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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Rushing Mountain


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Rushing Mountain

Real Name: George Fritsch

Nicknames: Rockman, Rushing Mountain

Occupation: Computer geek in the making turned into town defender

Place of Birth: Aylmer, Ontario

Apparent Age: Late teens or early twenties

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Simon Fritsch Jr. (Father), Hannah Fritsch (mother, deceased), Simon Fritsch III (Older brother, deceased), Heather Wolowski (Sister-in-law, deceased), Melissa Wolowski Fritsch (neice, deceased), Jody Wolowski Fritsch (neice, deceased), Mark Fritsch (distant cousin, part of caravan), Rigel, 3 year old Hungarian Vizsla. Well trained, a bit of a suck, but obedient.

Eruption: Attempting to stave off a zombie swarm on his family's farm

Birthday: September 7th, 1986(? depending on when Z-day)

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Hair: very short hazel brown

Eyes: pale pale blue.

Skin: a healthy pale complexion. Looks like a once-a-month shaver.

Build: Tall, lean, and muscular

Distinguishing Marks: His tall height and unbelievably athletic build.

Height: 7'2"

Weight: Varies, usually around 1000lbs.

Hair: Gone

Eyes: Like rough blue topaz

Skin: Rough hewn rock, varies with location.

Build: Tall and broad.

Distinguishing Marks: He's made of rock!!! ;-)

Known Powers: Turns into a rock amalgam humanoid, very difficult to hurt, capable of accelerated movement and substantial displays of sheer brute strength.

Skills: Strong martial artist, computer programmer and engineer, some skill with plant agriculture, some skill with "green" power production and elementary mechanics (bicycles, windmills, and so on).

Personality: Innocently tactless, tends to say less as a result. Seems reluctant to be a leader. Very self-critical.

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Real Name: George Neiermeier

Nicknames: Officer-Instructor Neiermeier

Occupation: ex-military police instructor.

Place of Birth: Eden, Ontario

Apparent Age: Early fifties.

Marital Status: Single (Widower)

Known Relatives: None

Birthday: March 11th,

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 182 lbs.

Hair: very short dark brown, going to gray towards the lower edges.

Eyes: blue-grey.

Skin: leathery, clean shaven. This man has spent a lot of his life in the elements.

Build: wiry, but tough as nails.

Distinguishing Marks: His ramrod straight posture.

Known Powers: Before Z-day, he was capable of keeping even the lippiest young punks from speaking up, and was feared and respected by every officer-trainee under his tutelage, even after they became actual officers. Other than that, he's just a 'normal' human.

Skills: A crack marksman, excellent driver, and phenomenal teacher, he's also an excellent judge of character.

Personality: blunt and soft-spoken. Very few people make the mistake of giving him reason to raise his voice.

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