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Aberrant: 200X - Runa 'Seidh' Olafsdottir


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Name: Seidh

Real Name: Runa Olafsdottir

Nature: Visionary

Concept: Seeress

Date of Birth: 09/09/1985

Sex: Female

Apparent Age: 25

Height: 5 ft., 8 in.

Weight: 145 lbs.

Known Appearance:

Runa is a tallish woman with perfect Nordic features: high cheekbones, a flawless oval face, generous mouth, large eyes... Except that instead of being a blonde beauty, she shows her biracial heritage with olive-hued skin, long dark hair, and brown eyes.


When she is divested of the long-sleeved jackets or shirts she tends to prefer, a truly impressive piece of combined barking and tattooing artwork is displayed on her back and upper arms: Yggdrasil, the World-Ash, extends its branches across her shoulders and its roots across her hips with its interlaced trunk writhing up her spine.

Known Powers:

Runa 'Seidh' Olafsdottir is predominantly known for her ability to foretell the future through rune divination.

Visible Aberrations:



Runa Olafsdottir is the daughter of Olaf Haakonssen, a half-Norwegian Icelandic oil-rig technician, and Sujatmi Rais, an Indonesian-Dutch marine geologist, who met while working on one of the great North Sea rigs belonging to Norway. Technically Icelandic as she was born in Reykjavik and named according to patronymic tradition, she travelled throughout much of Scandinavia for most of her childhood and was fluent in five languages other than her native Icelandic and Bahasa Indonesia by her early teenage years. Unfortunately because of her biracial heritage and her mother's traditional Balinese beliefs, she also faced prejudice from white supremacists despite her father being nominally Asatruar; she herself became a Universalist Unitarian at the age of fifteen with her parents' full blessing.

When her mother chose to accept a teaching position at the University of Reykjavik in 2003, Runa opted to attend the University of Oslo instead as a way to discover who she really was. She dabbled in various scenes ranging from black and Viking metal to terr'r and Iweobi, paganism to evangelical Christianity, and everything in between while completing an undergraduate psychology degree. Her parents were less than pleased when they discovered that their child was dabbling in questionable practices and told her she was moving back to Reykjavik or would be cut off financially.

She told them to fuck off in six different languages, quit university and became a hanger-on in the black metal scene dominated by Thor Gundolfsson, a.k.a. Astaroth, using her knowledge of psychology and runelore to carve out a niche as a 'seidhkona' - a prophetess and witch - and gull the stupid. It was the mixed-race woman's revenge on these 'pure Norse' to screw them around by pretending mystic knowledge and make a living at the same time. In 2005, things went downhill when she tried to pull a fast one on Astaroth's 'chief huskarl', a big hulking brute who called himself Karl Devilschild, and was threatened with a painful execution unless she made a real prediction.

Somehow she did. And her life was never the same as the runes showed her past, present and future... And she became aware of Astaroth's ultimate plan. So she played it cool, used quantum-enhanced manipulative powers to convince Astaroth himself that she was not the sixth Domitor but instead just a 'mere' prophetess, and then got the hell out of Lillehammer and back to Reykjavik.

After several months recuperating and apologising to her parents, she finished her degree in psychology, added a Masters of Sociology to it, and became a freelance consultant based in northern Europe in late 2008 at the young age of twenty-two. Project Utopia offered her a job ... but she declined, pointing out that her religious and philosophical beliefs differed to theirs (though she appreciated the good they did), and went on her merry way.

Two and a half years later, Seidh (the Old Norse word for magic) holds two permanent part-time retainers: one with the Icelandic government and the other with the Scandinavian Union/Nordic Council. She is called upon to send them immediate warning of disaster, natural or man-made, and is considered an 'auxiliary' member of Nordlysene in the sense she has worked with them in the past.

Seidh is still an eclectic Universalist Unitarian but is also a proponent of normative relativism: 'good' and 'evil' are terms which are far from universal, in her eyes, though she will concede there are things which should not be done - wholesale genocide and abuse of the helpless and unconsenting, mostly. Though savvy to what Astaroth's plans are, she hasn't warned the Domitori - if they couldn't heed the runes when she first cast them in Lillehammer, then it's not her damned problem what happens to them.

Besides, she's got six years to lay plans for dealing with Astaroth...

(50NP build)


Physical (Tertiary)

STR: 2

DEX: 2

STA: 2

Mental (Primary)

PER: 5 (Intuitive)

INT: 5 (Bright)

WIT: 5 (Empathic)

Social (Tertiary)

APP: 5 (Exotic)

MAN: 5 (Shrewd)

CHA: 5 (Cool)

- (4 NP spent)




Athletics: 1

Drive: 1


Legerdemain: 2

Martial Arts: 2



Stealth: 1

Endurance: 3

Resistance: 3

Awareness: 1

Investigation: 1

Academics: 3 (Sociology)

Bureaucracy: 1

Computer: 1


Intrusion: 1

Linguistics: 5 (Native: Icelandic, Other: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia, Faroese, Finnish, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, Estonian, Russian, Old Norse, Latin, Greek)

Medicine: 3 (Psychology)


Survival: 1

Arts: 1

Biz: 1

Rapport: 3 (Reading Emotions)


Style: 2

Interrogation: 1

Streetwise: 2

Subterfuge: 2

Command: 1

Etiquette: 2

Perform: 2 (Rune Divination)

-3 NPs into Abilities, 4 BPs into Specialties


Backing 1 (Icelandic Government)

Backing 1 (Nordic Council)

Contacts 5 (Northern Europe)

Eufiber 1

Influence 3 (Northern Europe)

Node 1

Resources 5 (Investments)

- 2 NPs into Backgrounds



Quantum: 5 (7 BPs, 5 NPs)

Quantum Pool: 30

Willpower: 5 (4 BP spent)

Taint: 1

- Aberrations:


- Mega-Appearance 2 (First Impression)

- Mega-Manipulation 2 (Persuader, Trickster)

- Mega-Charisma 2 (Center of Attention)

- Mega-Perception 2 (Quantum Attunement, That Creepy Feeling)

- Mega-Intelligence 1 (Linguistic Genius)

- Mega-Wits 2 (Lie Detector, Human Nature, Natural Empath)

- 30 NP spent, 25 XP raising 5 Mega-Attributes to 2.

Quantum Powers:

Intuition 3

Luck 3

Pretercognition 2

Entropy Control 2 (Probability Corruption, Serial Order)

- 5 NP into Pretercognition, 7 XP to raise it to 2.

12 XP to buy Intuition up to 3.

12 XP to buy Luck up to 3.

16 XP to buy Entropy Control up to 2.



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