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Aberrant RPG - New flaw for you to look at. What ya think?

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New Flaws

Eufiber Allergy (1[mild] to 5[severe]) points

The nova with this unfortunate problem, either developed this

as a result of their eruprion, or they developed it as a taint

related aberration. Wearing other polymers and plastics over

the skin when contacting it will protect the character for the

1 point allergy. At 3 points, the nova must wear a respirator

as well. At 5 points, the character has to wear a full biohazard

suit to even get near it.

1 Point: Mild Allergy

The nova develops a minor rash from being in contact with eufiber.

once removed from contact of the body, the Nova's skin recovers

in half the number of hours that the person had contact with the


3 Points: Moderate Allergy

The nova develops a minor case of hives, with some minor swelling.

The nova needs to recover naturally as if suffering 1 bashing damage

from the eufiber per hour of contact.

5 Points: Severe Allergy

The nova suffering from this stage of the allergy, suffers terrible

chills, swelling and hives from contacting eufiber. Although the

cause may be removed, the nova still suffers from it. And recovers

from the ordeal as if she suffered 1 lethal damage per hour

of contact.

Too balanced? Too Penalizing? Too Munch? Just right?

Tell me what you think.

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