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Around the Web on December 17th

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Around the Web on December 17th

Sometimes while crawling around the underbelly of the net, one discovers bad things, things like Tub Girl, nun/donkey porn, semi-snuff movies (death not filmed for profit), Harry Potter/Star Trek gay slash fic and Glen Beck. This Jedward video has moved up toward the top of my list. It is totally safe for work, but anything that can make Vanilla Ice's riff on Queen sound good is an assault on all the senses.

For some companion really bad songs, check including Willow Smith's I Whip My Hair, check here.

World Of Warcraft Cataclysm broke all PC game sales records this week. Reviews have been up for a while. The more than 3 million sales broke the previous record set by WoW: Wrath of the Lich King. This same week the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided you do not own your version of WoW. Exactly what they are saying is sort of murky though. Expect many more money and time wasting court cases that split hairs rather than have some balls and make sweeping, definitive judgments.


Blake Edwards died. Director of The Pink Panther series (the Peter Seller's ones, not the terrible Steve Martin ones), Breakfast at Tiffany's, Peter Gunn and many more, as well as a prolific screen writer, Edwards never won an Oscar. He did propel two Mancini songs into instantly recognizable tunes and he did marry Julie Andrews: if you can't have an Oscar you can at least be happy with Mary Poppins.

Juan of The Dead is a zombie comedy being made in Cuba. As usual, it is the CIA and the U.S.'s fault. The zombies I mean, not the movie. Little does the rest of the politicized film world seem to realize, when USAians make horror movies, thrillers, etc, it is also the CIA/government/industrial military complex's fault, showing we have much in common with Cubans.

A parrot sings Drowning Pool. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor sounds even more eerie coming from a non-human. I would hate to wake up to this. Or here it while I was in the shower.

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Daredevil has a potential girlfriend. A woman named SM, feels no fear. She can't recognize it others, she can't draw an expression of fear. The parts of her brain that register fear are completely gone. In one incident she told a potential mugger that he would have to go through "My God's Angel" first, before killing her. Obviously recognizing a crazy person, like rumored native American tribal practices, he let her go so as to not become affected himself.

This stop motion video ode to coin-op games is cool. Done with coins against a black (velvet?) background, it is geektastic.

The latest trailer for Paul is up. We've mentioned it here before, but how could a movie penned by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and starring the same, plus Jane Lynch, Seth Rogen, Sigourney Weaver and many others, not be good?

Since I started with music, I want to leave you with Paul Anka covering Nirvana.

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