have much strength in that area, but if forced to fight, Zia is likely to use her emotional manipulation to her advantage, and depend on more capable allies. If pressed, she can turn her attacker's emotions against them, perhaps even to the point turning them on one another, or causing them to leave her alone.

Character Sheet

Click to reveal..

Zia [35 Nova Points]

Age: 11

Theme: Empath

Attributes & Abilities [ 5 NP’s]

Strength 1 (-), Dexterity 4 (Athletics – 1, Martial Arts – 1, Stealth – 2), Stamina 3 (Endurance 3, Resistance 3) Perception 4 (Awareness 3), Intelligence 3(Academics 1, Medicine 1, Survival 1), Wits 5( Arts 3, Rapport 5), Appearance 5 (Style 2), Manipulation 5 (Diplomacy 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 3), Charisma 5 (Etiquette 3, Perform 3)

Backgrounds [1 NP, 5 Freebies]

Allies 3 (Varies), Cipher 4 (Child Nova), Node 5 (6th Instar), Resources 5 (Heiress)

Mega-Attributes w/Enhancements [24 NP’s]

Mega Perception 1 [Psychic Awareness]

Mega Wits 2 [Natural Empath, Lie Detector]

Mega Appearance 2 [Halo, Kawaii]

Mega Manipulation 2 [Evasive, Subtle]

Mega Charisma 2 [sooth]

Powers [7 NP’s]

Empathic Manipulation 3 [Empathic Awareness] 3

Disorient 1 [Emotional Confusion]

Intuition 2 [Emotional Danger Sensing ]

(Weakness – Limited to Dangers from Emotional Sources, a machine for example would not indicate anything)

Psychic Shield 2 [Empathic Shielding]

Willpower 8 [10 Freebies]

Quantum 3

Quantum Pool 30


Minor: Surreality, Strange Scent (Roses)

Medium: Sensitive Senses (Emotions)

Major: Permanent Power (Empathic Manipulation)

NOTES: As a child nova, and of the True Clade at that, Zia has yet to touch on her next stage of development, but the Empathic theme means that is the most likely direction of her nova development. Surreality means that folks are often fascinated by her, and she is first targeted by criminals and the like, as she draws the eye. Her empathic powers are both a strength and weakness, she can control emotions of those around her, but she is extremely sensitive to strong emotions, they can overwhelm her. This is also the reason why the girl is not entirely spoiled, or a brat, she is fully aware of the repercussions of her actions, and hurting others, physically, emotionally or even indirectly can hurt her. On the negative side, it does mean that she tends to shift the emotions of others to one's less stressful to her mental and emotional well being, and would need to be taught not to manipulate people in this manner. Her range on this ability is only 120 meters however (Quantum + Emotional Manipulation)x10, which is quite an area, but does mean if one can stand out of her area of affect. On a different note, she seems to have a scent of roses about her, as though she's wearing a perfume, it is however a natural scent, and can make one aware of her presence before she desires it.

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Eric is extremely protective of Zia, he’s about 2 years younger then her, and seems quite willing to put himself forward when it involves protecting her. To Eric, Zia is may be his elder, but his protective feelings are more those of an brother for his little sister, and Zia is for all intents and purposes, his only family now. He’s incredibly, even superhumanly perceptive, able to see into the ultraviolet and infrared, as well as perceive quantum energy flows, and his awareness of his surroundings is almost unbelievable, he quickly picks up on things he observes. On a different level, the child is ridiculously healthy, and regenerates any wounds very quickly.

Should he be forced into a fight, Eric possesses an incredible array of energy based powers, and attacking him only makes him more powerful, every physical or energy based attack has the potential of being absorbed and empowering him, boosting his physical attributes to entirely new levels. What is more, he can drain another nova’s quantum into his own, and turn quantum energy into light, electricity, fire or even cold. He can also surround himself with a damaging field of energy, unleash bolts of pure energy, and to a degree, control and unleash the kinetic energy around him to enhance the lethal aspect of his blows. Eric seems to be growing into some sort of energy manipulator of some kind, it’s likely, should he survive, he will only grow stronger in this area.

His biochemistry is a bit strange, using his powers causes visible energy flows to shift and move around him, and he can sometimes even go into hibernation if he loses too much quantum or is badly hurt.

Otherwise, the child also likes art, reading, science and sports, he practices keeping himself fit, and would be quite willing to do anything along those lines. He’s not very strong, being only 9 years old, unless he’s absorbed some kinetic energy, at which point that changes.

Click to reveal..

Eric [35 Nova Points]

Age: 9

Theme: Energy Transference

Attributes & Abilities

Strength 1 (-), Dexterity 4 (Athletics 3, Martial Arts 1, Stealth 2), Stamina 5 (Endurance 3, Resistance 3), Perception 5 (Awareness 5), Intelligence 3 (Academics 3, Engineering 1, Science 1, Survival 2) Wits 3 (Arts 3, Rapport 1, Meditation 1), Appearance 5(-), Manipulation 2 (Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1), Charisma 4 (-)


Attunement 1, Cipher 4 (Child Nova), Node 5 (6th Instar)

Mega-Attributes w/Enhancements

Mega-Perception 3 [Electromagnetic Vision, Quantum Awareness]

Mega-Stamina 3 [Cellular Persistence, Regeneration]


Absorption (Kinetic) [Extra: Extended Effect] 1

Absorption (Energy) [Extra: Energy Magnet] 1

Boost (Dexterity) 1 (Agility Boost)

(Weakness (2): Dependency, Requires Absorption Activation)

Boost (Stamina) 1 (Stamina Boost)

(Weakness (2): Dependency, Requires Absorption Activation)

Bioluminesence(Light) 2

Claws [Extra: Kinetic Discharge] 3

Immolate (Raw Energy, Lethal) 1

Q. Bolt [Pure Energy] 1

Q. Leech 1 [Extra: Energy Siphon]

Q. Conversion (Fire/Heat) 2

Q. Conversion (Electricity) 3

Q. Conversion (Cold) 1

Body Modification (2 Extra Maimed HL’s)

Willpower 8

Quantum 3

Quantum Pool 30


Minor: Anima Banner (Visible Energy Flows), Altered Biochemistry

Medium: Hibernation (Eric goes into Hibernation if he’s seriously wounded (-4 Level) or low (5%) on quantum.. he doesn’t come out of it until fully recovered (Health or Quantum), and even then must be woken, he’ll sleep for at least a day otherwise)

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Name: Gloriana Ariel Mystal

Nova Name: Gloria (and sometimes Glory)

Affiliation: Utopia (Team Tomorrow)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Gloria has been part of Utopia sense 2020, which was when she was about 18, and was part of team tomorrow by the time she was 20, she's remarkable, with powers that seem to revolve around light, mirrors and reflections. The best known power she has, besides the wings, is her ability to replicate anyone elses power, and to do it for a very long periods of time, which means she can do anything any other nova she's around can do. She can also transmit herself though reflections, and once even appeared to return from the dead, her body disintegrating as she rose out of the nearest reflective surface. She also seems to be able to create almost anything, but it's all illusion, though illusion that you can see, hear, touch taste and feel, she calls this ability her 'Glamour' ability.

Gloria is also well loved, both in and out of Utopia, she appears to be a prodigy of pax, but where he is harsh and judgemental, she's soft and gentle with people, where he is opinionated and even prejudiced, she's open minded and willing to talk, and when he might be yelling and giving out commands, she follows with soft spoken orders that people never seem willing to disobey. She's increadibly beautiful, charismatic and friendly, the sort of individual anyone might like to know.. and she's always wearing white, even when she's working with utopia, she seems to be a little obsessive about white.

Apparent Stats:

Appearance 7 Mega-Appearance 5 [Awe-Inspriing, Halo, Mirroring, Immaculate, Unattainable]

Charisma 7 Mega-Charisma 5 [Commanding Presence, Inspiration, Sooth,

Strength 5 Mega-Strength 3 [Precision & Immovable]

(this is obvious, the rest is sort of under raps at the moment, you'll find out more as the game goes on, she's demonstrated just about every mega-attribute and enhancement, but some of that is certainly due to 'Reflected Power' so figuring out what is hers and what is copied is sometimes hard. The above she's demonstrated even without other nova's present]

Know Powers:

'Reflected Power' [Level 4 Power; Quantum Imprint 8 w/Longevity, Range, Mastery 1 & Mastery 2]

'Glamour' [Level 3 Power; Holo 7 with Extra Sense (Hearing, Smell/Taste, Touching)]

'Angelic Form' [body Modifications: Wings, Hyperstrong Skeleton x 2, Improved Skeletal Muscles, Prehensile Hair, Ultralight Musculoskeletal System]

'Through the Mirror' [Level 2 Power; Transmit 6 - Medium Reflections - Mirrors mostly, but any reflection will do]

Other Powers presently ?? Shes demonstrated too many to count, but many of those were due to Quantum Imprint.

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Gloria's Team, they follow her command/direction.


Mature Picture


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

She is extremely embaressed about this picture, which still can be found on the op net, it is the moment of her eruption, as she tried to save the train and everyone on it, and succeeded in saving hundreds of lives, which made her a celebrated hero as well, it was made slightly worse by the fact she is stuck at that size except when she dorms down. I think the picture says just about everything it needs to about her powers, besides the fact she can actually increase her density as well, and has very high soak ratings... her attributes include superhuman stamina and beauty, but no other mega's, though her baseline attributes are quite high.

Sidhe (pronounced Shee)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

The wings are actually an anima banner, not wings at all, that appear when she uses her powers, along with a hint of music, she's got a number of different powers, but is known for being able to control emotions, hypnotize and create illusions, and a energy bolt that she calls 'elfshot' as well as possessing superhuman beauty, and inhuman grace, she possesses every mega-attribute at 1-2 dots, witch mega-dex at 5, and mega-appearance at 3.



Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Like Sidhe, the stars and such around her are part of her anima banner, she's a powerful telekinetic, telepath and teleporter, with warp capabilities, possessing superhuman degrees of perception, intelligence and wits (her TK is based on wits, not dex), but the most remarkable thing about her is her beauty, she is one of the most lovely people alive her appearance eclipses most other novas, running at 5, making her in the running for loveliest people alive.



Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Name: Cedric

Alpha says he's a nova warrior, and he seems to fit that discription, posessing superhuman physical attributes, and some degree of superhuman perception, wits and appearance, he's also very intelligent, a tactical and strategical genius. Most of his powers seem to be things that make him tougher and faster, such as armor, invulnerability and hyperspeed, but the one power he makes the most use of is something he calls 'Muramune' which is Quantum Blade w/Armor Piercing, he's very good with it. He's second in command after Gloria for this team... Alpha is the eldest on the team, and has a history with Maia, sense he was the one who killed her father in his rampage, he is also the most powerful after Glory, with something around Quantum 6, higher then anyone else on the team... who all run at about 5.



Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Name: Julian

Windigo is a shapechanger, the moment here is his human form, but his name as Windigo due to him being from north america, and tending to chose a big powerful form in battle, the first one was actually based around the Windigo, and as such he chose to keep it as a his nova name. Besides being a shapechanger, he's also incredibly, superhumanly tough, with considerable degree of body modifications, he's Alpha's brother.

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Name: Miriam Joy Cinders

Nova Name: Synergy

Affiliation: Independent/Abberants


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Despite her apparent youth (she's several decades older then she looks), Miriam is one of the worlds most powerful and ethical telepath's, who was about middle aged when she erupted in the late 90s of the last century. She degrees in biology, medicine, psychology, history, chemistry, and sociology, to name but a few, and she's created a personal code that affects everything she does..

Miriam's Code - (she's written a book about it call the 'Code of the Telepath')

  • All that Lives is Holy

    This means that she always avoids doing more harm in any particular situation then she can possibly avoid, and that to kill is anathema to her, the only time she would kill someone would be to protect her own life or that of another, there is NO other acceptable reason for killing in her mind.
    • Choice is Sacred

      A nova of her power, especially one with telepathic dominance and the high levels of mega-manipulation can influence or control others to the degree that they do everything one wants them too, rather then what they may want to. Unless it's to protect life, to prevent harm, or requested as part of her psychological practice (requiring the patients full agreement) Miriam holds that the path of the sentient is that of choice, and that to interfere with that is wrong.
      • Respect Memory

      Memory's make people what they are, she never is willing to erase them (unless it becomes a moral quandary, for example to protect a life), though she is willing to use her telepathic ability to soften or distance people from particularly traumatic memory in her psychological practice

        [*]Honor Privacy

        With such high levels of perception, she overhears a lot, but this part of her code requires that she edit most of it out, allow others their privacy, unless it's to protect life or harm (She will interfere, subtly if she overhears harm to children occurring, for example)

          [*]Avoid Harm

          This last part of her code is sort of a reinteration of the first part, but more about trying to do as little harm as possible for the wellfare of yourself and others.

          Character Sheet


          Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 4 (Graceful), Stamina 3

          Mental: Perception 7 (Insightful), Intelligence 6 (Bright), Wits 7 (Clever)

          Social: Appearance 6 (Lovely), Manipulation 6 (Persuasive), Charisma 7 (Charming)


          Mega-Dexterity 3 (Perfect Balance, Fine Manipulations)

          Mega-Stamina 2 (Fertility II, Health II, Suspension, Regeneration, Unaging)

          Mega-Perception 7 (Body Awareness, Holographic Awareness, Psychic Awareness, Quantum Attunement, Blindfighting, Ultraperpheral Perception, That Creepy Feeling, Sensory Editing, Synesthesia, Analytical Taste/Touch, Insight, Psi Sensitivity, Estimation)

          Mega-Intelligence 5 (Analyze Weakness, Discernment, Psychological Prodigy, Medical Prodigy, Eidetic Memory, Enhanced Memory, Fast Learner, Speed Reader, Taint Resistant, Compartmentalized Mind, Self-Analysis, Total Concentration)

          Mega-Wits 7 (Artistic Genus, Lie Detector, Natural Rapport, Human Nature, Group Awareness, Foresight, Hypercognition, Mind Over Matter, Integration, Mind Restoration, Prudence, Wily, Enhanced Initiative x 2, Synergy x 2, Quickness x 2)

          Mega-Appearance 6 (Awe-Inspiring, Ms. Nobody, Holo, Unattainable, Seductive Looks, Incognito)

          Mega-Manipulation 5 (Hypnotic Gaze, The Voice, Persuasion, Conflicting Accounts, Subtle, Confessor, Mediator, Tactful, Symphony of Touch)

          Mega-Charisma 6 (Comanding Presence, Natural Agitator, Sooth x 2, Perfect Guest, Seductive, Pavlov's Bell, Seductive, Center of Attention, Dreadful Mien, Politesse)


          'Divine Awareness ' Intuition 6, Premonition 7

          'Mental Projection' Quantum Awareness 7

          Animal Mastery 3

          Telepathy 7 w/Surreptitiousness, Telepathic Channeling and Mastery One

          Empathic Manipulation 7 w/Mastery One

          Domination 7 w/Telepathic Domination and Mastery one

          Hypnosis 7 w/Mastery One

          Invulnerability: Mental Attacks 6

          Psychic Shield 7 w/Extra Mind x 3, Mastery One

          Psychic Link 7 w/Extra Link x 3, Mastery One

          Mental Blast 7 w/Area

          Mirage 6 w/Area, Mastery One

          Willpower 10

          Quantum 7

          Quantum Pool: 150

          Taint: 3

          Further notes: Possesses Taint Resistant and Iron Will merits, also possesses Devotion to her code of Honor and Pacifist (1 point) traits

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