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Aberrant: Nexus 1.0.0

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The Nova Age is filled with wonders and horrors, yet it is only a brief season on a tiny blue planet. There is much more of the Aeon Continuum for intrepid novas to explore. The stars beckon them to find new worlds and life unlike any found on Earth. Parallel universes draw them to explore Earths where history went differently - sometimes dramatically so - from that of their own.  Both past and future time periods tempt them to lose themselves in either simpler times or brighter tomorrows. All of these unknown territories lie open for novas to discover, but at what cost to the world and civilization they will leave behind?

Aberrant: Nexus provides the means for Storytellers to expand their chronicles to the stars, other times, parallel universes and beyond. The risks and rewards of extrasolar space exploration are examined, as are the threats such explorers could encounter.  Guidelines for engaging in time travel are provided, along with exposés of those figures whose actions most strongly shape the timeline. Crossover mechanics to bring Aberrant characters into Adventure! and Trinity are established. Mysteries of both noetic and quantum space are probed. Finally, the secrets of the Doyen - one of the most potent alien threats to novakind and humanity alike - are revealed.

The doorway is open. Will you step through or be left behind?

Also included in this download is the font for Vox Deus, which can be used with Aberrant: The New Flesh

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I was searching for some material for a Trinity game and discovered this existed. I am really pleased with the document. As I read it I saw a lot of inventive and fun new ideas and ways to work with one of my favorite settings and systems. A lot of useful insights into Max Mercer and Divis Mal as well as a really useful timeline. I almost wish we could get a little work on the 1970's and 1980's that were teased here. I likely wont use much of this in my upcoming game but it certainly gets added to my files as a useful tool and I can't wait to bring in some of the ideas.


A few suggestions were a little out there for me and what I'd like to do but I can think of a few people who would really enjoy them and use them. It certainly gives a lot of good ideas and some interesting new rules to crunch on. 


Overall really solid and only a few minor complaints that amount to "I wouldn't have done it that way" Very solid.

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Thank you for you hard work, I really appreciate the additional options


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