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Aberrant RPG - Tales of Gore and Horror

Vile Bill

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Hey ho. Just thought a new gaming stories thread was a good idea. We've had people bring in da funny, now, how bout we bring in the gory.

You got tales of the most horrific, nasty, unecessarily bloody demises of PC's or NPC's in your games? Points for originality and attention to detail.

I've got a short one here to start it off.

I ran a D&D game at a local Con last month. An all evil group in an adventure called Evil is as Evil Does. Well, as a whole, the game sucked lumpy sewer water, but there were some moments.

One was when the evil dwarven wizard dropped his Polymorph Self spell to reveal his evil majesty to the poor Halfling Thief he had just tricked into giving up the map the party was hunting for. He then whipped out a Phantasmal Killer spell and I rolled for the Halfling's save and up came a 1. Ouch. Screaming in untold horror the Halfling reacted to the nightmare that had been summoned to shatter his little mind. However, his body gave out first. He screamed louder and louder until finally his tiny lungs gave out, imploded and bloody pink chunks came flying out of his mouth like he was a pinata filled with strawberry jam.

Let's hear some horror people!!

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Horror? Now that's one I can do...

In the biggest game I've been in yet, a scenario for All Flesh Must Be Eaten set in 1880 or so, we ended up the only living people in a snowed-in town in the middle of nowhere. When we finally had some idea what we had to do to stop the undead permanently, we started being screwed with. We were all at the bottom of a mineshaft except for our Civil War vet, who was keeping the army from coming in and killing us. Oliver the vet tried to hold them off with a huge dynamite trap, but while he was getting his vision back after the explosion, one of them walked up and shot him in the head. That's when we found out Oliver had been a zombie since he was killed in action.

At the bottom of the shaft, we were setting up more dynamite to bury the Comet Fragment of Evil... and then all of our lamps and torches went out. We got the dynamite lit anyway... and it went out. Then it turned out that my character's daughter had been taken over by what we called the Black Infection, and took the opportunity to kill her mother and try to kill me. We left her and the native guide down there. The guide managed to set off the dynamite... by taking a bunch of sticks in her hand and shooting them. It worked.

My daughter dug herself out and tried to kill the group's priest as he was finishing the ritual to take the life out of the remaining zombies. I shot her.

We won. Survivors from the original six: the cowardly urban doctor who never missed a single gunshot all night and barely got hurt, the now-unstable priest, and the undead army trooper, aka the King of Botches.

And we were still snowed in in the middle of nowhere with no supplies.

Truly a great game.

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