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Aberrant: Dead Rising - [Inactive] Raphael Priest


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Name: Raphael Priest

Status: PC (Nova)

Aberrations: None

Sixth months ago Raphael Priest was an above-average looking, barely adequate tech support grunt working in Fort Worth. He had a wife, a daughter, and his share of drudgery. He was a harmless non-entity that most people liked for his simple, yet affable, ways. If anyone had thought about zombies taking over the earth, no one would have Raphael a day, much less a month. He was a bumbling Nice Guy.

Z-Day changed all that. It changed Raphael on so many levels. Even as his old life was shorn away, he learned to survive and he learned to fight. His wife was ripped from his arms and torn apart in front of him. His friends and neighbors died all around him, but Raphe became better, and stronger. He began going by his last name – Priest. He and his daughter walked out of Fort Worth very different people. Along the way, they would rescue their first few holdouts.

Priest felt uncomfortable living in the first enclave he came across. He felt he could do more, so he took a truck, his daughter, and he headed back out. Slowly he began to gather an interesting group of survivors to travel with him. Quickly enough, he figured out that raiding the cities was a viable occupation. Priest became known for his knack of knowing were the worst concentrations of zombies were and getting around them and getting to the best treasures.

Raiding may have been his job, but saving other people remained his passion. Soon he had picked up new and better vehicles, more people, and strong sense of camaraderie. Now he travels between various outposts, the cities, and various enclaves gathering needed supplies and dropping of desperate survivors. With his crew of seven plus two dogs, Priest remains driven to save others, even as he was unable to save his own wife.

Priest has extensive combat and survival abilities all at the height of human ability. He also possesses the knack of gaining insights to dangers before they happen. Beyond that, he has sizable resources in his team, their gear, and a few caches he has secreted around the country.

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Name:Leo (Dawn Lombardi)

Status: NPC (Nova)

Aberrations: None

Dawn Lombardi – Doctor Dawn Lombardi - had a very good life before Z-Day. She worked as chief technologist at a major biochemical manufacturer in Atlanta. She was young, highly respected in her field, very attractive, and very well off. As the world began its rapid whirl down the toilet, Dawn was called in to help on a desperate attempt by some surviving scientific minds to find a cure. Their attempt was probably doomed to failure. The plague was moving too fast.

Dawn took one look at the available information and she ran. She left her fellow minds to struggle on – and fail – alone. She was still running, in both a figurative and realistic terms when she came across Priest months later. Her first instinct was to take his aid and then keep running, but she saw something in Priest she thought was gone. She saw Hope.

Dawn took the handle Leonardo, shortened to Leo, and decided to hang around a bit. A bit became one month, and one month became two, and then three. In the back of her mind, she still wants to flee and make it to the Artic. She thinks she will get there eventually, but for now, she finds a degree of satisfaction in having one of her inventions destroy one of the undead.

Leo has a great deal of technical, scientific, and medical skill. Added on to that is a searing intellect and a new, intuitive understanding of all things technical. With this intuitive understanding, she has come to be able to alter inorganic substances on a molecular level and change/alter their shape. Needless to say, she is an adequate combatant – on a human level.

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Title: The Crew

Status: NPC (Humans)

1)Willy Potts is a big man; A REALLY big man. He’s used his size and strength most of his life and it’s been what’s kept him alive (so he believes) on and after Z-Day. That was, until he met Priest. Willy thought he would roll right over the smaller man, but instead got his ass totally handed to him. Since then, Willy has become a believer in his leader and in the mission they do. Grabbing shit is great. It turns out that saving people, which Priest seems to have a mission for, is pretty good too. Right now, he pals around with Colt and the two of them usually work as one of the retrieval teams. Wally likes his new flamethrower, though, DAMN it gets hot. He has reddish brown hair and permanent stubble on his granite jaw. His grey-green eyes often have a distracted look when he’s not zombie-hunting.

2)Colt may be his first name, a nickname, or a last name, but this is the only name this sturdy shooter is known by. He joined with Priest after his previous scavenging team screwed up and everyone else got eaten. Colt doesn’t like to talk much about it. In fact, he doesn’t like to talk much at all.

Colt has black hair and brown eyes. His skin is much tanned and taunt over his lanky, 5’ 11” frame.

3)Bethany doesn’t bother using her old name anymore. She doesn’t like talking about what happened to her before she joined up with the team. She was found atop a water tower, out of ammo, with a small group of zombies waiting below.

Now she pilots and maintains the teams Hummer, which she loves. Bethany also helps out Leo, though she knows she’s at the limits of her own mechanical knowledge when working with the nova savant. Her favorite tactic is to run over zombies – then back over them again.

Bethany is rather short and thick-set. Though she is plain to look at, she has a sharp wit and a biting tongue. Her dark brown hair is drawn back in a ponytail and her brown eyes are often covered by goggles.

4)Rhonda is the newest member of the team, joining only a month ago. She came running out of a suburban neighborhood were she had somehow managed to survive on her own. Since then, she has elected to risk herself with the scavenger than in a safer enclave. She hasn’t said why. She drives the teams big SUV. She is somewhat cautious outside the vehicle and clusters around Priest or Leo when she is.

In reality, Rhonda’s home was being overrun by zombies and she fled up to the attic. Her father was trying to hand up a wounded younger brother to her. She knew what that meant … so she shut and locked the door, dooming her family but saving herself. This decision still haunts her.

Rhonda is a beauty, with a haunted quality to her. She has long, blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. She is lightly tanned with deep blue eyes. She is also tall, being 5’ 9”, though slender.

5)Andy Stiles is, or was, a cop in Houston when everything went to shit. He watched everyone around him die – family, friends, his fellow cops, yet he somehow managed to keep going. He has been with Priest the longest and thinks his leader is borderline insane, but he also knows that there is no other place in this post-apocalyptic world for him. Andy is convinced he is a survivor and plays it safe … or sticks close to Priest.

Andy was once rather handsome, but a too-close encounter with a Molotov cocktail left the left side of his face badly scared. He isn’t bitter. He lived and the other guy didn’t. His brown hair is prematurely peppered with grey. His eyes are piercing, grey-green and constantly moving about. He is a bit shorter than average (5’ 8”) and hunches a bit.

6)Sarah Priest is a tough little ten year old, but aren’t all children these days? Sarah has seen her Mother die, her school mates turned into zombies, and the world she knew go to crap. No friends, no video games, no phones, no TV … nothing but danger, and dirt, and more danger. Thankfully, Sarah doesn’t mind getting dirty, she has some grown ups who aren’t too bad to pal around with, and her Dad loves her.

Right now, Dad doesn’t let her have a big gun, but she’s becoming an okay shot with her .22. She has two German Shepards to play with. Recently the group has picked up another girl Sarah can look up to like an older sister. Sarah is even beginning to believe that there might be a future.

And there are two German Shepards with the team too.

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