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Mutants & Masterminds: Struggles of Iannin - Encyclopedia d'Iannin


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A'Fen, The - A splinter group of The Fen who were banished and once lived in the jungles east of the Great River. They became an aquatic species and spend 99.9% of their lives underwater. They must surface to give birth, but immediately tattoo their young with gills and return to the water. When the Sen'ten were raised by Tal & Len, a group split off and returned to the surface and renamed themselves the Nay'fen.

A'lough, The - Formerly known as the A'oughhight. They are a tall, crystalline, people averaging seven feet in height. Split with the Z’oeiloughight early in history. Shared a bond with the Oa’erler that later became parasitic. Immune to heat.

Amaranth Oak - The Amaranth Oak is a rare tree immune to all diseases and blights. The Amaranth bears fruit which is a deadly poison unless properly prepared. Once during each Coil (Century), the Amaranth Oak bears a special fruit. Partaking of its entire flesh and husk will grant eternal youth, freedom from all diseases and poisons, and the ability to heal from any wound with great swiftness.

Ankassar - A god that takes the form of a dragon. Please see the link.

Ankassim - A reptilian race related to dragons. Gifted with flight and limited shape-shifting abilities they have been scattered to the corners of the world.

Anupu, The - A group of Thayim who have given themselves to the practice of necromancy and worship of Siponak to the point of fanatical zealotry. They reside on the island of Rakonu among the savanna under the light of shadow of the volcano. Their culture is split among the Living, the Honored Dead, and the Servile Dead. The Anupu are the greatest navigators in the world, gifted with the secrets of the heavens by Wulkyn at Siponak's bequest.

Atriarchs - Former members of the First Race now forced to serve Tal & Len.

A'va'lan - The crater-island located to the north-east of the main continent. The Crystal Gyre is there as well as a colony of Skrofan.

A'va'laan - The Crystal City, Realm of the Learned, Domain of Magic. The mainland capital of the Skronfan populated north; situation on the island of A'va'lan.

Axis Mortis - The Axis Mortis is an Axis Stone modified by Siponak to allow travel between the worlds of the dead and the living. It is black with red runes rather than the usual granite gray with blue runes. The Axis Mortis is located in the far north of the ice covered arctic.

Axis Stones - An unknown number of megalithic stones covered in magic glowing crystals that serve as anchors for Elan's Blood, and allow travel as Gyres.

Azanar - A rare child of Jotnar with a shard of Azath's divine essence within granting magical power.

Azath - A god with split aspects, each worshiped differently. Please see the link.

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Calendar - Month = Cycle, Year = Turn, Decade = Ring, Century = Coil, Millenium = Age. 10 Cycles of 33 Days (30+[30/10] for the lost, Elan) per Turn.

  • First Cycle: Aerr
  • Second Cycle: Kyn
  • Third Cycle: Belk
  • Fourth Cycle: Zaya
  • Fifth Cycle: Talen
  • Sixth Cycle: Zath
  • Seventh Cycle: Kahn
  • Eighth Cycle: Onak
  • Ninth Cycle: Que
  • Tenth Cycle: Kass

Clysm-Brides - Former members of the First Race now forced to serve Azath.

Crystal Gyre, The - The first, and most powerful of all the Gyres. Created by Wulkyn himself during the first epoch the Gyre allows for divination, transportation, and acts as a major anchor for multiple streams of Elan's Blood. Currently located within the city of A'va'laan.

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Dakar Steel - Forged from Meteoric Iron, Dakar Steel is enchanted with the cold of space and freezes on contact (secondary effect extra and incurable extra). Special gloves are required to wield weapons made of Dakar Steel but they are highly sought after. Dakar steel is dark gray-black, and resists polishing resulting in weapons of distinguished appearance.

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Elan - Please see the link.

Elan's Blood - The rivers of mystical energy that flow over Iannin are known as Elan's Blood for it is believed that they are the remnants of his life force spilled ages before by the First Race. Similar to Ley lines Elan's Blood are sources of mystical power but like true rivers they ebb and flow and change course over the ages unless anchored in place.

Elentine - A magical ore superb for making any tool or weapon and easily enchanted due to the infusion of Elan's life-force. The refined metal is known as Elanil.

Emerald Death Cap - Please see the link.

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Fen, The - These are an aboriginal, olive-skinned elven race that is tribal in nature, territories marked and divided by plateaus, mesas and canyons. They run everywhere and have developed an uncanny ability to jump long distances and a mountain goat like agility. Tribes are quickly differentiated by tattoos and the use of different color inks derived from the soil and plant life. There is very little dispute between tribes except in years of drought or when food supply is low. Disagreements, (of an inter-tribal origin) are usually mediated by a tribunal of the chiefs involved and a number of chiefs outside of the dispute, always numbering to an odd amount. The A'Fen split from them. They had immunity to cold. They are extinct in the modern age.

Fey, The - Former members of the First Race now forced to serve Quaress.

First Race, The - The first creatures of Iannin to achieve intelligence and sentience. The original form of the First Race is unknown, lost to annals of time. The First were prideful and powerful, more than mortal, but less than Divine, they sought to become greater than they were. The First sought to transcend their mortality and become refined a divines. To facilitate their quest the First engineered the downfall and death of the god Elan, the Magus, who's form was magic incarnate. With Elan's death they were punished by the gods, and forced into servitude as the god's minions. Since then the first have ceased to be what they were and failed to become that which they desired. See also: Atriarchs, Clysm-Brides, Fey, Grovenals, Judikine, Luminaries, Marghuls, Shades, Stokers, and Unmakers.

Foxes - Gifted with a cunning intelligence by Quaress. Foxes now have human like intelligence, partial hands, and are immune to aging. Rare specimens can transform into humanoid forms.

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Gods, The - The Gods of the Iannin who created the world and its contents. There are ten living gods and one who has been killed. See also:

Grovenals - Former members of the First Race now forced to serve Zahan-Thaya.

Gyre - Gryes are ringed formations of set with enchanted stones and runes that act as anchors for the streams of Elan's Blood. Gyres are interconnected and those who understand how can enact a ritual at the location of one to transport themselves to another Gyre or one of the Axis Stones. Additionally Gyres can be used for divination rituals. See also, Crystal Gyre, The, and Weald Gyre.

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Iannin - [eye-an-in] The name of the world in which this game is played.

Isle Ignum - Located in the south-west this land mass is technically a peninsula attached to the southern icecap. Homelands of the Skrofan and the Fire Forest whose tree's spend the winter months robed with leaves the color of flames.

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Jreila - Small and mean bird like sentients. Immune to aging. Extinct in the modern age.

Jötnar - A race of giants native to the mountain range known as Jötnar's Wall.

Jötnar's Wall - The mountain range which cuts the north of Iannin's main continent of from the south. Passable through Peace Pass and Sky's Edge Pass.

Judikine - Former members of the First Race now forced to serve Ankassar.

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Kaer - A god of Iannin. The Dark. Guardian of Chaos and Watcher of the Damned. Please see the link.

Kassim - See Ankassim.

Keyai - A corrupted and savage creature related to the Lenai birds. Similar to a velociraptor. They have a natural camouflage ability.

Konsea - A god of Iannin. The Hungry One. Please see the link.

Konsea's Bite & Fang - Magical weapons, a bow and a scimitar, that are enchanted to penetrate armor and burn with the fires of Konsea's hunger.

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Len - See Tal & Len

Lenai, The - Great flightless birds capable of swift ground movement that the Murg use as beasts of burden and transport. They are immune to cold.

Lucenite - A metallic ore which reacts with water and sheds light starting blue and fading to reds and oranges before it is extinguished. This ore can only be found in or around the lakes and rivers of the subcontinent west of the Great River and north of the Sea of Tears. If refined, or used in great quantity the amount of light produced can be significant.

Luminaries - Former members of the First Race now forced to serve Wulkyn.

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Marghuls - Former members of the First Race. The shapeshifting servants of Kaer. To say they suffer would be an understatement. He washed them through the entropic storms of Chaos and stripped them of their identity, leaving them formless slaves that painfully change to his whim and desire. Nearly everything in his realm as the Guardian of Chaos and Taskmaster of the Damned is formed of his Marghuls, from his throne, to the chains that bind the souls of mortals in torment.

If one could say there was a 'common' form for a Marghul, it would be similar to a small, obsidian-skinned gargoyle, with or without wings.

Mer'nast - When the A'fen split from the Fen, some of the Ssenast pleaded to go with them and were subsequently tattooed and have since became the Mer'nast. Their numbers have never been what they were prior to their near destruction at the hands of the Horde.

Mire, The - A vast swamp dominating the far south of Iannin's primary continent. It is extremely dangerous and mostly uninhabited in the modern Age except for the Mire'nast. Home to the Lenai and the Keyai.

Mire'nast - A splinter of the Ssenast that migrated away from the volcanic eruptions of the Third Epoch. They passed through the edge of the Wyld on their way to the Mire, gaining luminescent eyes and shimmering black fur.

Mount Sorrow - A volcanic mountain at the heart of the Mire created by the twisting strands of fate and chaos. Site of a school of Chaos magic, the True Way, the Way of All and Nothing.

Murg, The - Muck dwarves. A short stout race created by Kaer. Initially native to the vast marshlands known as the Mire they became a subterranean race upon the creation of Mount Sorrow at the heart of the Mire. Blessed by the twin-gods Tal & Len to allow them to walk in the light of day. During the second Epoch they carved the side of Mount Sorrow into a massive artwork, a world wonder that stands into the modern age. The Murg nearly exterminated the predatory Keyai, before they were themselves wiped from the face of Iannin by the undead Horde.

Muthay - A mixed race. Muthay are at their core human, but interbreeding with other races has led to a mixture of many different traits and abilities from the other races of Iannin.

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Oa'erler - The Oa'erler are intelligent, amphibious, quadrupeds, standing about four feet at the shoulder. They have a build similar to a big cat, which gives them strength and speed. Their elongated muzzles sport strong tusks. The lower tusks are used for upward gores; the lower ones are used to intimidate, particularly in mating rituals. Their manes are actually stiff bristles of hair, which they can raise or lower, depending on mood. Their primary attack comes from their claws, which are retractable and sharp. They are covered in a very short, tough hide, similar to suede in texture. Exist in a symbiotic relationship with the Z'hights, while the A'lough feed upon them in a parasitic relationship.

Onyxiron - A crystalline metallic ore that looks like black diamonds with a prismatic sheen to the surface, but can be melted and shaped like steel. It's very hard, but also very heavy, so only suitable for weapons and armour by those strong enough to endure the weight. It's mostly only found in the Desert, in accretions of glass and crystal/quartz.

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Peace Pass - A passage through Jötnar's Wall built by the Takrok after the War of the Horde. The pass is lined with statues of heroes of the war and at each exit/entrance there are two massive guardian statues of a Murg and a Fen to ensure that those two fallen races are never forgotten.

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S'ur - The large Nay'fen city in the west, home to the College of the Sen'ten and its base of operations. More can be found here.

Sanare - (Suh-naar-aye), a slow growing hardy vine similar to grapes. The more difficult it is for the plant to grow, the more potent its healing fruit. The plant is very common, but wherever the plant has it easy (plenty of light, water, etc, it has next to no healing power. It is not easily cultivated, resisting all attempts to be modernized into a crop. The fruit pods will dry up and then explode under internal steam pressure, casting cottonwood like seeds into the air. Due to the battles with the Horde, they have a blood-like, coppery taste.

Scarlet Troupe, The - (Originally Troop) An organization of Bards, Courtesans, and other performers of all stripes, as well as Foxes and various others, from all races, that also act as clandestine information-brokers, spies, fixers, and occasionally assassins. They are in actuality a hidden cult to Quaress. And though the Scarlet Troupe is their unofficial name, they have a variety of other local names depending on location and the various races and cultures nearby. Due to their actions after the battle with the Horde, they have limited access to Chaos Magic.

Sen'ten - The chosen warriors of Tal & Len who were raised from the A'fen to battle Chaos and watch over Iannin after the Horde and the destruction of the Fen and Murg. Split into two castes, the Sen, the warriors and the Ten, the purveyors of Pattern Magic.

Shades - The First who worshiped Siponak became the Shades, gaunt figures who take on the appearance of the being whose soul is to be claimed. They act as Siponak's gatherers in the mortal realm, reaping those who's time is up and carrying the souls back to the underworld.

Siponak - A god of Iannin. The Reaper. Please see the link.

Skrofan, The - An orc-like race with major settlements on the south-western island of Ignum among the Fire Forest and in A'va'lan. The Skrofan are farmers and cunning carpenters and craftsmen that utilize their magic in their daily lives. Given the gift to read the stars by the god Wulkyn they have used this prophetic power to optimize their agricultural exploits in the meadows and grasslands of Ignum without impacting the Fire Forest itself. Creators of the Weald Gyre.

Spear, The - A massive column of basalt that juts from the World Ocean far into the sky. No one has ever climbed to the top and returned, assuming they completed the ascent at all. The Spear is constantly surrounded by storms and strange magical disruptions.

Ssenast , The - A ferocious feline-humaniod race that lives primarily in the large jungles in the northwest of the main continent. In the far past, two races split from the Ssenast; the Mire'nast and the Mer'nast.

Starfall, The - A rare (once per age) celestial event where both suns and all three moons eclipse and cause meteor showers and fire rain. The Starfalls are the primary source of meteoric iron on Iannin.

Stokers - Konsea uses her First Race slaves to check the fires that feed her appetite. Their duties are to tend to the fires, to make them burn hot enough to send the essence of her offerings up to her. Mortals can sometimes see them in the flames, their little wooden bodies burning even as they work. Their pain feeds Konsea, too, even as they regrow the pieces that burn away. Theirs is a painful existence; a high price to pay for failing to achieve immortality.

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Tar'rak - A quadrupedal omniverous creature that feeds primarily on carrion. It's leathery hide is supplemented by heavy, overlapping bone plates that run the length of its back and protect its major joints. Eyeless, the blind creature's senses of hearing and smell are more than adequate to make up for the lack of vision. It's gaping maw possesses massive teeth which are more than powerful enough to snap bones like dry twigs and severe corpses in a single bite. Though normally a carrion feeder the Tar'rak are also capable of savage acts of predation in times or starvation or to protect themselves and their young. Tar'rak have no formal range, and can be found nearly anywhere on Iannin. Though difficult to domesticate the Tar'rak are occasionaly used by farmers who find their excrement to be rich fertilizer.

Takrok, The - The Takrok are a race of bipedal goat-men. Initially a violent barbarian culture the Takrok embraced peace, but were cursed by their creator Konsea with an uncontrollable berserker rage. They are immune to cold. The Takrok are the architects of Peace Pass through Jotnar's Wall.

Tal & Len - Twin gods of Iannin. The Light. Representative of the dual suns. Please see the link.

Temples of the Four Winds - Temples built at the edges of the compass where the four winds originate, and inhabited by Ankassim.

Thanegaardt - A wonder of the world. Thanegaardt is a massive city built within Peace Pass on the foundation stones of a First Race city. Built by the Jötnar after the War of the Horde to commemorate the peace.

Thane-Hammer - A great hammer forged by Azath to bestow ruling power over the Jotnar to he who wields it. Has a hair-line fracture in the head from when it was used to strike down the Bound Knight during the battle at Peace Pass with the Horde.

Thull - The Gateway to A'va'laan, a city inhabited primarily by Jötnar and Skrofan that guards the only access by land to the Island of A'va'lan, a series of magical portals that link the island to the mainland.

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U'ur - A world wonder in its own right, the large city is built suspended in the Breach, the narrow entrance to the Sea of Tears from the Great River. More like a series of arches than a true dam, water flows over and throughout the town through an immense aqueduct system engraved with the scrolling lines of Pattern magic. The capital of the Nay'fen Nation.

Umbral Enchantments - A powerful form of magic Siponak taught to a handful of mortal smiths. Umbral magic binds the soul of a sacrificial victim to an item and in turn bestows great power to those who control the item. Umbral weapons are are to strike both flesh and spirit (Damage effect resisted by Will) while Umbral armor is incredibly tough and resilient (extra toughness and impervious). Other Umbral items may be enchanted to various effects, usually excelling at their mundane task in some way.

Unmakers - Beltok was quite displeased with the First Race, so those of them given into his care became the Unmakers. Beltok loves only to create and uses his servants for that most unpleasant of tasks: destruction. With the Unmakers tearing apart things that have lasted too long, Beltok is free to focus on creation. The Unmakers are gray-skinned genderless humanoids; featureless as if made from clay. This is largely the case: Beltok refuses to allow them to be individuals, forcing them to fit one mold. In this way, he feels that he is punishing them.

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Wailing Winter - An ice age far in Iannin's past that caused many changes upon the peoples of the world.

Weald Gyre - The Gyre created by the Skrofan during the second epoch of Iannin from the living wood of the Fire Forest.

Wildwood Harbor - The largest harbor on the isle of A'va'lan and the other primary means of accessing the island beside Thull. Wildwood Harbor does brisk business as a trade center as well as for the shipbuilding facilities.

World Ocean - The vast ocean to the west of the Continent separating it from Rakonu Island, Isle Ignum, and the Archipelago.

Wulkyn - A god of Iannin. Please see the link.

Wyld, The - The Wyld is a region in the south of Iannin that was blessed, or cursed, with the vitality of Zahan-Thaya, but also blighted by her madness. Within mutation and change are rapant and only those with her blessing may tread without fear of being effected by the strange power of the Wyld. Contains a Gyre.

Wyni - The Wyni are similar to octopi, but they are far more intelligent. Their tentacles have hooks imbedded in the flesh, to aid with drawing prey into their mouth, located at the apex of their six legs. Their bodies measure three feet across while their legs can extend to six. The males are smaller than the females. They form clutches of males and females in equal numbers, which work (more or less) cooperatively. They are most comfortable in cold water but can be anywhere.

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Zahan-Thaya - The Goddess of Life. Please see the link.

Zahan-Thayim - Humans. Also known as the Thayim, Za'thayim, Zharallim, and Z'Thayan. Shapeshifters can be born of them and they can breed with any race. Cursed with dissatisfaction, they always desire something more.

Zatha'Kan - An aspect of the split personality of the deity, Azath. The Forge-Maiden and Lady of Steel, a beautiful and muscular, six-armed, Zray'Katha woman with long hair of purest gold. Worshipped by the Zray'Katha.

Zathar - An aspect of the split personality of the deity, Azath. Thane of Ice, a towering, male Jötnar, powerful and regal; worshiped by the Jötnar.

Z’hight - Formerly known as the Z'oeiloughight. Offshoot race of the A'lough (A’oughight). Divided after a civil war with the A’lough. They reside in the western side of the Archipelago in an amphibious symbiotic relationship with the Oa'erler. They are less xenophobic than their brethren. Immune to cold and they can breathe underwater. Once pacifists, but in freeing the Oa'erler from the A'lough, the fire of battle was set to their hearts.

Zray'Katha - See the link and the update. A female dominated militaristic race that dwells primarily in the Blasted Lands. Commonly have multiple limbs. The typical four-armed Zray'Katha retain the name of Zray'Katha. The less common six-armed individuals are known as Zray'Katha'Kan, and the rare two-armed are referred to as Zray. Immune to heat. Expert smiths.

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