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Aberrant: 200X - Rianna "Iron Rose" Connelly

Iron Rose

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Name- Rianna Skye Connelly

Nature- Survivor

Attributes (7)

Strength 5 athletic

Dexterity 5 fast reflexes

Stamina 5 Tough

Perception 5 Observant

Intelligence 5 discerning

Wits 5 Cunning

Charisma 5 Eloquent

Manipulation 5 Smooth

Appearance 5 Stunning

Abilities (8)

Athletics 5

Drive 1

Ride 2

Melee 1

Firearms 2

Stealth 1

Awareness 4

Investigation 4

Academics 4

Bureaucracy 2

Computers 4

Engineering 5 Mechanical engineering

Intrusion 1

Linguistics 1 (spanish)

Science 5 Physics

Survival 1

Arts 1

Biz 4

Rapport 4

Intimidation 1

Style 3

Streetwise 1

Subterfuge 1

Command 1

Etiquette 3

Performance 1

Carousing 2

Backgrounds (3)

Node 5

Resources 5

Backing 2

Allies 3

Attunement 5

Influence 3

Powers (12)

Gravity Conrol 1 Gravitic shield

Magnetic Mastery 1 magnetokinesis

Bodymorph 3 (Density increase 3)

Flight 1

Mega-attributes (15)

Mega-Strength 1 Precision

Mega-Dexterity 1 Omnidexterity

Mega-Stamina 1 Adaptability, Regeneration

Mega-Perception 1 Electromagnetic Vision

Mega-Intelligence 3 Taint Resistance

Mega-Charisma 1 Soothe

Mega- Appearance 3 Awe inspiring

Quantum 5 (5)

Willpower 7

Initiative 11

Quantum Pool 30

Taint 1


Iron Will

Character’s full name: Rianna Skye Connelly

Character’s nickname(s): Red, Ria, Risky

Character’s title(s): Grad student

2-3 word description of character concept:

Character’s most obvious blessing/strength: Intelligence

Character’s greatest perceived blessing or strength: Beauty

Source/Cause of aforementioned blessing or strength (if applicable): credited to her mother’s stunning looks

Character’s most obvious flaw/weakness: Pride

Character’s greatest perceived flaw or weakness: Pride

Source/Cause of aforementioned flaw or weakness (if applicable): She doesn’t fail often, and is possessed of supreme confidence

Physical Traits


Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race/Subrace: Caucasian

Height: 5’10

Weight: 55 kg

Frame or body type: Voluptuous Athletic

Skin color: Pale white

Eye color: Emerald Green

Hair color: Rich Red

Level of attractiveness:

1. Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: Jagged scar on her back where the cave-in pinned her

1. Purpose/significance of above markings (if applicable): reminder of her mortality

Facial hair (if any): none

Handedness: Left Primary

Usual dress: tends to dress casually, but has a great sense of style when the need arises

Jewelry or accessories worn: Emerald necklace

Brief physical description: Beautiful and stunning, not quite at six feet tall, she’s a young goddess

Hairstyle: Typically wears her long hair in a single braid down past the small of her back when in the field, though she wears it loose most of the time

Common physical and/or medical traits (deformities, chronic illness, etc.): none

Allergies: none

Vocal type (shrill, booming, musical, etc.): Husky

Accent (if any): slight western accent , a reminder of her upbringing in Colorado



Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Location of hometown: USA

Traumatic or defining childhood experiences (if any): none particularly, though she and her twin sister while identical physically, are very different mentally.

Attribute description (using adjectives rather than numbers): She’s the ideal woman, perfect by human standards in every way.

Effect on character’s personal life (if any): She’s hounded by suitors on a regular basis, most of whom she rebuffs politely

Brief description of childhood: Grew up in Denver with her Sister, the two were virtually inseperable until they turned eighteen.

Possible conflicts due to past: Sibling Rivalry with Elizabeth Connelly

Criminal record (if any): none

Views on history/legends of homeland: She loves America and considers herself patriotic.



Father’s name: Brian Connelly

Father’s age: 48

Father’s profession: CEO of Connelly Securities

Father’s current status: Living

Description of father: Brian is a man that the phrase “larger than life” seemed especially crafted for. A shrewd businessman, he’s also extremely philanthropic, and a huge paleontology buff.


Mother’s name: Sarah Connelly

Mother’s age: 45

Mother’s profession: Head of R&D, Connelly Securities Technology department

Mother’s current status: Living

Description of mother: A woman possessed of the twin graces of stunning beauty and a keen intelligence, Sarah loves her children, her husband and the company, in that order.

Description of any siblings: Elizabeth Connelly

Relationship with siblings: Identical twin

Birth position (first, second, third, eldest, youngest, etc.): First



Relationship to any PCs: Cecilia Riley (roommate)

Other NPC contacts: Much of the R&D department for Connelly securities

Relationship: future employer, sometime consultant

History: Since her eruption many have made use of her vast intellect



Role models: Her Mother

Dreams or ambitions: To run her parents’ company well

Reason for dreams or ambitions (or lack thereof): brought up to it as her birthright

Short-term goals: Get her Masters by age 22

Long-term goals: Be successful

Plans to fulfill these goals: She strives for personal excellence

Attitude regarding material wealth: money may not buy happiness, but it does help

Level of greed/miserliness: fairly low.

Level of generosity: She’s a generous woman, rarely expecting any return

General attitude toward others: She likes to see the good in people, but can be quite realistic

Requirements to gain the character’s trust: Prove your sincerity

Introverted or extroverted: Extroverted

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite beverage: Coca-Cola

Favorite dessert: mint chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Mealtime tendencies: Possessed of a ravenous appetite, Rianna eats quite a lot.

Foods the character finds disgusting or refuses to eat: none

General tastes: She tends to love classic Americana food, though she has a taste for Italian and Japanese Cuisine

Favorite color (if any): Silver

Least favorite color (if any): gold

Musical interests/talents (if any): she loves to sing, and is fairly good.

Any animal affinity or totem: She loves cats of all kinds, Tigers in particular

Personality “hot buttons” (actions that provoke anger, embarrassment, etc.): Her sister’s antics.

Views on religion: Methodist

Reason for such traits: upbringing

Views on the supernatural: Guarded, but believes there are things science can’t explain

Views on government: Government exists to serve the people

Most treasured possession: Emerald Necklace given to her by her grandmother

Lucky charm (if any): Emerald Necklace



Daily routine: Morning exercise, breakfast, class, afternoon excercise

Likely reaction to interruption of said routine: nonchalance

Hobbies: Gaming, going on paleological digs

Interests: paleontology, the latest engineering feats

Usual mode of travel: 2011 Jeep/ Flight

Chance of sea/motion sickness: none

Travel fears (if any): none

Usual travel gear and/or dress: jeans and a T-shirt

Cleanliness/prestige of home: she keeps her area clean, but isn’t a compulsive neatfreak

Click to reveal..

start a quantum 3

BP expenditure

7 for quantum

6 for Iron Will

2 for Willpower 4

NP expenditure

7 Attributes

8 Abilities

3 Backgrounds

15 Mega attributes

12 Powers

5 Quantum 5

EXP expenditures 22/91

9 Gravity Control 1

9 Magnetic Mastery 1

15 Willpower 5,6,7

6 Mega Charisma 1

15 Mega Appearance 3

6 Mega Perception 1

5 Enhancement Adaptability

6 Mega Dexterity 1

7 EXP for March

7 EXP for April

7 EXP for May

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