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Aberrant: Dead Rising - [Inactive] Rachel Gilman

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Rachel Gilman

Status: PC

Rachel had been a middle-school teacher in Scottsdale, Arizona before the zombies took almost everything. She had a good a marriage, a daughter, and a rewarding career. She was well involved in the community outside of work, as a girls athletic coach, and as a volunteer for numerous local causes. She was passionate about outdoor sports; her favorite pastimes were tennis, backpacking, and kayaking.

When the first wave hit, she helped as a coordinator when the school she worked at was made into an emergency shelter. The shelter proved to be a bad idea when the outbreak only worsened and the occupants found themselves trapped. Many were lost when the zombies broke in, which was when Rachel erupted. A strange solid energy field emanated from her holding back the zombies long enough for a small group to make their escape. He daughter was among the survivors, but her husband was not.

She managed to find a school van and left the city, heading for the desert with nothing but half a tank of gas, her daughter, and a van overcrowded with fifteen recently orphaned students.

She has spent the last few months keeping her charges alive and as well as teaching them to keep themselves alive. As she traveled across the country with the help of a few others, who have proven to be a great help to her, have since joined her group. She has also been looking for homes for the kids amongst any enclaves they may come across.

After six months, she is down to four kids, from the original fifteen.

With their own small army of scroungers, their group has been able to find as much they need, including new vehicles, even a base of operations in the form of a small well-stocked storm cellar.

Appearance: Rachel is a somewhat short woman in her late thirties, though eruption has made her look younger, the weight of last six months is clearly visible as well. She has sandy blonde hair and a slim but athletic build. Her once blue eyes now silver, with an odd violet glow. The glow from them is especially bright when she is accessing her quantum abilities.

Powers: In addition to being able to generate a protective force field, Rachel has gained an advanced awareness on many levels. She has incredible hearing (even into the infra and ultra-sonic range), as well as what her wards call her “psychic” powers. She can know what is in people’s heads and can find them across distances. They say she can even see the future.

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Ally: Bryce Ulmer

Status: NPC Nova

Bryce has no memories from before Z-day. Rachel Gilman found him wandering through New Mexico. She saw in him an invaluable ally and convinced him to join them. He grew attached to the kids almost immediately. He has readily taken on the role of the group’s guardian. He will let nothing harm the kids and his loyalty to Rachel is unshakable. From his vehicle, equipment and the remnant of his uniform, it’s obvious that he had been a Texas State Trooper, stationed out of Amarillo. Almost nothing else is known about him, even by him.

Bryce drives a Texas DPS Chevy Tahoe.

Powers: Bryce is incredibly strong; he can lift a car and take out a zombie with one punch. He also seems to be invulnerable.

Appearance: Bryce is a large man, built like a gorilla. He’s six foot three and weighs well about 350 pounds. He is completely bald, and had kind brown eyes softening a rather mean face.

Back-story: Bryce had become a father just two days before the zombies reached Amarillo. He put his family first, making sure his wife and baby daughter were on the first ride out of the city before reporting for duty on that infamous day.

He was supervising the evacuation of Amarillo when he received word; his families convoy had been lost. He left his post to go and find them but it was to late. Bryce died inside. After spending several days in a deep depression, he decided to end it all. He acquired a few frag grenades from a passing soldier and then marched back to the city, pulled the pins, and walked right into a crowd of zombies.

He didn’t die though, at least not physically. The grenades hardly hurt him and just he continued to fight. After several hours he finally just gave up and walked out of the city, slowing only to dispatch the zombies that still followed him.

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And rounding out the rest of my PC's caravan, (in all their full approved glory):

Amanda Gilman

Amanda is every parent’s worst nightmare, the too-beautiful teenage daughter. She had been an all to typical rebel, trying to find independence from her parents every way that she could, especially in her choice of boyfriends. The past six months have forced her to mature, and she and her mother have come to respect and depend upon each other. Amanda has assumed the role of negotiator and “face-man” for the group. In addition to her good looks, Amanda has shown a natural knack for reading and interacting with people.

At 5’ 5”, Amanda is already taller than her mother. She has blonde hair and baby blue eyes.


Jan Benjawan

Jan is a Cambodian/American woman in her forties. She has only been traveling with the group for a few months, and proven herself invaluable, as a medic, cook, even as a mechanic and pseudo-apothecary. Jan speaks rarely and quietly, but when she does, it soon becomes clear that she is a highly intelligent woman.

In her youth she had been a med student and showed a lot of promise working to become a surgeon, but was forced to quit medical school by a domineering husband. Her husband moved from city to city following his own career, so the best Jan could do was become a nurse. She was living in Atlanta when thing went bad, and was abandoned by her husband.

Jan is a fairly plain looking woman, of medium build, with graying hair.

Ricky Salazar

Ricky Salazar is a natural born troublemaker. He is the both the only student to regularly defy Rachel Gilman, and the one who has earned her trust the most. He is by far the clan’s best scrounger, and way to good at breaking and entering for a kid of his age. Rachel also sees a lot of potential for leadership in him. While not the oldest student, the others almost always follow his lead.

Ricky is 13 years old. A little on the skinny side, he has dark hair and eyes, typical looks for a young Hispanic American.

Other Students – The others students in the group wouldn’t qualify as followers, in most situations they would be ordered to take shelter and stay out of the way. (Only Ricky would dare disobey). Rachel’s first priority was teaching these kids to take care of themselves. Every student associated with her would have at least one dot in Awareness, Firearms, and Survival.

LeRette is a 14-year-old African American girl, tall and fairly pretty for her age. She has recently taken it upon herself to learn archery, to hunt for the group without using up ammunition.

Dexter is 13 years old. He is husky and has shaggy red hair. He is Ricardo’s closest friend and has a lot of imagination. He came up with the name “Clan of the Spider Wasp” for Rachel’s group, which all of the kids quickly adopted.

Charlotte is 11 years old. The most traumatized by past events, Charlotte has hardly spoken three words in the past six months. She trusts Bryce more then anyone else, and the two have become inseparable.

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