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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Kryz'tan Antonescu

Kryz'tan Antonescu

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Appearance: About 5’11” with long hair dark hair that reaches to his waist, and somewhat tanned skin. His eyes a lovely shade of amber, and he really seems quite handsome. He moves with considerable natural grace and agility, and he appears to watch everything that happens in his presence. He usually wears a pair of pistols on a belt, and carries a rifle on his shoulder.

Changes: Before he became what he is now, he was no were near as intelligent or perceptive, nor did he have the vast skills he does. In a few short instances, somehow, he put together everything that he knew before, and somehow seemed to grow mentally to the point of extreme mental knowledge and capability. Kris fully understands what he has become, that he somehow now channels quantum energy, due a several insightful leaps, and experimentation. He’s also more handsome, charming, mentally sharper on all levels, tougher and more dexterous. However, his intelligence is so high now, that he often has a moment of trouble deciding which of the many options available to him that he should take.

Powers: He’s a super intelligent inventor, who can teleport up to 200 kilometers easily, and further with some effort, he can channel his quantum into electricity, powering electrical devices, or shocking anyone who tries to touch him if he doesn’t want them too. He can, and has unleashed bolts of green fire when he needs to use more offensive capabilities. He is also incredibly perceptive,able to view broader aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum then most people. Using his powers causes his body to be surrounded by a aura of what appears to be green fire, a sort of anima banner.


Kryz’tan (Most people think this is Christen, or Christian, but his friends call him Kris) was born to a Romanian family, his parents had immigrated to the united states before he was born, and had eventually ended up in Oklahoma. He grew up with some difficulties, but being very bright he managed to overcome them, and by the time his 17th year rolled around, had been accepted into a collage with a scholarship. He was studying quite a bit, seeking to get a degree in Physics when the Zombie Plague hit.

In short order he found himself trapped in an enclosed area, stuck holding the door shut into a closet, and he wished he was somewhere else.. Suddenly his mind sharpened, and he found himself somewhere else, back at his home in fact, with a killer headache. He also heard a scream, and rushing into the next room, saw his little sister (Andrea) running away from several zombies, and his parents just being killed as they gave his sister a moment to escape, but she wasn’t getting away very fast.

His mind however, at this point, had sharpened considerably, and he had figured out what was going on, in a sudden intuitive snap, though his mind was so sharp that he went though a dozen options in a moment. Acting to save his sister, he held out his hands and unleashed a bolt of green fire that consumed the zombies chasing her, and in a few more moments, he also managed to slay the zombies that were attacking his parents. With their last breath his parents gave his sister to his care, and asked him to get her away, that they were counting on him now.

His mental processes now extended beyond the super genus level, he gathered up his sister, drew on his increased power, and attuned her, then teleported away from the city. Deciding that the safest place for them would be a in the mountains, he teleported them to the Ouachita Mountains, and he has sense raided the cities for what he needed in order to build a stone walls, creating a well protected enclave away from the heavy population centers.

He’s layered the dwelling, and has also raided cities for a lot of extra equipment in order to build an advanced lab, and with his teleportation, he has access to just about anything. For that matter, with his teleportation abilities, and his attunement ability is so strong, that he can attune and teleport people, which is how he’s rescued some of the folks who now live in Sanctuary.

Tanya is a devoted follower of his, a woman he rescued from being devoured by zombies, who is also a scientist, with some training as a nurse. She’s a somewhat attractive woman who is completely in awe of him, if sometimes she finds him a bit alien and disturbing. Her sense of gratitude is such that she’s become his devoted follower, and often works in the lab to help him, or keeps track of his sister when she needs someone to watch her.

He has an ally in another Nova, by the name of Serenity. Serenity is nearly as intelligent as Kris, but in a entirely different direction, despite her distaste for violence and the like, she understands strategy on a level few people comprehend, and she can, with a moments concentration tell what others around her are about to do, and react accordingly (Forsight Mega-Wit's Enhancement). She's also very charismatic, with somewhat limited empathic abilities(she can improve influence emotions only by improving positive ones and decreasing negative ones, she can't shift things the other direction). Though she's not precognitive, her ability to predict events on a strategical and local levels makes it seem as though she is. They are lovers, and only recently Kris proposed to her, making her very happy.

Kris and Serenity now run an enclave containing about 72 folks, containing 34 men, 23 women, 13 children, plus the two of them. He deals with the technical matters, and she tends to deal with the social issues. Long term planning, however, involve both of them, and he listens to her very closely in strategical matters.

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