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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Jasmine Gentian

Jasmine Gentian

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Real Name: Jasmine Gentian

Nicknames: Jas

Occupations: None currently.

Place of birth: Dallas, TX

Apparent Age: Late teens to early twenties.

Marital Status: Single.

Known Relatives: Nina Gentian (Mother - status, unknown), Carl Gentian (Father - status, unknown).

Eruption: Defending survivors in an hospital overrun with zombies.

Height: 5 ft. 4 in.

Weight: 127 lbs.

Eyes: Medium brown, usually.

Hair: Dark brown, almost black.

Distinguishing Marks: A few bite marks, one or two on her arms, most concealed by everyday clothing.

Strength/Skills: That she is aware of - enhanced strength coupled with rapid reaction time and enhanced combat speed. Not affected by environmental factors.


Jasmine grew up in Dallas, TX. She was an active child, involved in softball and track. Her family life was fairly normal - her father was an electrician and her mother was a nurse for a local family clinic. But at the age of 11, Jasmine was diagnosed with leukemia and her pediatrician recommended he be transferred for treatment to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO for additional treatment. She spent the next six years moving between Dallas and Kansas City for treatment.

On her latest visit, though, a strange outbreak started to affect local children, who started trickling in by the dozens. By the time the medical professionals at the hospital realized what was going on, it was too late. A couple nurses and a doctor stationed in the cancer ward tried to evacuate some of their patients, including Jasmine, but the hospital was overrun with tragic, yet horrifying zombie children, as well as many medical professionals who had succumbed to the "infection" while on duty. With their only hope of escape cut off, and the medical staff mostly dead, Jasmine knew it was up to her to try and help the remaining children escape. It was at that moment that she erupted, and decimated the approaching zombies. By the time she regained knowledge of what was happening (and her first few fights remain equally as fuzzy), she had managed to save three other children - two boys and a young girl, between the ages of seven and fourteen.

They fled the hospital and spent the next couple days trying to hide from zombies, but one of them had been bitten, and Jasmine ended up having to kill him to protect the others. The second child died from lack of medical care - try as she might, he couldn't survive without treatment. And the youngest of them all, a little girl who was so terrified of what Jasmine became when she was fighting the zombies that she ran away rather than risk staying with her.. well, when Jasmine finally found her, she had succumbed to the virus as well. It was the youngest zombie she's had to kill thus far.

Since then she veered mostly away from people, afraid of a similar reaction. She decided to head south, back to Arkansas, in the vain hope that her family was able to find a way to escape the plague, that they left her a note or a letter or some other message she can use to try and locate them. But on her way to Dallas, she ran across a small group of survivors. She joined up with them, mainly because she knew she would be able to use her skills to protect them from zombies. Taking care to hide her abilities, she would drop behind them or move ahead of them as they traveled, dealing with the hordes whenever possible without the group even realizing they were being approached (thought it is possible some of them are suspicious - the zombie attacks they were running from diminished drastically upon meeting her). She also acquires supplies for the group whenever possible. It's not easy, and she has been portioning it all out between them while pretending to have consumed her own "portion" out of view.

Because of her unique abilities, she has been able to pick up on CB radio signals and knows there's a group of survivors stationed near the Red River, by the Texas/Oklahoma border. Her intention is to drop off this group, and then keep moving.. on to Dallas, and family, if there's any left.



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