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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Catharsis [mature] [complete]


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OOC: This "dream" happens during Venus slumber/ecstatic rush/aftermath from Circe's induced orgy.

It was dark. Dark and cold. She could hear her own breath but nothing else. The darkness seemed to swallow everything around her. One arm extended she carefully got up reaching to the sides and hoping to find something to hold on to, then she remembered that she could make light.

Slowly her surroundings was illuminated but even with the light now she couldn’t make out more than the stone floor. It was dusty and old. So what had happened? What was going on and why was she here? She looked at her hands which glowed dimly in the darkness and her eyes wandered along her upper arms until she looked down her huge cleavage. A short feeling of relief swept over her – so far everything seemed as it was supposed to be, she only lacked memory of how she got here.

„What is this place?“, she spoke out and gasped briefly, surprised by her own voice. It sounded very much like... Jennifers? She quickly reached for her hair and inspected it under the golden light. It’s brown..., „But this cannot be...“, she said again to herself stumbling backwards and feeling fear clutching her heart. She was wearing her grey medieval style dress, her hands ran over her body for reassurance, checking if she was still in her ´empowered´ form but everything seemed to be alright, her curvaceous body was still ´there´.

Trying to calm herself down she breathed slowly and steadily as she struggled to remember what happened. Her eyes unfocused and then she remembered...

„I was standing at the cliff...“, and instantly she was out in the barren land, behind her the deep cliff and she had to take a step forward just to make sure to not slip over the edge. Am I dreaming?, she wondered and for a moment the thought was very welcomed. It was a far better option than the dark room she just was in.

„Then Violet came flying...“, she turned around and instinctively looked up, a shadow swept over her. Terrified she turned around and looked straight into Venus‘ purple eyes. The Goddess‘ hand was already on her shoulder and then gently pushed her over the edge.

„Nooooo!!!“, Jennifer screamed and gasped for air. She was in the dark room again, lying on her back. Nervously she got up and invoked the light again and the room slowly lit up. Her dress was covered with dust and dirt. Her stomach was still half revolting from the feeling of falling and she felt unusually weak and unsteady.

„What the fuck is going on?!“, she yelled again with growing frustration, her voice echoing off the walls. Instead of silence she heard a voice chuckling in the far corner.

„Who’s there?“, she asked, fear definitely trembling in her voice.

„It was about time you showed up...“, a female, raspy voice answered her. It was faintly familiar but she was still too terrified to make any connection.

„Who are you? What is going on here?“, Jennifer demanded balling a fist angrily. She wasn’t as tough or as fast as the other supers but she did have superhuman strength and she would use it if necessary. She flexed her arm finding some comfort in the reassurance of it’s power.

„You should know... you locked me up in here yourself, bitch.“, the voice answered coming closer.

Jennifer shook her head in disbelief, „What? I have no idea what this place is? How on Earth could I have locked you up?“, anger was now joining her fear making her heart beat faster and faster. She was ready to strike any moment.

„Why so... tense?“, she heard the raspy voice and a cold, bony hand on her shoulder. Jennifer swiveled around and shrieked when she saw the face of the woman, her determination to strike completely gone and consumed by paralyzing panic.

The woman she saw had long greyish hair and long bony arms and fingers. Her face was looked famished with eyes deep in their sockets and cheeks that were falling in. Overall the features could have been beautiful once but time and obviously lack of nourishment made her look like the living dead. Slowly Jennifer realized who she was looking at. The dress was familiar, she had seen it before, the eyes had a faint lavender color but the most striking feature was her breasts. This woman used to have a very large bust but it was now flattened and devoid of volume making them look like large pancakes. The cups of her corsett was dented inward probably from the vain attempt to cover herself up. Looking further down Jennifer could see the slim waist but also every bone of the womans ribcage. Her hips poked outwards and were boney and her legs, although long were thin and frail looking. The woman’s skin was wrapped around her bones but she still managed to carry herself with a certain pride.

„Violet?“, Jennifer asked still terrified. „But... how? Wh.. wha.. what happened to you?“

You happened.“, Violet’s raspy voice answered. „But now you’re here... isn’t it ironic?“, a smile swept over her face, skin stretching taught over her once otherwordly beautiful features. The deathly apparition of Violet looked at her bony hand and her smile turned into a grin. Jennifer was still sitting on her butt and felt the paralyses only slowly ebbing away.

„Let me help you up.“, Violet said reaching out for Jennifer who reluctantly took the offered hand. Something about Violet creeped her out and she was also worried that she could rip her arm off by accident. Violet managed to pull her up though, and gently squeezed Jennifers hands. An icy cold feeling swept over her entire body and she definitely decided that Violet was absolutely and totally creepy now.

Taking a few steps back and clutching herself with arms wrapped under her massive bust Jennifer tried to rub away the cold. „So...so what’ve you been doing down here? Where is here?“

„Aww...“, Violet answered mocking Jennifer a little. She was inspecting her hands and balled her fingers repeatedly, then she smiled again with strange satisfaction in her eyes.

„You still don’t know? We’re here!“, Violet made a quick step forward and put one bony finger against Jennifers head. „Right in there, you psycho.“

Violet’s entire behaviour was even more erratic than she recalled and Jennifer was having trouble shaking of the icy feeling that had seemed to pour into her veins.

„Stay away from me.“, Jennifer demanded but her voice was too frail and shakey to have much effect on the Spectre that was Violet.

Violet made another step closer and cupped Jennifer’s face in her hand, „It has always been you, Jenny – poor little Jenny.“, the raspy voice sang the coldness of her hands making her cheeks numb.

Jennifer started to cry and with great effort she managed to push Violet away from her, sending the skeletal shape flying across the room. The light she had maintained vanished and she felt extremely exhausted all of a sudden.

„You are wrong! I’m... I’m beautiful and strong now! I... I’m in a happy relationship.“, she yelled at the Spectre. „I’m in control of my life!“, but she wasn’t so sure about that anymore. Angrily she turned around and ran into the darkness until she found a wall, then she balled her fist and started hammering with all her might against the cold stone. Powerful strikes made huge holes into the greyish stone and dust and dirt covered the area around her. Jennifer kept pounding but all she managed was punch more holes into the wall but it seemed to be extremely thick.

„What the fuck!? What is this place!“, she screamed, tears running down her cheeks but her short frustration induced rage ended quickly. She gasped for air and coughed as dust entered her lungs and stumbled sideways to get out of the mess she made. Then she heard steps coming closer.

„Don’t you think I’ve tried that before? You can’t get out of here.“, the raspy voice spoke sounding much closer than it should be.

Jennifer squinted her eyes and then remembered to invoke her power of Biolumiscence but it failed... „What...“, she looked at her hands focusing in vain but everything remained dark.

„Oh my poor Jenny, are you afraid of the dark? Let me guide you...“, the raspy voice sang again. Jennifer had no idea how close the Spectre was and suddenly felt her arms getting grasped by Violet’s boney fingers.

„Let me kiss you and make you feel better.“, the voice spoke and pulled Jennifer closer into a tight embrace. Jennifer tried to push herself free but her strength failed her. She didn’t understand what was going on. Shouldn’t she be stronger? She could lift more than Jill, easily 5 times as much which was close to 1 Ton but now she couldn’t even break free from a frailed bodied woman?

„Let me go...!“, she protested but felt dry lips pushing strong against her mouth and a leathery tongue parting them with uncanny force. Her breathing got faster as her strength dwindled. Violet’s grip got stronger with each passing second and Jennifer deflated physically under Violet’s inhuman kiss. She got shorter and shorter, her mighty breasts shrank rapidly leaving the cups of her corsett empty making it hang losely on her torso. Jennifers hips slimmed making her skirt almost lip over her flat ass. Jennifer tried to break free but her arms felt like pudding, her knees were shakey and weak and her resolve was entirely gone.

Violet on the other hand experienced an entirely opposite reaction. Her body quickly filled out again thighs and hips inflating with womanly flesh. Her pale skin regained it’s healthy suntanned look as she drank in Jennifer’s ´power´. Her hands tingled and her heart beat faster with anticipation as she felt her deflated bust swell with each draught she took. Her greyish hair regained its silk-like glamour and flowed richly with golden colour over her shoulders framing her face and upper body which was restored to its former glory. Violet slowly released the kiss, looking down at her abundant bust which was overflowing her corsett again. Jennifer had shrunk to her former size and shape and looked up at Violet through tear filled eyes.

“Ah... that’s more like it.“, Violet marvelled at her restored power and beauty. “I don’t know how I’ve been waiting for this but now I’m finally back!“

Jennifer straightened herself out wiping tears away. Why was this happening to her? She stared at Violet with envy and anger stumbling towards her, her dress slipping of her shoulders and hips as it was designed to fit someone like Violet... and not Jennifer. „Give it back.“, Jennifer demanded with a broken voice. „It’s mine. The power is mine, I deserved it!“, she begged managing to grab Violet’s arm briefly but the tall unearthly beauty simply shook her off.

“Tsktsktsk...“, she looked down at Jennifer through glowing eyes, This, she pointed at herself, fingers resting on her oversized breasts, “was never yours. It was always me. I’m everything you want to be. I’m everything that is good about you which leaves the pitiful rest... for you“, as she finished her sentence she pointed with her fingers at Jennifer and smiled at her.

“This will make being locked up down her somewhat more bareable although hearing your constant whining will surely be a downer.“, the voloptous bombshell sighed and mused to herself.

Jennifer gritted her teeth and swallowed down the pain and frustration not wanting to appear so weak infront of Violet. „I have to get out of here! I’m not supposed to be here.“

“And where are you supposed to be? You never accepted who you were, you never knew something like satisfaction. Your entire pitiful life was dominated by your constant whining and denial. I honestly believe that you very much belong here and where else would you want to go? You are basically home. If you take everything that you have reached in your life and put it into perspective, visualize it, then what would it look like?, Violet asked and mocked her.

The landscape suddenly changed and instead of being in a dark room they were standing on a barren desert, behind them a huge cliff gaping into the abyss.

“Oh yeah, this is definitely an improvement. How grand, the barren desert of your mind. You’re such a pitiful little wrench, Jennifer. You achieved nothing and that’s why you needed me. You needed me to take things over for you, you needed me to give your life meaning, to even know what joy is – or fun. You could’ve at least created a small village or a nice little island. This desert sucks.

Jennifer slowly understood what was happening. She was... she was locked up in her head. But how did it happen? What was the last thing she remembered but she drew a blank. She looked back to the cliff and the only thing she was certain of was being pushed over the edge by... by Violet?

„You pushed me over the edge!“, she accused her.

“And how was I supposed to do that? I was down there in that hole. The last time I was up here, you pushed me over the edge, you stupid bitch.“

„You’re right...I...“, and then an idea crossed her mind. Violet’s mocking voice made her sick and she was tired of this. She was tired of being pushed around. The memory resurfaced and with it her anger and frustration, but she had a solution for this. Violet’s power was hers. They were one.

Her eyes focused on the tall seductress, vision becoming hazy and yet incredibly clear and crisp when she looked at the blonde bombshell. She started to run towards her, struggling against the skirt which was too long and ignoring the chafing of the corsett which hung losely on her torso. Jennifer’s arms were extended forward, fingers bent into claws ready to tear Violet apart.

Violet wasn’t prepared for this audacity but had an amused smile on her face. How on earth would Jennifer be ever able to wrestle her down? She raised her arms expecting the impact and was ready to push the little wrench down and show her her place. This was the barren of Jennifers sick mind but fortunately she didn’t know how to control it. The smaller and much slender woman hit Violet like a wall but her hands managed to find grip on the taller womans shoulders. Violet’s huge breasts threatened to suffocate her and the whole situation made the impossibly shaped succubus laugh.

“You’re so pathetic...“, she snarled at her and grabbed Jennifers shoulders with intent to put her down.

„Mine...“, was all that Jennifer managed to say and then something happened. Violet opened her eyes in surprise and tried to push Jennifer away but the harder she pushed, the closer the smaller woman came closer. “What the fuck are you up to now?“, she struggled not feeling much different than before but Jennifer’s shape was becoming ghostlike?

Violet’s hands started losing their steely grip on Jennifer’s slender shoulders but it wasn’t her losing strength or power, her hands were slipping through Jennifer. With grim determination Jennifer pushed on until her body was completely ethereal, Violet’s attempts to push her away only helped her get where she wanted – inside Violet.

Violet stumbled a few feet backwards as Jennifer suddenly disappeared. She turned around to see where she may have gone, expecting her ghostlike shape floating somewhere behind her since she must’ve slipped through her.

“Show yourself!“, she barked searching for Jennifer but found herself alone in the desert.

“Well fuck... you..., she said stumbling over her feet. She looked at her hands shaking uncontrollably and then made another involuntary step forward. “What... have... you? Done?...“, she forced herself to say losing control over her body. Pain wracked through her spine and she bent forward with nausea. Her knees buckled and she stumbled forward barely catching her fall with her arms. Violet panted and gasped for air the sensation of drowning increasing with every passing second until she lost control. With one last spasm she bent backwards, arms hanging losely at her sides and her chest thrusted out almost bursting the corsett with her bulging massive tits. Violet took one last breath her face contorted by panic and held it...

She slowly exhaled and as she exhaled her body shrank rapidly losing it’s amazing shape. Her long hair darkened and shortened to a mousy brown, hips and thighs deflated as did her bust until she was transformed back to Jennifer. Her body lay there for a while before another spasm shook her followed by a large gasp for air. Jennifer coughed but aside from that she felt ok. She slowly stood up examining herself and slowly moving her limbs. Her plan seemed to have worked. Looking around there was no trace of Violet and something told her that Violet was still there... inside her.

Confidently Jennifer closed her eyes and focused on the transformation, trying to summon the power which she had grown used to... but nothing happened. She opened her eyes again and shook her head.

„This can’t be, I can feel you.“, she said to herself.

Back to square one, bitch., Violet’s voice echoed through Jennifer’s mind...

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Jennifer woke up, startled and gasping for air. She was lying on a bed, the room was dark and only some dim light shone through the door and shut windows. It took some time before she realized she was in her old room, back at her parents‘ house. Was it all a dream? How did she get here?

She stumbled towards the window and opened it squinting at the bright daylight that flooded her room with warm sunlight. „But this can’t be...“, she whispered to herself. The air was fresh and rich and the scent was just like she remembered it. She truly was back at her parents‘ house were she grew up and went to college.

Jennifer checked her room still doubting that this was real. She opened her closet and found it mostly empty with the exception of a few pieces she never really liked. „Waitaminute...“, she slowly realized and left her room almost tripping over the stairs on her way down.

„Mom? Daaaad?!“ – no response.

On the kitchen table was an envelope, her name written on it. At the door was her luggage – everything was exactly like the day when she left home to make her luck in New York. She wanted to be a model and New York was the place to be if you wanted to start a career. Her father never approved her decision and her mother remained silent but faithful to her husbands decision.

Jennifer took the envelope and opened it – 5.000,00 Dollars, neatly sorted in bills of 100s, 50s and 20s. It was her father’s way to say good-bye – for good. She stared at the bills and then at her luggage – what if she didn’t leave? What if she stayed home? She had trouble wrapping her mind around the situation – it felt a lot like Dejá vú but something was definitely different this time.

“Confused, my dear?“, she heard a voice from the living room. Jennifer almost tripped over a chair when she saw Violet entering the kitchen. „Nonono... this can’t be! I am you... you are me!“, Jennifer started crying trying to reach inside for the source of Violet’s power. She was sure it must’ve been somewhere.

Why should I help you?, she heard Violet’s voice in her head.

Because I need your power now!

And what do I get in return?

Anything – just do it!

Haha... now we’re talking. So if you want more control that means I get more control, too. No more locking up in this dark room, I want to see, hear, taste, smell and feel everything you do and you fucking do what I tell you if things go south.

Yeah- whatever, just give me your powers, I need them!, Jennifer pleaded.

Fine – but you won’t get my body – it is mine and mine alone...

Before Jennifer could protest she felt the rush of Violet’s powers flooding her body. Her supernatural senses overlayed her normal perception and her superhuman strength and stamina gave her a feeling of being unstoppable. Jennifer balled her hands to fists expecting her body to change too, waiting for the thrill Violet’s oversexed body gave her but...

the change didn’t come. She blinked several times unsure if she possessed Violet’s powers or not and angrily smashed her fist on the kitchen table which broke under her superhuman strength with ease.

Damn you, Violet!, she cursed but at least the seductress was being true to her words. Jennifer did possess her powers and while she strongly connected those with Violet’s outrageous curves there was no true connection.

Jennifer confidently stepped forward ready to face Venus but a part of her was still intimidated by the taller and voluptuous bombshell.

“And now what, my dear? You want to fight me? Are you sure you got what it takes?“, Venus asked with a slight mocking tone in her voice.

„I know this is just in my head – All I have to do is defeat you here and then I’m free.“, Jennifer answered trying to encourage herself that she was right with this assumption.

“And if I win... what happens then?“, Venus replied with a smirk in her face.

Jennifer didn’t answer and instead lunged herself forward trying to knock out Venus with one mighty blow and decide this conflict quickly. To Jennifer’s surprise Violet easily dodged her attack and grabbed for Jennifers hair pulling her close into a bear hug. Jennifer squealed in frustration and screamed in pain as Venus superhuman grip threatened to break her arms and ribs.

The smaller woman struggled in vain to break free when Venus suddenly let go and stepped back, laughing mockingly at Jennifer.

“Maybe you should let Violet take over, you’re no match for me, Jenny. You have no idea how to use those powers.“

„No!“, Jennifer protested reaching for a large knife from the kitchen. „I kill you!“, she screamed angrily pointing the knife at Venus.

She has a point, let me take over and I’ll finish her off!

„NOOOO!“, Jennifer cried holding her head struggling now both against Venus and Violet.

Venus quickly snatched the blade from Jennifer’s hand who tried to punch her with a wide swing that missed her by miles making the tall succubus laugh in amusement. “Please... stop this, you’re going to hurt yourself.“

Jennifer didn’t listen – she needed to find a way out. Fighting Venus wasn’t a solution obviously, somehow Venus knew what Jennifer was about to do and managed to dodge her every move. Maybe she was right – if she let Violet take over...

But then I would be running away again. It is the same thing all over again. I can’t face my own demons, I let others solve my problems.

You are already using my powers, Jennifer – this isn’t you solving your problems, you’re cheating. You need me, admit it!

Venus saw the conflict and confusion on Jennifer’s face and waited, smiling knowingly that she was another step closer to succeed with her plan. It didn’t take long and Jennifer started to change.

Safe me, Violet... save us!, she finally gave up and closed her eyes. Her body trembled briefly and she felt how she lost control as Violet took over. Her body stretched as her legs got longer, her hips flared out making her waist appear even slimmer. Fingers elongated as did her limbs and Jennifer’s apple-sized breasts inflated to huge cantaloupes which pushed violently through her button down blouse, distorting it and sending buttons flying through the room. Violet’s long blonde mane cascaded down her back just short of her juicy derrier and she took a deep breath to ready herself for combat.

“Time to fight against a real woman, imposter!“, Violet spoke reaching out with her empathic powers to sense Venus‘ emotions and make her fear her. Fear was a powerful ally and she would take every advantage at her disposal to get rid of her enemy. To her surprise the only thing Violet felt was her own emotions which quickly turned into confusion. Obviously her opponent had means to protect herself against her powers. What if she is stronger than you?, Jennifer asked seriously scared now.

“Finally – I’ve been waiting for you.“, Venus smiled and walked towards Violet with purple glowing eyes, the knife still held in her hand which she had snatched from Jennifer.

“You’ll understand, Violet. You soon will. There’s no reason to fight me – actually... you can’t fight me.“

“Nonsense!“, Violet answered but she found herself unable to built up the willpower to actually strike Venus. She’s too beautiful... I can’t... hurt her

“And while you struggle to understand what the meaning of this is, I simply touch you – here and here, sending shivers down your beautiful body. See?“, Venus was tracing with one hand along Violet’s neck and opened the last buttons of her blouse exposing her mighty breasts which proudly defied gravity. Their perfect shape and sheer size demanded admiration and Violet knew it was the defining feature she possessed. Her eyes looked nervously from Venus‘ fingers up to her face, her willpower melting away under Venus‘ gentle lovetaps.

Violet felt her nipples hardening and she inhaled in anticipation of Venus‘ next touch both excited and terrified by her. Do something!, Jennifer cried cursing herself for letting Violet handle this – for the first time she seemed to fail her and she could feel how Violet grew more and more passive, unable to defend herself against Venus‘ overwhelming presence.

“Feels good, eh?“, her mellifluous voice sang, “I know it does, I can feel it.“, Venus put the knife aside and cupped Violet’s breasts in her large hands. Their abundance still overlowed her fingers by miles and Venus would’ve needed four or more hands to actually cover the entire expanse of Violet’s mighty assets.

“They’re beautiful – you take much pride in your breasts, don’t you?“, Venus teased as she bent down to lick one of Violet’s nipples with her long tongue. Violet was unable to respond and just moaned with pleasure yet the fire of lust that normally followed was missing. The empowering feeling she derived from this sensation was entirely absent and while she did enjoy Venus‘ touch she sensed that something was seriously wrong.

Violet’s eyes frantically watched Venus‘ hands trying to see what the woman was doing. She tried to fight off the arousal but felt powerless to withstand. Goosebumps covered her breasts and made her nipples even harder and she leaned against Venus hands giving her more of her abundance to touch and caress.

“I know you pride yourself in your breasts... these large, heavy breasts...“, Venus slowly kneaded Violet’s orbs, fingers digging deep into the flesh sending Violet into blissful ecstasy. Her hands continued to massage over the expanse of Violet’s tits and for a moment she lost herself closing her eyes as she enjoyed Venus‘ touch.

The more time passed the more the feeling that something was wrong grew and nagged at Violet’s consciousness. Why couldn’t she defend herself? Why was Venus‘ touch so wonderful yet failed to spark that powerful orgasm she would normally ride. Violet opened her eyes smiling blissfully looking down at her chest... and screamed. Her wonderful body was shrinking under Venus‘ touch, her mighty breasts deflating as Venus‘ fingers massaged her assets. They quickly melted away one moment overflowing Venus hands and the next fitting her palm quiet perfectly. Violet tried to break away but found herself unable to move, actually not only her body was fading – she was fading!

Jennifer... help me! I’m... I’m... dying... She’s... She is..., Violet’s voice grew faint and to low to be heard – then she was gone.

Jennifer gasped and shivered. She felt exhausted, almost like after having had sex but not in a good way. The afterglow was missing. Disoriented she reached out with her arms but Venus quickly steadied her. „What have you done?“, Jennifer asked incredously the blouse still open and one of Venus‘ hands was still on her breast. She didn’t like her touch at all and reached out to push the arm away.

“Hush... Jennifer. I’m only helping you. Violet was not good for you. You don’t need her.“

„What have you done, you fiend?“, Jennifer implored trying to cover her chest with her other arm.

Venus reached for the knife with her free hand while she kept Jennifer in her grasp.

“I’m taking care of you. Unfortunately Violet needed to go. That leaves you.“, she raised the knife turning it towards Jennifer’s chest. “And now you need to go follow her. You were both cancerous with your self-destructive ways. I can’t have that. You’re the sickness, the taint I have to remove to be free. You should thank me – it won’t hurt... much. Then it will be all over.“

Jennifer struggled against Venus but she was too weak, too shocked to resist. Her eyes widened in panic as she saw the blade’s tip scratching her chest, right where her heart was. „Please...“, she begged and Venus smiled and nodded.

“I release you, Jennifer – now you find peace.“, blood was spilling over Jennifer’s body and it ran hot and crimson over Venus‘ hand and down her arm. Venus held her in her arm, watching her bleed to death as she hummed a lullaby.

“Now – I – am – free.“


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