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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - Profile: Skye Angelus

z-Skye Angelus

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Skye Angelus



Skye Angelus is the daughter of Alaric, a Lunar Angel. She has been trained to fight demons, or Yokai since her birth, developing into a fine young hunter. She’s never been sent out in the field and is forbidden from hunting while she’s in training.

She is also the Chosen of Tsukuyomi. The God of the Moon needed a warrior and Skye is descended from a Lunar Angel. It seemed a natural choice, and Alaric has included swordsmanship since the Lunar God gave her a sword. It has mystical powers that aid her in her fight against the demons, as well as being a fine weapon.


Meanwhile, her father continued her training, but felt that she needed something more; she needed to know what she fought. And he recognized that he was a poor parent; that was the very reason he'd left her with Alias. Skye needed someone to finish raising her. So off she was sent to Monster Academy.

More to come...

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