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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - Profile: Krag


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Name: Krag

Race: Mountain Troll

Age: 16

Weight: 400 lbs(1200 lbs in natural form)

Height: 7'1"(11' in natural form)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Slate grey

As a Troll, Krag lived with his tribe in the wilds of the northern mountains. One day, the tribe was visited by one of the Monster Lords, who the tribe regarded as near-deities. This Lord was the Lord of the Elementals. He came to the chieftain and spoke with him quietly while the rest of the tribe waited outside his pavilion. When the chieftain emerged, he had a grim look upon his face. He pointed to Krag, “Go with the Lord, and do as he wishes you to do. Do not come back a failure.” Krag nodded and went off with the Elemental Lord. The Lord explained his task for the young troll. He was to attend a teaching place of some sort, and he wouldn't be able to leave there until he was let out. When he arrived, he found some of his other troll brethren had been sent here from other tribes as well. After an uncomfortable first month he and the other trolls were recruited for the football team. Krag took to this like a fish to water. His time at the academy has been mainly focused on Football and on meeting new people to make friends with. While he has been learning about the various other monsters that make up the academy's student body, he had never become close to anyone. Recently that has started to change with Krag joining the Newspaper club as well as his role on the Football team.

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