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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Daniel Ian Hawkins

Dan Hawkins

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Daniel Ian Hawkins (PC)

Captain in United States Marine Corps

Erupted due to the trauma of CampLejune and his command being overrun by Zombies and turned. Killed all the Zombies there and has been making his way inland in a Military grade HumVee, killing whatever Zombies he could without compromising his safety and survival. He has stayed in contact with the few military remants left, and a few refuges for the common citizenry. He is highly skilled in close combat and in handling firearms and demolitions. He's a natural leader though after watching his men die he's become obsessed with finding the cause of the zombie plague. At times this obsession with vengance can be hindering to his social interaction.

He prefers to work alone now, though he can merge seamlessly with group operations. He's cut a large swath of destruction from Camp Lejune inland To near Dallas where he's currently operating.

Before everything went down he was a man who always paid his debts and honored his word. Since the plague began and the loss of his unit he's concerned only with surving to find the cause of the plague and terminate it.

In the various communities he's come across he's bartered his skills as a mechanic and his skill at killing Zombies for food, shelter and parts.

He's a fairly skilled mechanic and carries a toolbox in the humvee along with a full load out of the standard issue Marine sidearms and MP4 battle rifle. He has a limited supply of ammunition for the .50 cal mounted on the roof of the Humvee and a fair supply of ammo for the various smaller firearms he carries with him. He is never without some form of armament, even while sleeping.

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