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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - Profile: Hina Yuuki

Karren Gaunt

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Name: Hina Yuuki

Race: Sakura Tree Dryad (Elemental)

Age: 16

Build: fit

Height: 5'1

Hair: Green (black in ‘human form’)

Eyes: glowing green (green in ‘human form')

History: The Hina Clan of Sakura Tree Dryads dwell in a sheltered valley far from the major power centers of the Monster World, usually deigning to take no notice of even the politics of their own Elemental Lords through the centuries. They’ve earned this peace through a respectable amount of personal spiritual prowess, the very foliage of their lush land rising up to defend them and their groves of all-important Sakura trees. The Sakura trees *are* the Hina Clan in a sense, for each dryad is born of a particular tree when it first blooms, and should that dryad’s form be destroyed, her spirit will retreat and recover inside her tree to form a body anew, the loss of that tree meaning the loss of this protection and the swift sickening of the Dryad herself. There still stand scattered, Sakura-wood memorials to fallen Clans both friend and foe from more chaotic times, a reminder and a warning of the price of failure. Young Hina Dryads are raised collectively by the Clan and are bound to it’s defense and care, rarely leaving the confines of their valley before their second century of existence. However, new times mean new doctrines, and after a century of watching, the conservative Hina matriarchs have decided to finally submit one of their own to the Academy, despite the risk of corruption.

They chose Yuuki, a Dryad of 16 winters awareness as their emissary, satisfied she knew enough of the traditional Hina skills to give a good showing at the Academy. Polite of tongue, graceful of looks, and more dangerous than she looks or typically acts, Yuuki is both eager to serve her Clan and rather naïve of what trials her role will demand of her, as sheltered as any of her sisters back at the valley regarding the realities of modern day Monster society, let alone Human or Celestial society. Her human mask is a subtle one, dulling her verdant green hair to black, her glowing eyes to green, and hiding the ever-present scent of Sakura blossoms that would otherwise follow in her wake.

Yuuki in her natural Dryad form:


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