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Aberrant: 200X - Minerva 'Mainframe' Serena Dorman

Minerva 'Mainframe'

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Name: Minerva Serena Dorman

Nova Name: Mainframe

Concept – Hacker & Cyber Thief turned Nova Hacker, Computer Consulate, & Investigator

Eruption: Revelation

Nature: Explorer

Alliegence: Independent/DeVries



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Minerva may very well be one of the smartest beings on the planet, her mind is like a living computer, processing data even faster then any computer known to man. At a glance she can instantly judge distances, make hyperspeed calculations in an instant, and there is little that she doesn’t know something about. In fact, her shear intelligence and nova nature has allowed her to develop capabilities that few nova’s ever have, simply by her studying the nature of nova existent in general, and her own nature in particular.

Minerva was a thief, and a good one, and not just any sort of thief, but a cyber thief, which allowed her to obtain a great many resources over time. So much so, that after erupting as a nova, she has obtained a degree of wealth unmatched by most individuals on the planet. While she keeps her hand in, and occasionally does work like this even today, this is no longer her focus.

Minerva erupted due to a slow revelation over a few days, while working on hacking into the CIA mainframe simply out of a desire to know more, and during that period her mental processes began to grow faster and faster, though it came with a blinding headache. Far sooner then anyone less intelligent would realize it, she realized exactly what was happening, and disconnected for a time.

She also is deeply attuned to her eufiber colony, and can cause it to do a great many things which allow her considerable versatility in any particular situation. Additionally, she has come to the point of being naturally attuned to quantum forces, so much that she draws in a greater degree of quantum energy then most nova’s do.

On a more personal level, Minerva has learned the to maximize the uses of her node, attunement and eufiber, having developed the skills of weave, channeling and modulate, letting her get far more out of these capabilities then most nova’s even dream about. She also knows just about everything there is to know about computers, and can manipulate them by thought alone, in particular she can alter and reprogram a computer with only a little effort. She has used this particular power to erase much of the data about her that can be found in the world, making her a very difficult woman to find out anything about. She also uses this capability to keep information about her out there to a minimum.

Few people are aware of it, but today, Minerva is a major stockholder in a number of different companies, banks and other financial institutions. She doesn’t wish to hold the position of CEO, or sit on the board of directors in any of them, which is why she keeps her degree of ownership over them to a minimum. On a more unusual level, she also has found herself in a machination or two with other sphinxes, from a distance.

Financially, Minerva is in the enviable position of being a multi-billionare, and having more money then she could possibly spend in several lifetimes. Early on, when she first erupted, she spent a good degree of time seeing just how much money she could make, she bored of it within a few weeks, but during that time she gained a vast degree of wealth. Being a Financial Prodigy, she can make money on a level few others can even dream about, without really giving it much thought, with little effort on her part, thousands of financial calculations pass though her mind faster then a super-computer.

Surprisingly, Minerva works for DeVries, as a computer consultant, investigator and troubleshooter, as well as a researcher and developer with regards to computers. She does this more out of a feeling that she should be doing something with her nova capabilities, then out of a desire for money, and for the challenge of discovering new things. Anna is fully aware that Miranda has vast amounts of money, and the two women regard one another as friends and allies.

She does have a notable feature, in terms of her eyes, her pupils are gone, and her eyes appear to have circuitry embedded in them. A number of folks do find this somewhat disturbing, but it appears to be the only aberration that she has developed.


Minerva ‘Mainframe’ Dorman

Usually going by her first name, Minerva matches her given name on a mental level that is rather amazing. Her Nova name of Mainframe also points toward her extreme levels of intellect, she classes as one of the most intelligent minds on the planet, to Minerva, computers are slow, and genius are stupid. Superhuman levels of perception and wits are also evident, and her she moves with an unconscious grace that indicates her raw dexterity has also moved past human levels, almost as though the need for her body to match her mental speed pushed it there. Mentally, Minerva is beyond human measurements, her intelligence is simply too high for any reliable degree of assessment.

On the level of actual powers, Minerva ‘Mainframe’ has demonstrated control over machines and computers by thought alone, and even to cause any machine to break down and simply fail. Further more, she is a proven telepath, with a natural mental shield against telepathy and other mental powers, those telepaths who had tried her shield say it is like trying to interrupt machine code of a computer. On the offensive level, Minerva possesses an ability to unleash a mental attack powerful enough to kill, should she chose.

Strength: 2

Intellect: 9

Speed: 4

Offense: 5

Defense: 5

Versatility: 7

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Strength OO

- Brawl

- Might

- Throwing

Dexterity OOOOO Nimble || Mega: O

- Athletics OOOOO

- Archery

- Drive O

- Firearms

- Gunnery

- Heavy Weapons

- Legerdemain

- Martial Arts

- Melee

- Pilot O

- Ride

- Stealth OOOOO

Stamina OOOO Enduring || Mega: O

- Endurance OOO

- Resistance OOO

- Channeling OOO

Perception OOOOO Patient || Mega: O

- Artillery

- Awareness OOOOO

- Investigation OOO

- Navigation O

Intelligence OOOOO Brilliant || Mega: OOOOO

- Academics OOO

- Bureaucracy O

- Computer OOOOO

- Demolitions

- Engineering OO

- Gambling O

- Intrusion OOO

- Linguistics

- Medicine O

- Occult

- Science OO

- Survival O

Wits OOOOO Cunning || Mega: OO

- Arts O


- Meditation O

- Modulate OOO

- Rapport O

- Shadowing O

- Tactics O

- Weave OOOOO

Appearance OOOO Cute

- Disguise O

- Intimidation

- Style

Manipulation OOO

- Diplomacy O

- Hypnosis

- Interrogation

- Seduction

- Streetwise O

- Subterfuge O

Charisma OOO

- Animal Training

- Carousing

- Command

- Etiquette O

- Instruction

- Performance O


Attunement OO 5 kg

Allies O Anna DeVries

Backing OOOOO DeVries

Cipher OOOOO Secrets Well Protected

Eufiber OOOOO Most Efficient Eufiber Colony Possible

Follower O Butler – Mr. Keene

Node OO 3rd Istar (Can spend 10 Quantum a Turn)

Resources OOOOO O [Wealth Beyond Avarice]

Merits and Flaws

Secret: Cyber-Thief

Low Pain Threshold

Eufiber Attuned: Level Three

Quantum Recovery: Level Three


Willpower: OOOOO OO

Quantum 4

Quantum Pool: 28 (36 with Eufiber fully charged)

Taint: 4

Aberrations: Abberant Eyes [White Circuitry in eyes, no pupils]

Initiative: 13

Walk: 7m

Run: 18m

Sprint: 38m


Bashing: 5 [13 with Eufiber Charged]

Lethal: 3 [11 with Eufiber Charged]

Health Levels: Bruised, Hurt, Injured, Wounded, Maimed, Crippled, Incapacitated


Mega-Dexterity O

• Enhancements: Cat-Footed

She is agile enough to dodge machine gun fire at close range, run alone a tightrope without losing her balance, and to perform perfect 10 gymnastic routines.

Mega-Stamina O

• Enhancements: Adaptation

She can now shrug off a heavyweight boxer’s best shot, soak damage caused by disease, and is immune to infection via open wounds, ignore penalties caused by the intense heat

found in large fires, is immune to anthrax, cancer and the common cold, and is unaffected by extreme levels of environmental pollution. Besides that, she can go long periods without rest, and healing rates are tripled.

Mega-Perception O

• Enhancements:Body Awareness, Holographic Awareness, Quantum Awareness

She is perceptive enough to make Sherlock Holmes look like an Amateur, can remember the license plate of every car she passed in a parking lot moments after, and can listen to 10 different musical compositions simultaneously and distinguish between them with ease.


Mega-Intelligence OOOOO

• Enhancements: Discerning Mind, Eidetic Memory, Fast Learner, Mathematical Savant, Prodigy (Computer, Financial, Investigative)

She is intelligent enough to make super computers look slow and stupid, she can repeatably beat chess grandmasters only barely paying attention, deduce non-obvious applications for existing technology, predict the actions of baseline humans with ease, distinguish between random static and non-random scrambling upon observation, deduce non-obvious/non-historical events from historical records and events (False information can still throw her off)

Mega-Wits OO

• Enhancements: Hypercognition, Synergy

Her mental processes are fast enough that she can move though a crowd of pedestrians without being touched, and read two books or viewscreens simultaneously. She remains calm and collected even in situations that others would panic in.


Data Corruption [Entropy Control O]: Coming to view all things in the universe as data, she can literally make things breakdown at will, causing the data in their very make-up to corrupt and breakdown. At the moment, she's developed this capability most effectively against machines and devices, it’s not as certain with other aspects.

-Techniques: Breakdown

Data Overload [Mind Blast O]: Gathering her vast intelligence, she can actually overload someone's mind, by pouring in data, concepts and thoughts that their mind simply can't process, this overwhelms their mind and body, and generally can cause them to simply collapse, in fact she can sometimes even overload their minds so much that they take actual physical damage, and this can even kill someone.

Machine Interface [Cyberkinesis OO]: To Minerva, this is simply her capability to interface and control computers and machines at will. She does best with computers, but she can exert herself and control any machine she chooses to with a bit of effort.

• Techniques: Alter Data, Reprogram

Machine Code [Psychic Shield OO]: Her thoughts are no longer organized the way most humans do, she's encased entire groups of memory in machine code, this protects her mind from mind reading, and somehow this ability also protects her from other kinds of mental assaults.

Thought Interface [Telepathy O]: Her mind has developed the ability to interface with human thought on the same level that she can with machines, this gives her incredible levels of ability to uncover and cover up information.

Computational Cellular Structure [body Modification: Dispersed Organs]: Though on the outside she looks as indicated in the picture, Mineva's internal structure is no longer anything remotely human. Instead, her entire body is made of off millions of cellular sized supercomputers, her blood is now mercury and circuitry, electricity flows though her nervous system, and as long as she's not pounded to paste, she can recover from any wound.

Ability Purchase Breakdown

Click to reveal..

15 Freebies

Secret: Ex-Cyber Thief [+3]

Low Pain Threshold [+3]

Eufiber Attuned – Level 3 [-3]

Willpower + 4 [-8]

Quantum Recovery – Level 3 [-3]

Quantum + 1 [-7 pts]

50 NP

4 Attributes + 12 [4 NP]

11 Abilities + 42 [7 NP]

15 Backgrounds + 20 [4 NP]

21 Mega-Perception + 1(Holographic Awareness, Quantum Awareness) [6 NP]

41 Mega-Intelligence + 5 (Computer Prodigy, Eidetic Memory, Mathematical Savant) (One Level Tainted – Raises Taint to 2][20]

44 Mega-Wits + 1 (Hypercognition) [3NP]

50 Cyberkinesis + 2(tainted – Raises Taint to 4)[6NP]

• Techniques: Alter Data, Reprogram

63 XP

[5 | 5 XP ] Mega-Intelligence Enhancement: Financial Prodigy

[5 | 10 XP ] Mega-Intelligence Enhancement: Investigative Prodigy

[5 | 15 XP ] Mega-Intelligence Enhancement: Discerning Mind

[5 | 20 XP ] Mega-Intelligence Enhancement: Fast Learner

[5 | 25 XP ] Mega-Wits OO

[5 | 30 XP ] Mega-Wits Enhancement: Synergy

[6 | 36 XP ] Mega-Dexterity O[Cat-Footed]

[6 | 42 XP ] Machine Code (Psychic Shield OO)

[6 | 48 XP] Thought Interface (Telepathy O)

[6 | 54 XP] Data Overload (Mind Blast O)

[9 | 63 XP] Data Corruption (Entropy Control O)


Experience Breakdown

Click to reveal..
Date            Gain/Lost      Total     Purchase's
November        +7              7
December        +7              14
January         +3              17
February        -6              11       Mega Stamina 1 (w/Adaptation)
February        -4              7        Computational Cellular Structure
                                         [body Modification: Dispersed Organs] 
February        -2              5        Science 2, Engineering 2 
February        -5              0        Mega-Perception Enhancement: Body Awareness
March           +7              7      
March           -2              5        Miscalculated Dispersed Organs Body Mod, 
reduced to one purchase, and subtracted 2 additional XP to Fix.

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