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Aberrant: Dead Rising - [Inactive] Preston Waters


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Name: Preston Waters

Status: PC Nova

Physical Description: Preston stands about 6'2" and is a mass of exceedingly toned muscle though for those who know what to look for, he is visibly built for speed over power. A scar down the side of his face keeps him from being as pretty as it could be. He's not fugly or anything like that, but... He calls it "rugged". Also, there's something about him that seems to strike most people as... "off". Some people are attracted to it, others not so much. To each their own, he supposes. Preston knows exactly what it is. He is a predator. He has spent so much time alone that his very mannerisms aren't entirely 'normal'. It's not enough to have him exiled from reality, but it is enough to set some people on edge. On the up side, he is very much identifiable as alive. His predatory grace radically different from the shambling of the hordes.

Reputation: Preston's reputation is one of discipline and sociability coupled with new definitions of the word 'carnage'. What is known about him is that at one point he was a US marine and now he seems to be open to the highest bidder. His capabilities are never questioned. Every time he is set on a mission it is almost always a 'search and destroy' type operation. Silence, frenzied explosive wave of gunfire and chaos, silence. In person, Preston is said to be a fairly likeable individual, able to dress nice, even if it is combat fatigues and a small arsenal, and hold a decent conversation. However, on a mission, the man is an animal with his eyes on the enemy's throat at all times.

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