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Are there any WoD forums that you guys would recommend?

There was one once called 'Dark City Project', but that link comes up dead these days and it's not even listed on google anymore.

There's another, a forum RPG called World of Darkness: New York, although I've never really looked at it despite it being buried in my bookmarks for over a year now. It's still running, but I'm not sure how active it is.


(Just had a quick look, and it has a lot of posts dated second half '07, so it should be a relatively safe bet)

Trawling through my bookmarks, I don't think there are many... In fact, a large majority of my bookmarks of these kind of sites are dead. ::sad

However, I wouldn't recommend looking at 'Infinite Spirit' (anarch.org) as that's been hacked. You can see right on the front page, but looking at it, that site may have been inactive for months, even years, unless the hacker has wiped the archives out. ::angry



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