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Mutants & Masterminds: Future Imperfect - Die Hard (Jaunt)


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The dry smell of molten Lava and burnt stone almost blinded his senses but he had to stay focused. He knew his enemy was nearby, he could feel his presence, could almost taste his anxiety. A flash of blue light caught his attention and he instinctively tumbled out of his enemy’s line of attack. He had kept his favoured weapon nearby not wanting to give away his position but hatred filled his mind and he no longer could hold back.

With righteous anger he fired his saber and assaulted his target with a series of blindingly fast strikes. “You shouldn’t have come.”, his sinister voice intoned as he pressed his attack knowing that as long as he kept driving his enemy back he would soon run out of option for escape. The two saber wielding fighters were crossing a dangerously narrow slope which led across a sea of lava underneath and he could already see the end of this fight. As soon as they’d reach the plateau behind the slope he would somersault over his enemy and then force push him over the edge. A solid plan.

Blue and Red lightsabers crossed with hissing sounds as the two combatants were getting close to a stand off. Now is my chance…, the young hero saw his window of opportunity and prepared his jump, when…

“What the…?”, Devin stared in disbelief at his controller then back to the Xbox 360 which just decided to freeze. “You can’t be serious!”, he shook the controller as if that would somehow make the game continue again but then his eyes noticed IT. The RROD…

“You got to be fucking kidding me!”, Devin tossed the controller aside and ‘jaunted’ right next to the console. He picked it up shaking it briefly before he set it down again. He was so close to break his last record, the fight was almost flawless and his attacks were executed with near perfection. Only a machine could’ve beaten him and it actually did.

“Stinkin’ cheater.”, he angrily pulled the power cord and was about to kick the piece of shit away but instead ‘jaunted’ to the roof of the building. Fresh air would do some good to cool his head off. What he saw wasn’t quiet what he expected. Police was closing in from every direction towards the MIC. He had heard about the MIC but he had no idea what exactly was going on. Unfortunately he was too far away to make out any details and… as much as he hated it the whole situation reminded him of his abusive father. Only the scale was different. Within a matter of seconds he had covered a distance that would have taken him maybe an hour given the hassle the police was building up.

“Please, stop!”, he heard a voice of a young man pleading. He was still at the outskirts of the MIC but the Police was already patrolling this area and were obviously searching for loners. Being on the roof he was relatively save but once he peeked over the edge he saw how 6(!) Policemen in full attire, shields, helmets and tonfas were beating up a young kid and his even younger sister…

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An entertainer once asked: "Damn, how much damage can you do with a pen?" These words tumbled in Jaunt's mind as he watched the events unfold beneath him. Snapping his over-sized hood up over his head he contemplated the quote as he est looked for a method of approach; if he was going to get involved, he might as well go all out.

Words always hurt more than physical trauma in his mind, that how his father got to him. Sure he was an alcoholic but he never had to raise his hand to his son, he used words and taunts and mental anguish to bring his child down. Bruises you could go to jail for, words were legal. The bruises and sores from those nightsticks would heal in time, but the taunts and the pleasure in the officers voices as they beat those two would ring in the victims minds for the rest of their lives.

In an eye blink Jaunt was on the street, behind the officers, as the soft blur in reality's fabric wavered behind him. "Wow, six of you on two kids. Must be a slow night," He looked at his watch and back at them. "Usually you guys are pounding each other in the ass at this hour, or do the tears of young children make for better lubricant?"

They spun about face and held their sticks at the ready. "Don't move!" one shouted. "Don't you fuckin' move, this official business. Walk away kid, or you're next."

Slowly lifted his ear buds up to his ears and tapped the play button on his mp3 player. Limp Bizkit's "Breakin' Stuff" blared loudly into his head. "Don't move?" He grinned. Now gentleman, that'd be criminal..."

In the blink of an eye he was all around them, popping into and out of sight. So swift were his movements that it almost seemed that he was still one place as he reappeared in another. Every arrival brought with it a punch or a kick to some pinpoint spot on their body. Armor crunched and joints popped from hundreds of severe impacts from any and all various angles.

And then he was right back where he started just a moment prior. The officers each were groaning and staggering as they tried to collect their footing. Jaunt pulled the hood low and let the shadows work their magic on his features. He smirked under the hood. "Oh, sorry guys. I thought you were ready. You need a minute to collect your thoughts?"

Click to reveal..
Roll: [20 +16 Modifier = +36]

I am Legion II: Burst, 2 ranks, DC 22

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The policemen don’t stand a chance against Jaunt’s attack. I rule they are all knocked out by his burst attack.

Time seemed to be standing still for a moment and while Jaunt spoke it only slowly caught up with reality. His words still rang in the air as the policemen stared in disbelief at the young man and then at each other before falling unconsciously to the hard concrete with loud clacking sounds as protective gear and tonfas scattered over the street.

To Jaunt's surprise the streetlights around him flared in an almost blinding flash and he could've sworn he heard machinegun fire from the commlinks of their headsets, only pumped up to the max volume. Probably someone... or something was helping him out here.

The young man and his sister were still crouching trying to protect themselves from the officers and only slowly relaxed as the expected beating never came. It was the dark haired teenager, barely older than Jaunt who slowly looked up and then protectively helped his sister back on her feet. Jaunt could tell right away that she was a real looker, maybe barely 14 or 15 but already with stunningly beautiful eyes and a face of an angel.

„Wow, man... thank you... I’m Adrian.“, the young man introduced himself and extended his hand for a shake. „How can I...“, he didn’t actually formulate the question but Jaunt could see how grateful he was by the look in his eyes. His sister didn’t say a word and by the way she clinged to her brother she seemed to be under a mild shock.

As Jaunt wanted to shake the offered hand he saw a heavy duty Anti-Riot truck from the police approaching through the street towards their position. They didn’t have much time for small talk if they wanted to get out of trouble anytime soon. While Jaunt evaluated his options another variable made the situation even more complicated. A young dark haired girl stumbled on the street, obviously trying to get away from some one or something and painfully unaware of the truck that would surely hit her if she didn’t manage to dodge it...

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alright – Jaunt is fast enough to pick the girl up if he wants. It may cause the V, though.

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"Wow, man... thank you... I’m Adrian." The young man introduced himself and extended his hand for a shake. "How can I...", he didn’t actually formulate the question but Jaunt could see how grateful he was by the look in his eyes.

Jaunt couldn't hear a thing Adrian was saying to him with Limp Bizkit still blaring in his ears. The extended hand and light light lip reading were enough to get the general message to him. "Yeah... yeah, no biggie, just keep your sist-"

"Hey. Can you hear me? You need to get that pair out of there. They very well may be the answer to the Virus!" The voice suddenly interrupted his music and shocked the hell out of him. In a sudden freaky panic he gripped the ear buds and threw them out of his ears. "What the fu-!?"

The sound of the Riot truck coming their way gave him some pause and he cursed inwardly as the girl had wandered her way out in front of it. You've gotta be kidding me... "Look, nice to meet you, yadda, yadda. I need you to haul ass down that alley way and do not stop. Do you understand? I'll catch up, don't worry."

They both gave a bit of a pause. "Go!" He shouted, pointing his finger down that way. "Keep your sister safe."

What had he gotten himself into? He knew he was going to hate himself for what he was about to do, but he dug his feet into the concrete and pushed off...

... down deep into his body his DNA fired off so many synaptic pulses that his very body was a torrential electrical storm! Nerves fired upon muscles which fired upon cells which fired upon organs, it was glorious symphony of mutant DNA at it's finest. Then the Virus moved in to do what it was created to do. Triangular cells each with several small tentacles latched onto and buried their barbed feelers deep into the synaptic firing centers of his nervous system. In one brief moment the current was more than his body could take and cells, muscles and organs began to bruise and burn at an alarming rate. Stressed by the sudden effort that, without the Virus, would have been a cake walk for Jaunt...

...the sidewalk square that he was standing on literally shattered into debris as he launched himself at an insane speed toward the unsuspecting woman. She never saw it coming, but he slowed down just enough to 'appear' in front of her, and leap at her in time to tackle her out of the way. Everything in his body burned and as they rolled aside he knelt up and coughed up a bit of blood. "Y-you okay lady?" He was trying to get to his feet, looking for the siblings, as he staggered about, coughing up and spitting some blood on the sidewalk. "Look, my night is totally sucking, so just say 'yes', aight?"

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Leaving the V roll to you Joani. Pass or fail summoning up the power to activate the V is never a pleasant experience I'm sure, so either way the blood coughing will fit for dramatic purposes.
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