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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Kristin Mackenzie

Krysti-Lynn Magnussen

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Real Name: Kristin Mackenzie

Occupation: Farmgirl

Date of Birth: 11/13/1992

Age: 15

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives and Friends: Malcome Mackenzie (Father; unknown), Laura Mackenzie (Mother; deceased), Abigail Renfrew (Aunt; unknown), Joshua Mackenzie (older Brother; deceased), Jacob Mackenzie (older Brother; zombied and killed), Caleb Mackenzie (older Brother; unknown), Ashley Teasedale (Friend; Not sure yet), Randy Teasedale (Ashley's father; unknown), Ian Teasedale (Ashley's Uncle; unknown)

Height: 5'5''

Weight: 151 lbs

Eyes: Jade

Hair: Golden Fire




Appearance: Kristin used to be a cute, wiry little tomboy. After being attacked by Zombies trying to protect her pet goat Chewwy, she gained a good 20 pounds of pure, lean muscle and an incredibly healthy aura. Since being subjected to Hornsbeck`s ministrations, she has changed even further.

Her body has developed in that of a woman, combining a toned physique and lush curves to perfection. Her bronzed skin is utterly flawless, blemish free, and almost glows with good health. Her short blonde hair gleams like golden fire and is always perfectly styled, partially obscuring an eye. Eerily, despite her remarkable, adult figure, her face remains that of a stunning fifteen year old, with huge jade eyes, pointed chin, and fine, mobile features that display her every emotion and thought.

Regardless of what she has done, or had done to her, Kristin always seems to be clean and looking her best, as if she has just left a salon, her appearance unmarred by any damage she has suffered. Even if her clothes get damaged, it only accentuates her good looks as does the occasional smudge that actually forms.

Kristin is unaware of just how good-looking she is or how mature her figure is, she just thinks she looks different and maybe a little prettier.

Personality: Formerly a spunky, exuberant tomboy, this farmgirl has grown more introverted and insular by Zombeggedon and her time in Hornsbeck's Paradise. She is desparately loyal to her friends, perhaps foolishly so. She is very wary around men, but tries to hide it, and hates being restrained or constrained. With her innocence shattered, a hardness and ferocity is growing inside her. Only time will tell if she can recover from her time in Hornsbeck's Paradise.

Known Powers: She is really strong, really tough, really agile, and is disturbingly good-looking jailbait.

Abilities/Special Skills: She possesses a shocking, instinctive mastery of unrefined close combat and athleticism, especially for a young girl.

Background: Kristin had an ideal childhood, growing up on the family farm outside Grants, New Mexico. Despite her small stature, she loved sports and the outdoors, and helped with the farm work as much as her three older brothers. The Zombie plague changed all that.

While havok played in the streets, the Mackenzies, and their nearest neighbors, the Teasedales, stocked up on supplies, and holed up at the Mackenzie farm. For two weeks, they were doing okay, they thought, as they waited for relief from the government or the army; then the zombies came.

They were unprepared for the sheer size of the assault from the zombies, and before they knew it, they were fighting in the large, rambling farmhouse. By the time they got out of the house and blocked the doors, only Kristin, two of her older brothers, her father and aunt Laura, her friend Ashley, and her father and uncle had made it out. Then, the survivors burnt down the house.

They needed to find a safer place to avoid the zombies. They gathered their remaining supplies, taking special care of their crop seeds; if they could find someplace safe, they could rebuild. They butchered some of the hale livestock for extra food and released the rest; perhaps some would survive, or be found by others. With heavy hearts, they headed to the McGaffey Campgrounds in the Mt. Taylor District of the Cibola National Forest.

They were lucky. No one else seemed to have their idea, and they had the out-of-season camping grounds to themselves. Even better, the small confectionary still had some non-perishable foodstuffs, and the two fuel pumps still has gas. They managed to get the generators for the electric hook-ups going, so they even had power. They took over the admin building for their camp. It had beds for staff, and all the facilities they needed. They survived in reasonable comfort for several weeks before the next incident found them.

It was dusk, and Kristin was tracking down her pet goat Chewwy, to get him in for the night, when she blindly ran into a mob pf zombs. The zombs had bore to the ground and started biting before she knew what happened. However, as they bit, she felt herself growing stronger, the bites doing less and less, her wounds rapidly healing. With a surge of strength, she got back to her feet, throwing the zombs several yards away. She fought with a fast and furious skill she had never possessed before, swinging her gun like a club. When that broke, she used her fists to crush skulls, and destroyed zombs as both a melee and ranged weapon. In less than a minute, she had eliminated the mob of zombs. Still in shock, unaware of the tightness of her clothes on her improved physique, she ran back to the camp with incredible swiftness, picking up an idling Chewwy on the way.

At first, the older members of the survivors were concerned and a little frightened of Kristin's new capabilities, but they soon came to the conclusion that in a world with zombies, the unexpected should have been expected. Soon, they were relying on her superhuman abilities.

The younger members of the survivors grew somewhat jealous of Kristin's enhanced physicality, especially her brother Jacob. To him, she seemed smug and to show-off, doing more labour than the rest of the survivors combined, and with less effort. He found it completely unfair that a girl three years younger, a foot shorter, and a hundred pounds lighter could so easily overpower him.

A week after becoming a 'Slayer', Kristin and Jacob were doing a patrol, when Jacob saw his chance. He noticed a single zombie and ran after it, keeping in Kristin's line of fire. By the time she noticed, he was almost at the zombie. She ran after him with her formidable speed, but was too late; by the time she destroyed the zombie with the fire-ax she had started carrying, Jacob had already been bitten. With tears in her eyes, she easily wrangled Jacob back to camp, despite his flailing protests, and secured him in a small storage room. She hoped that he would escape the infection.

Her hope went unfounded, and the following day, she put her own brother to rest, just to make sure no one else even came close to getting infected. In her grief, she was unaware of how nearly everyone else looked at her, with fear and reproach, as if with her powers, she should have been able to stop her brother.

Three days later, the grown-ups had decided to see if they could get some supplies to supplement their rapidly dwindling stores. They said they would check the other farms around Grants, and maybe even the town itself, if it didn't seem too dangerous. They told Kristin that she would stay behind to guard the camp herself, since she was the most capable. They tried to get Ashley to go with them, but to her Father's and Uncle's suppressed dismay, she decided to stay with Kristin. Sharing shadowed looks among themselves, the others left the two teenaged girls, saying they would be back in two days at the latest.

Three days later, Kristin and Ashley were getting worried. Two days after that, dreading what she would find, or not find, Kristin decided to do something about it. She hid their trove of seeds and some of their few remaining extra supplies, and put the rest in the pick-up for her and Ashley. Then they went back to Grants, to look for their family.

Checking their family farms showed nothing, and when they tried to surreptitiously do a drive by through Grants, they came across an armed band of men. At first, they didn't seem hostile, so Kristin asked them about their family members. The armed men said they were at their camp and that they would take the girls to them. Ashley seemed uneasy, but Kristin was willing to believe them.

Kristin only truly realized her error once they were already in the Correctional Facility. She tried to fight, and managed to kill two men and injure several others before they used Ashley as a hostage. Hornsbeck used threats to Ashley to make Kristin acquiesce to whatever he wanted, however repugnant and soul-crushing.

But she had to do it, she was the strong one, the tough one, she had to do whatever she could to save Ashley, even pretend to be weak, because she had failed to save Jacob, and maybe the rest of her family too.

Kristin had found Hell in Hornsbeck's Paradise, and was bound there with chains of her own forging.


Real Name: Ashley Teasedale

Occupation: Farmgirl

Date of Birth: 06/2/1992

Age: 16

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives and Friends: Randy Teasedale (Father; unknown), Ian Teasedale (Uncle; unknown), Kristin Mackenzie (Cousin)

Height: 5' 7 1/2''

Weight: 134 lbs

Eyes: Amber-Brown

Hair: Chestnut, shoulder length

Appearance: Tall and slender, slim hips and a nicely budding figure. She has soft chestnut hair that falls just past her shoulders and warm brown eyes, flecked with gold. She holds herself with a studied, grave assurance, surprising in a girl/woman her age, though her emotions can flash as hot and quickly as any other teenaged girl.

Personality: Her time in Paradise has strengthened her, given her a resilient resolve in the face of tragedy and horror. She has a fierce devotion to her cousin, staying with her when the others planned on leaving her behind. She also hides a fear of abandonment, not sure if she could deal with such a loss again.

Abilities/Special Skills: Nothing of particular note, though she's quite good at riding horses and has trained with firearms since Z-day. She has a knack for finding things out and keeping her own thoughts to herself.

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