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Aberrant RPG - Mega-Strong Titan (Incomplete)


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I never had big plans or ambitious schemes. Not that I was stupid or anyway- despite the mocking nicknames of Dumb Robbie that everyone gave to me in elementary- but I didn’t want to be the president of the freaking USA or a Nobel Prize winner. It was perfectly fine in my opinion, and my desire, to be nothing more than an ordinary guy. I suppose you might add crazy to the list, but to hell with you. I have a short tolerance for people being a pain in my ass.

And then one day in college, I was just another lazy college student finishing a Chinese buffet dinner in a small storefront restaurant. The bill comes, to the tune of fifty dollars of pop, and I forget my damn wallet. Can you believe it? The waiter didn’t, or else the establishment has had that kind of problem with other college guys, because he gets angry and the manager refuses to let me go get the money, though I’m serious. In fact, he goes for the phone to call the police.

I get upset, man, who wouldn’t want to get arrested? I’m getting a migraine in my head as this goes on, and as I go to leave, loudly proclaiming that I’m going to get the freaking money, the waiter dude gets in my way and the migraine reaches an agonizing height. I growl and push him away.

Or at least I thought that’s what I did. Right before my eyes, he goes flying back, and before I realize what’s happening, several loud crashes and smashes are heard, as he goes through the wall. And damn it, the moment, where I cut loose on the guy, it felt like I was releasing a whole lot of tension. It felt good.

It also freaked the hell out of me at the time.

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