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Aberrant: 200X - character questionaire

Ryusei Hideyoshi

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Character’s full name:

Character’s nickname(s):

Character’s title(s):

2-3 word description of character concept:

Character’s most obvious blessing/strength:

Character’s greatest perceived blessing or strength:

Source/Cause of aforementioned blessing or strength (if applicable):

Character’s most obvious flaw/weakness:

Character’s greatest perceived flaw or weakness:

Source/Cause of aforementioned flaw or weakness (if applicable):

Physical Traits







Frame or body type:

Skin color:

Eye color:

Hair color:

Level of attractiveness:

1. Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars:

1. Purpose/significance of above markings (if applicable):

Facial hair (if any):


Usual dress:

Jewelry or accessories worn:

Brief physical description:


Common physical and/or medical traits (deformities, chronic illness, etc.):


Vocal type (shrill, booming, musical, etc.):

Accent (if any):




Location of hometown:

Traumatic or defining childhood experiences (if any):

Attribute description (using adjectives rather than numbers):

How attribute scores reflect the character’s personality (high STR, low INT, for example):

Effect on character’s personal life (if any):

Effect on character’s professional life (if any):

Brief description of childhood:

Description of any childhood friends/enemies:

Current location/status of aforementioned friends/enemies:

Stupid childhood mistakes:

Important notes on childhood toys:

Dark secrets from past (if any):

Possible conflicts due to past:

Criminal record (if any):

Public identity (if different from actual identity):

Views on history/legends of homeland:



Father’s name:

Father’s age:

Father’s profession:

Father’s current status:

Description of father:

Mother’s name:

Mother’s age:

Mother’s profession:

Mother’s current status:

Description of mother:

Character’s childhood guardian (if not mother and/or father):

Guardian’s current status:

Relationship with guardian:

Guardian’s perception of character:

Description of any siblings:

Relationship with siblings:

Birth position (first, second, third, eldest, youngest, etc.):

Description of early family life:

Mentor(s) within family (if any):

Enemy within family (if any):

Black sheep in family (if any):

Brief family history:

Character’s marital status:

Offspring (if any):

Description of current family life:

Status of spouse/offspring:

Important notes regarding any family members:



Relationship to any PCs:

Close NPC friends:

Status of such friends:

Reason for association:


NPC enemies:

Status of such enemies:

Reason for enemy status:


Other NPC contacts:



NPC sweetheart(s) past or present:

Current status of sweetheart(s):


NPC Allies:

Reason for alliance:


How the character feels others perceive him/her:


Generally trusted people:

Generally despised people:

General relationship with peers:

General reaction to attractive members of the opposite sex:

What the character would kill for:

What the character would die for:

Greatest sin ever committed against the character:

Special group involvement (if any):



Role models:

Contemporary heroes:

Legendary heroes:

Disillusion of any heroes:

Dreams or ambitions:

Reason for dreams or ambitions (or lack thereof):

Short-term goals:

Long-term goals:

Plans to fulfill these goals:

Fears or phobias:

Possibility of overcoming:

Possible methods of overcoming:

Reaction to such fears:

Willingness to discuss or admit to fears:

Attitude regarding material wealth:

Level of greed/miserliness:

Level of generosity:

General attitude toward others:

Requirements to gain the character’s trust:

Introverted or extroverted:

Brief description of personality:

Biases or prejudices (for or against):


Contradictions in personality:

Favorite food:

Favorite beverage:

Favorite dessert:

Mealtime tendencies:

Foods the character finds disgusting or refuses to eat:

General tastes:

Favorite color (if any):

Least favorite color (if any):

Musical interests/talents (if any):

Artistic/literary interests/talents (if any):

Favorite scent (if any):

Any animal affinity or totem:

Personality “hot buttons” (actions that provoke anger, embarrassment, etc.):

Views on religion:

Religious/spiritual traits and tendencies:

Reason for such traits:

Level of piety:

Views on the supernatural:

Taboos or superstitions:

Tendencies/attitudes toward killing:

Most likely reaction to an attack:

Most likely reaction to theft:

Most likely reaction to public insult:

Views on government:

Most treasured possession:

Lucky charm (if any):



Description of education:

Important educators (if any):

Honors/awards/special considerations:


Reason for profession:

Skill descriptions and purpose/reason for them:

Professional history:

Honors/awards/special considerations:

Views of friends or relatives on profession (if any):



Daily routine:

Likely reaction to interruption of said routine:



Usual mode of travel:

Chance of sea/motion sickness:

Travel fears (if any):

Usual travel gear and/or dress:


Description of home:

Cleanliness/prestige of home:

Description of servants, roommates, etc.:

Description of neighborhood:

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