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Aberrant: 200X - Busting Out the Bust [Mature]


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"His name is Emmeric Turaj. His family migrated from India when shortly before he was born; he invented some software that made him millions when he was a teen and his family invested it for him. They also married him off to some cousin back from his home village in India, who is..." Shae's snort of amusement was as melodic as cruel, "let's just less than Bombshell. Apparently, she's very sweet."

She tossed her OpBook on the dining room table she was perched on in their apartment, the rest of her family lounging sensuously in the open dining/living area. "So it was a baseline. A rich one, smart by their standards, but still, one of them. She laid down along the table and stretched, "That's what I've been able to find so far. So, when are we going after it? And what are we going to do with it afterwards? I mean, we can't give it to anyone publicly. The guy did buy it legally by baseline laws. We could keep it here. Or, heh, maybe give it to Narcosis? She'd totally have it at parties to just mess with people and that's pretty funny."

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"His name is Emmeric Turaj," Radu Szlanovich said, pushing the dossier across the clean white table. "Everything you need is in these documents."

The baseline picked up the manilla envelope and placed it in his briefcase. He dressed old-fashioned, in a manner reminiscent of the nineteen sixties and with a pronounced New York accent. Conspicuous, yes, but that worked to his advantage. His name was Brian Stann, a completely legitimate businessman who owned and ran a private security firm and, via several shell companies, a trio of prominent PMCs.

Radu had helped set him up, provided him the contacts he needed to get established in the arms trade, and in return made himself the primary beneficiary of Brian's contacts inside the industry. When he needed something done with six degrees of separation, the baseline made a useful ally in the States and Canada.

"A man with expensive appetites," Stann said. He picked up a fork and used it to cut into a slice of cheesecake. He had chosen the meeting place, a pretty little cafe on a street corner in Vancouver. Apparently he visited it every time he came to the city, and knew everybody who worked there. They had been thrilled with the patronage of a known Nova and Devries representative.

"You are familiar with him?" Radu asked, adjusting one of his clean white gloves before taking a sip of his black, black coffee.

"Somewhat." Stann removed a small datachip from an inside compartment of his briefcase and handed it over to Radu. "The files you requested. Personnel, mission and materiale data for the Wolfpack, Ravenwing and Blackwater PMCs."

"Thank you," Radu said, and pocketed the chip. "It is very important that Emmeric's security be upgraded within the next week or so. The purchase of this item is likely to bring some unfortunate attention to him, and perhaps even danger. You will make the necessary overtures, I assume?"

Stann tipped his hat. He knew the language and the meaning, of course. The mission details were in the dossier he had been provided. Once he had read it there would be an OpNet meeting, and after that, results.

They spent an hour talking pleasantries, furthering other business deals, exchanging documents of worth and no worth. It could never be guaranteed that a meeting would go unobserved, only within a degree of certainty. However, they had complete control over the manner in which they presented the evidence and details to any possible watchers. Radu always operated this way. He disliked losing control.

After that, Radu left to attend another function.

Inside his limousine, he took out his mobile phone and typed a too-long number. It made the standard sound for a wrong number, and after five seconds of waiting, rang.

"Hello." The language was Russian, the voice male and heavy with the ravages of drink and smoking.

"Bring your men into the states. You will be contacted by Brian Stann in three days, via a go-between. The codeword is 'maltese falcon'."

"Understood. What equipment should we bring?"

"Stealth primarily. Silenced weapons only, small-scale explosives in case of emergency, and a full raft of infiltration and exfiltration equipment. You are to ignore the orders Stann gives you and follow the mission briefing I sent yesterday. If this goes wrong, you went rogue, you disobeyed orders. Understood?"

"Of course. We will not be caught, sir."

"I should think not." Radu hung up, then put the phone away and leaned back into his seat.

He had a half dozen contacts in the Ukraine that would appreciate a little Canadian candy, who would open up more to Radu's overtures with such a token of regard to sweeten their negotiations. Now he had just to wait for the operation to be carried out.

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"Well done, sweetling."

Edward leaned forward, fingers plucking the OpBook up off the smooth black lacquered surface. He flipped through it idly, fingers brushing lightly across the touchscreen as he glanced through the dossier Shae had assemble.

"We'll have to acquire it from him, of course. We could hold onto it - you never know whether it might be a useful token of appreciation later down the line.. whether Narcosis or some other worthy Terat. What we do with it is less relevant than obtaining it, although I agree we should at least have a place in mind to store it until a final decision is reached. Which brings us to the more pressing matter of obtaining it in the first place. I know of a couple groups effective enough to consider hiring, as well as an individual or two that might be willing. They'd be more difficult to trace, though their price probably won't be that much less than acquiring it from the auction would have been. Shall I start making some inquiries, or do any of you have an alternative suggestion?"

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“Why don’t we convince him to give it up?” Saori asked coolly from the couch she was reclining upon with supine grace. “After all, he doesn’t understand what he has purchased. He threw money at something without understand its value.” A faint smile graced her lips. “I’m sure we can persuade him to part with it, after we enlighten him about its true value.”

Her eyes roved over the members of her family as she smoothly rose and walked over to see the data pad, reading the facts contained within its plastic housing. “Given his appreciation for feminine flesh, I have no doubt Shae could catch his eye and lure him in, and the rest of us can apply the necessary coercion. Then we leave him unable to speak of who took it. Why throw more money at this when we have the tools to do this ourselves?

“As for the statues disposition, let us ask Chang. It is hers; she might wish it back, or wish it given to another, or even destroyed. An artist should get the final word on what is to be done with her art.”

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"I agree with Saori." Tomas said as he rose from his seat and moved to stand behind the elegant beauty, his arms around her waist and his gaze that of a snake regarding prey as he stared at the OpBook in his first love's hands. "Why should we pay someone to do that which we are more than capable of doing for ourselves?"

"We lure him with honey, give him a suitable amount of our time to appreciate his presumption and error, and when we are done not only will we have the bust, we will leave behind us a living testament to the folly of baselines believing they can 'own' anything of the One Race." His fingers traced over Saori's abdomen, trailing micro-pulses of pain and pleasure behind their brushing touch. Skein smiled at Shae and Edward from over her shoulder, his lips brushing Saori's ear as he whispered. "We shall break him down, strip his soul bare, and leave him crying for more, never to be satiated."

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Edward stood up and held out a hand to Saori, who placed the OpBook in his hand. He had browsed before, a mere glimpse at their prey, but now he studied it, his eyes moving across the screen pensively. His family knew he was methodical, preferring to save risks for important situations rather than trifles. And this situation, to him, was a trifle - something more important to Tomas and Saori, an indulgence towards their hatred of baselines. Edward, they knew, was more indifferent towards them, considering lessers and tools, but ones to avoid angering unnecessarily.. a sprinkling of pebbles was nothing to a nova, but a storm of them could still prove deadly. So his automatic instinct was to hire another, to keep them one step removed from the process in order to avoid risk of identification.

He stopped on a picture of Turaj, leaving a club with a beautiful woman on his arm - one who was definitely not his "sweet" wife. He sat back down, crossing his ankle over his knee in a relaxed manner that belied the chilly expression in his gaze as it lingered on the screen.

Click to reveal.. (Edward's Flashback)
"How could you, Elaine?! That's the only thing I've ever asked of you, and you just.. destroyed it?! Without asking - without even telling me?!"

"Oh, Richard, do shut up. You know I hate children. All they do is scream and shit. You know very well I'd be a horrible mother."

"Your mothering skills were never my concern. It was my child, I would have raised it myself, hired a nanny for it. No one who knows you would've expected you to give a damn, and a nine-month interruption to your party schedule in order to give me the one thing you haven't already denied me wouldn't have been that much of a sacrifice!"

"You stupid fool - how would you even know if it was yours anyway? I certainly don't!"

He drew in a slow breath then, held it for a moment before letting it out. Then he tossed the OpBook down onto the cushion next to him, his cold, vicious gaze meeting those of his family - his loyal, beautiful family. They arrangement they had together, the relationship they shared, was honest and open. He would die for them, kill for them, and they for him, and each of the others knew it. They could hear the memories flickering through his mind, a book they'd already read before but were reminded of - as he was - by the actions of the rich baseline bastard. And then he nodded.

"Very well. But however we do it, we will make sure this can not be traced back to us. I will not sacrifice our security in order to prove a point to a worthless, cheating monkey. Do you understand?"

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"Understood," Shae said softly. She made a languorous stretch on table and shifting through women's looks based on what Edward was looking at and the women she'd been for Chang over the past several weeks. "How about we liberate that wife of his, too? We can ruin his reputation, take the statue, give her cause for a divorce and most of what's left of his money..." her smirk was wicked..."or, y'know, leave him to be committed and then she can have all of it without having to pretend like she's anything more than a family relic to him."

"Hmn...as for how to do it, well, I could go clubbing. We know the places he goes and some of them have novas in and out enough. I'll wear a different face, which will give us one step of protection." She thought for several moments, "I could entertain him while the three of you acquire the bust. I can get all the security information while we're still at the club, and you can acquire it any time I'm with him. Then we can instruct him on his hubris and be on our merry way."

She smiled up at them, a beautiful blonde woman with tanned skin and ocean-blue eyes - a Barbie in living flesh. "How does that sound for a basic plan?"

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A boat rumbled towards shore on the edge of the Crush zone. It had taken a few phone calls to learn the patrol routes of the guard boats which tirelessly worked to keep looters out and the waters clear around the zone.

They had a fifteen minute window to unload and get the boat back on its way.

Nikolai Grigorovich stalked up from below decks, slamming his palm on the doors of his soldiers as he passed them. The boat came alive as men mantled from their bunks, bags already packed.

Up on deck a four-doored hatch slid open and their cargo rose up from the hold on a platform.

The soldiers moved without words, grabbing guns, ammunition, bags of equipment. All of them had an assigned role in this deployment and they carried it out without flaw. Three of them vaulted the railing and splashed into the shallows, then caught ropes from men on deck and dragged the boat a little closer.

Nikolai was a grizzled man, a mercenary all his life and a captain for ten years. His was a dying breed in Elite days, not worth paying the big bucks anymore. But he had found an employer with use for him, and who thought nothing of paying well.

Bags were tossed over the railing and caught by the men below, then set up in a neat and organized line on the shore.

It took seven minutes to unload the lot. "Go," Nikolai said, in Russian that still bore the country boy accent which betrayed his origin. He had been a farmer first, a soldier second, and mercenary third. He bore scars from all three walks of life, the most notable a jagged cut down his right cheek, and a missing half-ear on the same side.

The soldiers jumped the rail one by one, and Nikolai last. He landed in knee deep water, wrinkled his nose as it splashed up in his face, then waded onto shore.

Four of the men put their shoulders to the boat's hull and pushed it out into deeper water, where it pulled back and turned to head back the way it had come.

Nikolai raised one fist, and his men picked up their bags. He pointed forward, and the ten man team loped off into the ruins, winding their way toward Vancouver.

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Getting into Olympus was easy: long, perfect legs, perky breasts, porcelain skin, baby blue eyes, and golden hair would have done it even without the extra boost Shae's quantum gave her. She'd dressed for the night in a semi-sheer white minidress that started over one shoulder and ended an inch or two down her thighs; a gold corded belt and laced-up heeled sandals gave the entire ensemble a modern Greco-Roman feel. That she came in alone made the bouncer think several times about calling a buddy in to cover for him for a few hours; experience (and the fact that he'd lose his job if she complained) kept him at the door. Rumor worked its way around the club in minutes, cell-phone cameras catching still frames of the unknown nova as she accepted a free drink and slithered gracefully towards the dance floor. The first paparazzi arrived less than ten minutes later, and within thirty the club was at least a hundred over max capacity.

Like any good narcissist, Turaj strode blithely past the "Full Occupancy" sign and the bouncers on either side; his own bodyguards hired to match intimidation with skill and speed. The bouncers quickly found a few sacrificial lambs to evict in their place and quietly hoped no more novas or human heavy-hitters showed up: there was no way they were getting in the middle of a fight with someone that might be able to throw them through the wall. They didn't get paid nearly enough for that. Shae kept a teasing distance from Turaj for nearly an hour, making certain he was good and worked up before she finally let him close enough to ask for a dance. She tittered, playing the role of beautiful-but-stupid as that was how the mark enjoyed his women. Had he been thinking with his is upper head he might have paused at the likelihood of a nova with an IQ definitely under the hundred mark, but the little electric touches and gentle mental adjustments kept him from thinking much at all.

Three dances and a lot of giggling later, Turaj was leading her back to his overpriced sports car. She undid several buttons of his shirt while he started the Maserati up, her fingertips tracing little patterns over the skin with just enough the Art her parents had taught her behind it to keep him from thinking over any of the peculiarities of the night: a nova interested in a baseline, though his pride was taking care of most of that one; the fact that he still hadn't gotten a name from her, and that he was taking her home instead of to one of his penthouses he owned for just these occasions. But then, it wasn't like his wife didn't know he had lovers. He made no secret of the fact that he found her ugly and would only sleep with her if he was drunk and her doctor had confirmed that she was in a fertile stage. And the bitch still hadn't managed to pop out an heir to shut up the rest of his family.

She could feel that she was losing him to other thoughts; she pushed a bit more power into her touch. The car swerved, almost colliding with a blue minivan, and the changeling giggled up at her mark. "Oops."

Silently she reached out to her family. *Stage one complete. I can pull the security codes from him now, if you want to take the bust first and then educate him once we get there.*

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*I'd love that darling,* Saori sent to her daughter, smiling up at her husbands. They were loitering in the parking garage of Turaj's building, keeping people away from the scene by merit of their mere presence - and a bit of quantum persuasion. If someone came too close, it only took a touch of her empathy manipulation to get them to move away, bored; when that didn't dissuade one person, Edward subtly dug out a memory of an overdue errand of importance and sent him hurrying away.

The codes were delivered, and the three entered. Almost immediately, a voice called, "Turaj? Are you home already?"

"No, my dear," Tomas said softly, his green eyes trapping the baseline as soon as she stepped into the room. She was a small woman with large, doe-like eyes and an athletic body. She was wearing a house robe; her hair was still wet from a shower or bath. Her face wasn't ravishing, but there was nothing wrong with her symmetry or coloring.

"I don't know why Turaj complains," Saori said, gliding forward from behind her husbands. "Her breasts are small, but she is lovely."

"What?" the woman gasped, but her words were cut off by the crippling pleasure of Saori's touch. All the woman did was trail her fingers down her arm, but it was enough to drop Turaj's wife to her knees.

"The statue," Saori purred, taking the woman's face in both hands. The poor baseline cried out and arched her back as an orgasm racked her body. "Where?"

"Whhhaa?" the woman whispered.

"The bust Turaj bought," Saori explained, her coaxing fingers sliding down the woman's neck to slip into her robe. Saori's electric fingers curled around the other woman's small nipples, drawing another cry from her.

"Boo-o-xxx," the baseline hissed. "Crate... unpacked in den... his den."

Saori smiled at her husbands. "I'd like to play with this for a while. Do we have time, darlings?"

Edward sighed, his expression rueful. "I'll have the bust warped out of here shortly. You two can... start the education with this lovely subject." Tomas had already moved behind her; he yanked her robe down from her shoulders in a smooth motion. Edward paused to watch, his phone out of his pocket, as Saori, soft to Tomas's rough, undid the sash on the robe and revealed her body.

"You married a fool," Saori whispered into the woman's ear as her hand slid down her belly to tease at the woman's throbbing, swollen sex. Tomas used the sleeves of the robe to bind her hands behind her back. As the woman trembled like a bird between them, he kissed a line of pain across her shoulders. "Thankfully, we're going to take care of that for you, as well as take care of you." The woman's moan was both terrified and excited, trapped between the two predators.

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Nikolai Grigorovich pulled his goggles down over his eyes. His team were kitted and geared for the entry, with guns loaded and equipment stashed. One of the men carried the demolition charges they would be using to flatten the building once the bust was extracted.

Brian Stann’s orders had been simple enough. They were to infiltrate and extract. Stann’s upgrades on the security system included multiple in-built weaknesses, the easiest being a way to kill the power with a simple cut wire.

Radu’s orders required the house’s demolition and the disappearance of Nikolai’s team. If caught, the men were ordered to do this by Stann. Such were the orders Grigorovich had passed on. The real orders were in his head alone, as team co-ordinator.

They were in their dark, unmarked van, speeding to Turaj’s mansion. Tonight was the night.

Nobody said a word. Alexei rotated his shoulder. An old problem, it would either kill or retire him in a year or two. Several surgeries had not fixed it. Vladimir kept ejecting the cartridge from his AS Val, checking it, and then slapping it back in and cocking the assault rifle. Dimitri would be on sniper duty from across the street, playing watchman in case of trouble and there to help with unwanted surprises. He was whispering the lord’s prayer, the way he always did.

Nikolai Grigorovich possessed no nervous ticks. He sat, AS Val between his legs, waiting.

Ten minutes passed, before the van stopped and there came a banging on the outside. The back doors opened as the team rose from their seats and began to file out.

They split off fast, heading towards Turaj’s mansion. Nikolai’s vision turned infra-red as his goggles activated. While his men grouped up and made for the main building, Dimitri went in the opposite direction to seek high ground and Nikolai moved to the fuse box that would cut power to the building.

Brief, coarse Russian bounced across their comm links, checking that their connection was tight and ensuring they were grouped correctly. There were two three-man teams at two different entrances, a two-man team climbing to the second floor to enter through a certain window.

They waited in the dark, red-eyed shadows with guns hidden against their bodies, until Dimitri confirmed he was in position.

Nikolai took out his bolt cutters and sliced the wire in the box. Every light in the mansion went off instantly. “Go,” he said.

His team went in.

Up to you guys how you want to proceed now. I was just running the team at Shae’s request, but we never discussed how to handle the actual encounter between the family and the mercs

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It went dark. Suddenly, suspiciously so. Tomas blinked as his eyes adjusted to the gloom, better than a humans would have, but still hampered, and looked at Saori and Edward in the darkness.

*That is not part of our plan, is it?* he sent, the question rhetorical. Even as his lovers sent back in the negative, the young Terat stood up, scanning the house for the mental patterns of intruders. It didn't take long. *Eight men. Two teams of three at the side and servant entrance, one team of two upstairs.* A pause as he scanned a little deeper, and his mental tone changed to one of amusement/concern. *They are professionals, ruthless and focused, and after the bust same as we. It appears the night just became a little more interesting.*

He glanced at Edward questioningly, even as his insidious psychic abilities worked to pull the details of the plan from the intruder's leader, a man named Nikolai. *They plan to destroy the building and kill anyone here. Entertainingly, we may actually be in the position of saving baseline lives in order to accomplish our goals. How should we proceed, my loves?*

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*Shae, distract him for now. Incapacitate him if you must, my dear, but keep him away from the house. We shall have to deal with this troublesome interruption first. Saori, if you'll take the team upstairs, Tomas and I will handle the two teams of three. Safe and to the shadows, my loves - I don't want anyone leaving here unless it's babbling, or in a box."

He turned to the woman, grabbing her by the upper arm and directing her towards a large hall closet. He grabbed the door and opened it, pressing her into the relative safety of the expensive coats and elegant furs. Her pathetic husband might consider her a poor catch, but she was still a well-dressed poor catch.

"Hide here and be silent until we've dealt with the intruders."

The quantum-backed authority in his voice left no room for arguments, and the terrified and trembling woman curled up in the corner of the closet as Edward closed the door. He could sense Saori's mind, though she had already disappeared upstairs, and Tomas's as well as he disappeared into the darkness.

*And don't forget to have a little fun. We don't get many of these opportunities, now do we?"


Nikolai's team glided silently in through the servant's quarters. His two teammates stepped forward, performing a brief and efficient sweep of the kitchen and dining areas of the mansion. All was silent, though a small dinner for one had obviously been interrupted at some point in the evening. Indeed, the only thing out of place was something they'd brought with them - Nikolai. As both of the other mercenaries stepping back into the kitchen, they found Nikolai right where they'd left him, but in a far more disturbing state - frozen in mid-stride and completely unresponsive, holding his gun tightly, like a tribute statue to special ops. There was no sign of the cause.

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The two men had been given the shit-detail – pass through rooms that were known to be unoccupied and catch up with them downstairs. Henry Tanner rather hated this job; he knew that Washington felt the same. But Nikolai didn’t trust either of them because they were new. Gotta do the shit jobs to get higher on the totem pole, Henry told himself. It wasn’t really helping.

They stepped into what they knew was a guest bedroom, sweeping it. The woman was so slight and still that Henry’s goggle-aided gaze swept past her before coming back to her. He almost fired on her, but something stopped him. It was the way she stood there, so inoffensive. She was slim and slight, clearly Asian. She was beautiful even in the odd green cast of the goggles. Her body –and he could see all of it because she wasn’t wearing a damned thing – was perfect. Her sleek legs rose to the cleft of her body, and he saw she was completely shaved. And then he realized: he didn’t want to hurt her. She was too pretty for that.

“Fuck me,” Washington whispered.

“No,” the woman said, “fuck me.”

Henry’s gun clattered to the floor. This had to be a dream. Thoughts of violence were far away as he walked across the room, his cock already pressed painfully hard against the fly of his BDUs. He was dimly aware that Washington was trailing close to him. “Undress,” she whispered, moving backwards to the bed.

The two men looked at each other and rapidly decided that so long as they didn’t touch each other, it wasn’t gay. It was a threesome, that was all. Their uniforms were quickly shed; they only hesitated when it came to the goggles. “All of it,” she murmured.

“But then we can’t see,” Washington replied uneasily.

She rose off the bed and glided over to them. It was like watching a living wet dream and Henry felt his cock throb. The woman touched their hands, taking one in each of her tiny hands and pressing them to her generous breasts. Her skin was like the finest silk; Henry had never felt anything better. His fingers curled around her nipple as she whispered, “You don’t need to see.” Henry put his hand on her hips as she reached up and tugged his goggles off. The room was plunged into darkness, but he didn’t care, because she led him to the bed and drew him down with her. Even bumping into Washington in the dark didn’t matter anymore, not when she straddled him backwards and slid him inside of her. She was hot and dripping wet and he thought he might come right then. When she lifted herself off, he caught her hips, trying to prevent the loss of her.

“I’m just getting you wet,” she assured him; then he felt her ass pushing at his cock. A moment later, he was slipping into the tightest ass he’d ever felt. A moment later, he felt Washington around the front of her and then his cock was inside her, too. Henry waited for her to protest, but her breathy cries were all ones of pleasure. The erotic feel of the pressure of Washington’s cock was incredible; he now knew why guys did this. Her fingers were on his thighs, blazing fires of pleasure up and down his nerves. Then he came, so fast, too fast. He thought he was done, but that pleasure coming from her never waned and any thoughts of softening faded.

* * *

*I have mine subdued,* Saori sent over the link, along with other, titillating sensations. *In fact, I think I’m going to keep them, and the wife too. I’ve needed some toys to play with for a while now.*

*Toys?* Edward sent, bemused. Saori wasn’t fond of baselines, but he knew that she wasn’t one to joke about things like this. He also seen hints that she missed the days of long-term manipulation of her victims, such as her tutor whom she’d seduced and broken.

*I want to see what I can shape them into,* Saori answered, even as her new ‘pets’ were lost in the endless waves of her pleasure. *It should prove… enlightening.*

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Shae's mental glee came clearly across their link. *Then you shall have them, beloved. Husbands, perhaps you could subdue the others and give our lovely wife even more playthings? They are interfering with us, after all.*

Even as she was conspiring with her family, she was giggling at some inane joke of Turaj's. She leaned and his kissed his chest, working way down while she deftly undid the zipper of his pants; the feel of her hands, and then mouth, on his cock nearly caused him to run the car off the edge of the highway. With a slight mental push, Shae gave him the brilliant idea of pulling off at the next ramp and letting his companion finish pleasuring him without getting them both killed. Once they were securely parked off the road and out of sight of any curious cars driving by, Shae switched the inhuman pleasure of her touch into a blinding pain, one nova-strong hand coming up to cover Turaj's screams. Just before he passed out, she whispered in a tone of seductive malice that made Tomas smile in pride at the house. "We'll be back for you later, little monkey."

She pulled him out of the car and tied him to the base of a tree with his pants, covering him carefully with underbrush and ensuring he'd stay unconscious for as long as they needed with a deft telepathic push. Sliding back into the car, she pulled back onto the highway and sped towards the house, weaving to and fro between the heaving traffic with perfect and sometimes terror-inspiring precision. She stopped a few blocks from the house, killing the engine and scanning the area for any stragglers of the strike team in the car. Her thoughts caught on the concentration of a man in a high building looking down through one of the darkened windows of Turaj's mansion. A sniper. At least they're not complete idiots. Her push into his mind also revealed another detail of their plan, one that tickled her imp of destruction. *Loves, they've rigged the building to explode once they're done here. They would have killed the wife, Saori,* she pouted to her mother-wife. How unfair of these lower creatures to have planned to take away a new pet of her beloved. *I'll take care of him. Enjoy yourselves, but loves, do be a little gentle with Saori's new toys, please? We do break them so easily.*

She was moving even as she sent to them, her features flowing to match what her target most desires: she looked younger, a mid to late teen with strawberry blond hair, soft pink lips, sea-green eyes, an ample bust, and just enough curves to show that she'd just passed into womanhood. He wasn't a pedophile, but for him there was nothing like a hot teenage ass and perfectly perky breasts. She leaped to the top of the fire escape, landing silently and taking the time to adjust her dress to baby-doll tee and fashionably faded and ripped jeans, looking just like someone caught between the edges of being poor and middle class. In essence, a girl that wouldn't be looked too hard for if anything happened to her. She took the last two steps loudly enough for him to hear, rubbing her arms in the chill wind that flowed over the roof and affecting a frightened, vulnerable look, complete with tears streaming down her cheeks. She'd learned from Tomas how to look like a baseline when she needed to, and she employed that now to keep his suspicions just that much lower. Still, he turned with a quick, violent movement, pointing a handgun at her on instinct.

The girl jumped back as in fright, her eyes going wide as she stammered out, "P-please don't shoot me! I...I was just...just trying to..." She broke down completely, falling to the pebble ground of the roof and covering her face with her hands. "Please don't shoot me! I just-just needed to get somewhere s-safe...away f-from them." She was already working her subtle powers on him, pulling her to him and making her vulnerability simply too attractive to ignore. He stalked away from the edge of the roof, abandoning his sniper rifle on its tripod and holstering his gun to his side.

He lifted her up roughly by the arm. "I'm not going to shoot you, but you can't be up here."

"Please," she begged him, looking up into his eyes, "don't make me go back down there. They'll find me and they'll....they'll hurt me...beat me..." She looked down and let herself color in shame, making it clear that whoever they were would do more than just rough her up.

He looked her over, frowning as one set of instincts warred with the other set of his instincts that told him he'd better get his ass back over to his rifle and do his job. She's hardly pretty. Just get rid of her and do your damn job.

Yeah, but look at her. She's got a great rack, even if her face isn't something to write home about. Besides, she's obviously easily frightened. Just tell her you will shoot her if she ever says anything.

An insidious rising arousal pushed him to his first mistake. "Fine, you can stay." He glared at her, but his eyes were on her chest not her face. "Just keep to yourself, don't make any sounds, and stay away from me."

"Oh, thank you! Thank you!" She jumped up, wrapping her arm around his neck and kissing him deeply in appreciation.

Those lovely breasts pressed against him and a jolt of desire flooded through his nerves, making him instantly hard. Well, she started it, and it's not like they guys can't take out the wife and some servants without me. He pressed back against her, teaching the teenager a thing or two about how to really kiss someone. They stumbled back together, ending up pressed against the low wall that surrounded the roof; he pivoted them so she was on the outside, his hands grabbing her hips and setting her on the narrow ledge. He wrapped one arm around her to steady her and slid the other underneath her shirt, cupping a breast over her bra and pinching down on her nipple. She gave a startled half gasp and half moan and stared at him, trying to pull back and feeling herself leaning out over many floors of open air. "Wait...please...I..." she pleaded.

"Don't start something you don't want to finish, girl. Beside, you'll like it, trust me. Much better than the alternative." To prove his point, he loosened his arm around her and let her nearly fall from the rooftop. She stifled a whimper and tried to push him away or squirm back onto the roof. He held her still, his hand still fondling her breasts; he pulled up her shirt, giving her a look that said he'd be perfectly fine ripping it off if she didn't help him remove it. When she reluctantly slid it over her head, he grinned. Slut. I knew it. She probably teased some club kids and then ran off when they demanded she follow through. These girls are always like that. Well, lucky me.

He pushed up her bra with one hand leaning his head down to suck her nipple into her mouth and bite down to elicit another gasping moan. His other hand fumbled with the clasp on her back until it finally sprung loose and fell from her chest. The breeze teased over her base skin, rippling goosebumps over her body. He kept caressing and torturing her breasts for several more minutes before he unzipped his pants and deftly stepped out both the jeans and the boxers; he pulled her off the ledge but kept her caged against him. First he rubbed his cock against her breasts and then pushed her head down. She looked up at him with pleading eyes, but he grabbed her hair and thrust his hips towards her. "Don't tell me you've never done this before. Come on, get to it," he ordered.

Hesitantly, she lowered her lips to the head of his cock, her tongue flicking out lick the tip. He gave a grunt of impatience and flexed his hips again, forcing himself past her lips. She wrapped her hands around the base of his dick and began to stroke and suck his length, her tongue teasing around his head. Knew it. She's had practice. Little whore. Brad grinned down at her, his hips pushing him farther in and picking up speed. It only took a few minutes for him to cum, pulling out after a second to spray the last surge across her naked breast. Now she looks like a whore, too. God...I was just gonna get a blowjob, but she's...wow, she certainly knows how to get a guy up, and it's not like she hasn't asked for it. What woman doesn't want a nice large cock and good fuck?

He pulled her back up, yanking her jeans and panties down hard enough to break the button on the pants and rip the underwear. She did let out a whimper that time, but he ignored her, picking her back up and putting her on the ledge again. He spread her legs and pulled her forward enough to position her cunt just perfectly on the edge of the stone; he pushed her legs apart and stepped up just close enough to touch the tip of his cock to her heat. And she was warm and wet, just waiting for a man to take her. She whimpered again and he kissed her tenderly on the neck, moving up to her ear to whisper, "I'm going to fuck you. Like I said, you're going to like it. Trust me. And make all the noise you want. People might hear you, they might even see you. A young woman up on a rooftop getting the best lay of her life. What do you think they'll think? They'll think that you're a slut and want to be seen and heard." He just barely pushed into her, years of self-control and an mentally abusive streak inherited from his father keeping him from just drilling into her already. "So go ahead. Yell, scream your head off. You'll be moaning and screaming soon enough anyways."

With that, he did thrust into her. And she was everything he loved about fucking the barely legal (and sometimes the not quite yet legal): she was warm and wet, and almost too tight. He pushed harder, feeling a resistance that eventually gave way in a flood of heat and something even slicker than her natural fluids. Blood spilled out of her and down the stone as he pulled out. He stopped in surprise for a moment, the thrust again in again, harder now knowing that he was the first man to ever be inside her and he'd have to stretch her out enough to get his length all the way in. God, I love fucking virgins. What a perfect night.

His thoughts flashed for a moment to his nominally 'official' girlfriend Felicia, a sophomore at Sarah Lee College, chosen mostly because she wasn't that bright (she had an art scholarship), was exceptionally hot in that sultry, sorority girl way, and she didn't ask many questions about where he disappeared to all the time. He'd met her at a bar and was screwing her in the alley just outside fifteen minutes later; he loved doing that, threatening the women he seduced with the embarrassment of getting caught. Some loved it, some tried to keep quiet and he would do his best to make them moan loudly enough to be heard out on the street; either way, he got off, usually several times. He and Felicia had been 'dating' for a few years, ever since she was a senior in high school. She also had a little sister, three years younger than her, named Alexi and she was the quintessentially cute girl-next-door type. He'd started banging Alexi about two months after he'd started dating Felicia and on Alexi's sixteenth birthday - what better gift to give? She'd been a virgin, too, and nearly got them thrown out of the lodge he'd taken her to for the night with her incredibly loud moans and pleas for his cock. It'd taken him over a year to break them both down to where they'd do whatever he wanted just on the promise of a good drilling for good behavior; he'd had every fantasy he'd wanted from them, from fucking them together to getting them to sixty-nine each other while he fucked one and then the other him. Man, I need to go see them again before they get old and saggy. Such pliant little cunts and so well trained already. I'm gonna hate having to start over.

The girl currently receiving his attentions whimpered loudly as he thrust particularly hard from the memories of fucking the sisters; the thrust finally managed to penetrate completely inside of her and his tip pressed against her cervix. He moaned at the pressure of her sex and the knowledge that he'd be coming directly into her womb; he never used condoms and couldn't care less if the girls were on birth control. That was their problem and he moved around enough and didn't give out his actual name to the women he screwed, if he gave a name at all, so it wasn't like he'd have to deal with any resulting brats. He continued thrusting into her, finally giving her a possessive and predatory grin as she began to moan uncontrollably. His dick was thick enough to rub against her clit at the the angle he was fucking her at and he'd finally found that place inside of her that drove women to the edge faster than anything else he knew of. She was clinging to him now, making small half-word pleas between moans; unlike before, now she was pleading for him not to stop. He kept one arm around her waist, just to make sure she didn't fall, but her new complicity gave him a free hand to feel up the rest of her body and play with her breasts as he pleased. Maybe I'll keep her. Victoria is just as easy to get to as New York and she's obviously a closet nympho. I bet she'll let me fuck her however I want tonight, without having to go through all those bullshit games and wasted time like with Felicia and Alexi.

She moaned louder and he could feel the tremors in her body as she built up to her climax. He kissed her on the lips and then down the neck to her breasts again, biting down hard on one of her nipples. She let out a cry and came hard, her legs clamping around him as her inner muscles rippled around his cock and pressed tightly against him. Knowing his own stamina, he let himself cum with her; extending her orgasm as he trust hard and fast into her until his head pushed all the way past her cervix and he spilled his seed into her.

They clung together for several moments, the heat of their exertions warring with the breeze over their sweating skin to keep them warm. He pulled her down from the ledge again, pulling out of her with a smug smile; but instead of letting her go or giving her back her clothes, he turned her around and placed her hands on the ledge, forcing her to bend over and placing her face just in front of the bloodstain of her broken maidenhead. "I told you. And we're no where near done yet. That tight little pussy of yours is begging for more cock, and I might just take your ass cherry as well. We'll see how I feel or if we'll keep that for another night." He was definitely keeping this one. He'd be her only man, her only cock, until he got tired of her. He stroked himself for the brief moment it took to get hard again while staring at that taught ass and exposed twat. He took her again, just as hard and with just as much relish as she descended into uncontrollable arousal and orgasms. He kept fucking her, on the ground of the roof, from the back pushed up against the wall of the stairwell exit, and finally with her on top, forcing her to admit that she did want him and would fuck him if he told her to.

While this was all well and fine by Shae, time was passing, and she had other business with her family than just ruining some baseline for ever having satisfying sex with another baseline again. His finally orgasm was the strongest he'd ever felt, making him dizzy and disoriented. Shae pushed herself off of him and made her way over to his equipment, still entirely naked. She broke down the rifle with the ease of someone familiar with firearms (a slight revelation that she filed away to talk about with the family later), and stowed the gun and the rest of his gear in the over-sized duffle he'd brought them in. Only then did she go and retrieve the pieces of her eufiber, flowing them back together into a outfit much like the one her recent rapist/lover was wearing. She made her way over to him and pulled him up, pulling his arm around her shoulders and leaning him against her. The plan was that once they got back down to the streets they'd look like two rich security or bodyguard buddies that had had a little too much to drink and were wandering their way home.

That was the plan, anyway. As she tried to shift into shape, something odd happened. Her shoulders widened and her muscles grew to body-builder proportions, her face took on a much more masculine look, but that's where it stopped. She looked butch, but she was still undeniably female. Her breasts had even grown in proportion to the rest of her, making her current sex undeniable.

She tried again.

And again.

Confusion had set in first, then annoyance. Now panic was taking hold. What was wrong with her? She sent frantically to her family, trying to be calm and failing utterly. *Something's wrong with me! I've got the guy, the sniper I found on the roof, but...but I can't change! I was going to change to a man, but... but I'm still a woman! I can't change!*

Shae's Shenanigans
Shae is using the following Enhancements during this scene:

Mr. Nobody

Appearance Alteration

Quantum Leap


Bad Influence


Perfect Balance

Restorative Activity (Sex)


Seductive Looks

Symphony of Touch

The Voice

No...she's not playing anywhere near fair and yes the guy is still a dick, but he's not an out-and-out rapist, just a asshole womanizer.

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