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    I was searching for some material for a Trinity game and discovered this existed. I am really pleased with the document. As I read it I saw a lot of inventive and fun new ideas and ways to work with one of my favorite settings and systems. A lot of useful insights into Max Mercer and Divis Mal as well as a really useful timeline. I almost wish we could get a little work on the 1970's and 1980's that were teased here. I likely wont use much of this in my upcoming game but it certainly gets added to my files as a useful tool and I can't wait to bring in some of the ideas. A few suggestions were a little out there for me and what I'd like to do but I can think of a few people who would really enjoy them and use them. It certainly gives a lot of good ideas and some interesting new rules to crunch on. Overall really solid and only a few minor complaints that amount to "I wouldn't have done it that way" Very solid.
  1. Hey all I was never sure where to put this. But maybe some one here can help me find a home for it. I was in a Trinity game where I played a Vitakinetic named Mark. Mark was an academically minded veterinarian before getting dunked. He was very competent and scientific and orderly like a doc Rex should be. The thing was he was more interested in animals then humans as patients. So he got shipped off to Port-au-Prince. (the setting for the game was Haiti and we needed to have weird reasons to be there beyond being born there). It was fun playing such a guy surrounded by holistic healers. The amusing RPing was constant thanks to a Storyteller with a sense of comedic timing you wouldn't believe. Well over the period of the game I kept thinking. Mark is a serious vet and while that leaves the door open for a thought about Iatrosis. In the book its fairly vague if it works on none humans (I.e. animals) well I figured Mark if anyone would try. My Storyteller of course insisted on more then say difficult rolls and such. Over time, and much experience, we worked out an alternate Iatrosis for animals. One that more works for the needs of a Vet then a Doc. It was fairly focused but fun so here it is Animal Iatrosis- *Detect Injury- Kirlian Eye is useful even for animals. If you know what to look for. But it remains in the end that Vets are at a disadvantage they don't really know all that ales an animal even with Psi. With this technique a Vet can touch an animal and wash it with psi scanning it for injuries with this knowledge act appropriately. It essentially works on the basic idea of what Iatrosis is all about repair and by forcing psi through this it can find the injuries and ailments and highlight them for a Vet. Theoretically this can be used on more then animals. System: spend one psi and roll Psi score. Each success gives a better idea to the Vet about aliments in an animal and what cuases them. This can then translate into -1 or -2 on difficulties for treating the animal or an extra success on a Iatrosis roll. ** Cleanse- Parasites are a real problem for animals and people. They spread disease and can do substantial damage. With this application a Vet has a unique tool against fleas, ticks, manage, and more. Taking just a little time a Vet can focus a sort of cleansing wave over the animal cleaning it of all dangerous microbes and forcing parasites to be expunged. They can come back but for a while at least the animal is cleaned totally. If an owner takes good care of the beast Cleanse can work miracles with prevention and protection. A side effect is that the animal appears naturally more healthy with a full thick coat of fur or feathers or scales with a nice luster. System:spend one psi and roll psi score. After a period of ten mineuts in game time for a horse sized animal the creature is totally clenased of all microbes. It is easier to ahndle +1 to all animal handlign roles, all medicinal tretaments, such as surgery, are at a +2 effect and it just looks mroe healthy then before (role playing option HO!) *** Vaccine- An outgrowth of antitoxin Vaccine very usefully removes diseases from an animal healing them and cleaning infection. Working with some care a vet can make a sick animal much more healthy which makes farmers and owners very happy. Toxins are also applicable. An odd side effect was found that with a only minor concentration the animal becomes immunized for a a period of time against the disease it was cleansed of. Theoretically this could work on a human. System: spend 2 psi and role psi score this works much like antitoxin use the charts found in Trinity pg 229 only it will nto work on anythign iht a toxin rating of four or five (Distemper is a toxin of 3) if a Vet spends 1 willpower and concetraits for twice as long on the animal the animal is immune to reinfection from this aprticualr disease for one month per point in the Vet's psi score and made immune to msot other diseases for a period of a day per 1/2 the vet's psi score roudned down **** Repair- Repair can heal most types of damages on an animal making them healthy and active again. Seen as the most useful of all powers at the time of its creation farmers were clamoring for its use. Resetting bones, healing lacerations on prize animals, even repair cellular mutation. Repair makes an animal healthy for its age and fully active it can even with a little work remove congenital problems. As was seen with a golden retriever with hip dysphasia. System: spend three psi and concetrait for one hour. even one success will make the animal more healthy and acitve open wounds sealing and broken bones mending much mroe quickly (read Lethal Damage healing time is cut in half) with three success the animal has all its wounded healed, becomes helathy and active and generally has its temper imprved also its life expectancy increases by a year or two with five success congeneital problems are permentaly removed and any children the animal sires or gives brith to will not carry or have the congential problem... its been wiped from the animal's genetic code. ***** Bolster- Even Mark didn't see this outgrowth coming. not really. Bolster works with the idea of Repair and was at first theorized in its use as a way to regenerate more easily for a vet who cant; very well spend hours holding an animal. Bolster takes lesstime though it has an odd long term effect. It seems to repair and aid genetic information inside an animal. Making the animal more lively and active and all around healthy. It actually expands the lifespan of an animal meaning an animal doesn't age as quickly and lives longer and healthier. Not only that but if used at the right time (at most two months before mating season) it ensures all offspring from that animal has the best genetic information from the parent. Put on both parent organisms a child is born with all the genetic advantages. Needless to say this technique was highly sought after and well paid for. It saved Port-au-Prince's funding one year with some well applied applications of itself. So far experiments have found few problems with this technique but all things need to die eventually that's natural and its possible mental decay could occur if it is used to much on animals to take them live too long. Effects on humans have yet to be tried but the assumption is that it would work wonders. System: Spend four psi points and a point of will power spending ten mineuts of game time wth the animal touching it. Then role psi score with a number of automatic success equal to half the Iatrosis rating rounded down. In general the effects are up the storyteller with this one but pretty much see above for agood idea what it can do. Its obvious it works some serriosus wonders. The animal is more healthy, active, atrracitve, helpful, and congenial, a better pet and such. Also its progeny will be healthier and more idealized if as mentioend before this is enacted a short while before mating season (giving the animal's body time to prepare). No this wont work on an animal that has been neutered or is sterile... or will it... you all decide The in game effects were really useful in the long run. Port-au-prince lost its funding but with a little travel in the country and some nice use of all of these techniques Mark was able to bring in a lot of money. The techniques in game, and if you accept these rules then I suppose in your world too, were made available for all Docs at Port-au-Prince. Mark also wrote a few papers and the AEon trinity sponsored a lecture tour and paid for some training of its own docs. This means the techniques while rare are vailed for those who look for it. Sadly since this originated in Port-au-Prince there is a stigmatism attached to it. Proxy Zweidler has barely noticed it and when brought up he tends to associate it with the holistic healers. This means anyone trained in VetVita as it can be called tends to get at best odd looks and at worst out right derision. Even very scientifically minded docs are put into the Sham camp if they are found to be users of this talent... opinions?
  2. A little update for everyone. I talked to DW earlier today at lunch. DW likes to throw really powerful foes at his players but also likes character development and interesting characters. Hard balance to hit with some. Anyway he was surprised cause I was the first to respond to all this. With a character idea and general thoughts on powers and an eruption story. Anyway apparently he did some checking with his plan for the story and his designed foes and stuff (he's been planning this for a while which is why we are putting our other aberrant game on hold) Anyway he's decided that all character will get 40 Nova Points instead of 30 and willpower will start at 4 (*wicked cackle of glee* no wait just thought about that... yeah this could be trouble) which is nice and he'll also be liberal with awards for intriguing character concepts. We yakked on some other stuff and then I brought up a specific question of mine namely weaknesses. I love that mechanic despite its problems and I wanted to add a few. DW ruled a No on enhancements being weakened. Long story of why. He did say that if I wanted to I could decide all my mega attributes were dependent on a power they could still be active at all times (except when dorm'ed down of course) but they could never be higher then this specified power and activation costs for enhancements would be doubled if said power was not active [here he was obviously thinking of such powers as body morph and force field and such which last for a nice period of time) if I agree to all that I get a free enhancement... not sure if its worth that though. He liked my Quantum Bolt as dependent idea though [i argued that one well I think] the essential weaknesses being it cant be activated unless in body morph, and can never be higher then my body morph score and its very possible he may require me to have finite shots of the bolt to fit the character concept better [as in since Pedro is depleted uranium his deadly radiation bolts can only be done so many times... like six shots and then I cant use that attack as he has exhausted his power... I brought up the idea... no idea why] so Quantum Bolt is now priced as a level 1 power and if I add an enhancement it will cost that of a level 2 Armor and Invulnerability only are activated when Bodymorph is on but he stood firm that this isn't enough of a weakness to lower costs... I would tend to agree really... actually this is starting to sound like a rather fun character... he has some odd weaknesses but that can add to some harrowing stories where he overcomes the weakness and acts truly 'heroic'... considering DW's style it will come up... sorry if this adds confusion to the mess... just felt I would update...
  3. *nods* okay cool these are some great suggestions. thanks. You do tend to come up with some good ones. I sorta like the density increase from the core book but the players guide one does have its charms. I'm of two minds there. I'll talk to DW and see what better fits his game.... right then thanks!
  4. Okay so we're once more starting a game of Aberrant (we do that a lot) so I wanted some thoughts on a character before I start making him Pedro Alejandro "Alec" Gomez aka Metallurgy Essentially Pedro is a rather short small fry Hispanic guy with an attitude. American citizen and he's attending a University in the states with a major in Finances. He has anger management issues some might say. Anyway One day Pedro was near the highway when some idiot left their kid unattended. The small child wandered into traffic and a speeding truck was about to hit him. Pedro leaped out and pushed the kid to safety but the truck was going to crush him instead. Well that's when his M-R Node erupted and he became a Nova. His central powers revolve about the fact his eruption turned him into Depleted Uranium. (Bodymorph... I love that power) Essentially he is a super dense while in that form he is also extremely durable and has some minor super strength. Also since he is uranium (even depleted) he can create small focused bursts of radiation. Since he is depleted he can;t do immolate or something like that so he isn't a walking radiation health hazard (though with enough taint...) but his Quantum Bolts are radiation etc. So I figured High mega stamina (Hardbody, Resliency, and durability) some mega strength, Body morph with a lot in Density Increase maybe also Armor (more the armor turns on when he body morphs I'll pay for the armor separately), Quantum Bolt to reflect his radiation power (maybe with the Armor piercing or the Burning extra... not married to the idea though) and maybe mega perception to reflect his ability to sense and feel radiation (UV sight, High End Electromagnetic scan, Quantum sight) possible other powers are Invulnerability (Radiation), Claws, and ESP (which reflects an ability to sense things through radiation and metal... or maybe that's better reflected with Blindfighting in mega perception ) 30 Nova points but we get rewards for ingenious power and character ideas... I kinda thought Depleted Uranium would be interesting... also some of his Enhancements from a thematic perspective should only work when in his Depleted Uranium state... how would you all recommend I reflect this in a game mechanics method? Obviously the weakness rules in the players guide (pgs141-143) are wonderfully useful (in their own limitedway) but they aren't made for Mega Attribute Enhancements how should I go about making conversions.... I have an idea or two but I would love to hear the forum's views.
  5. I am sure this has been said SOMEWHERE... but I don't wanna go looking for it right now. Cause I am a lazy person. Anyway. my question is about Invulnerability Is it like Armor as in always active... Armor says that in its description but one could make the argument they just forgot. I mean its sorta implied. After all what use is invulnerability if you have to take time to activate it and such? At the same its such a powerful little power shouldn't it cost something? so what's the stance out here? is it always active or only active at certain times? both have their merits.. and no cop out answers like "its the story teller's choice" or "when it fits the game thematic"....
  6. ooops I thought this was going into generla discussion better fix it
  7. I am sure this has been said SOMEWHERE... but I don't wanna go looking for it right now. Cause I am a lazy person. Anyway. my question is about Invulnerability Is it like Armor as in always active... Armor says that in its description but one could make the argument they just forgot. I mean its sorta implied. After all what use is invulnerability if you have to take time to activate it and such? At the same its such a powerful little power shouldn't it cost something? so what's the stance out here? is it always active or only active at certain times? both have their merits.. and no cop out answers like "its the story teller's choice" or "when it fits the game thematic"....
  8. hmmm an interesting idea.... suppose I could weaken it a bit with the rational that he needs to be bodymorphed... nice thought I'll check with Grant and see... though I've made some great modifications now and Spark is looking very good. Can't believe I didnt think of all this... you know I bet I could call it Bioelectric Drain...
  9. true veyr true as you ahve pointed out... okay then.... hmm true your right he is 18 that's why I didnt increase his abilities more and more worked on his attributes. I wanted to reflect all the potential he has. You make a good point though why not jack it up? He's already a fairly above normal character in some regards... a little fiddling and he still surpasses some and has that nice Q boost... in other words the freebie points in this case more reflect his potential not anything he put work into. a good way to say it and just what I was thinking. In this case his abilities come form his new more intimate knowledge and the energy flashing through his brain at eruption opening up neural pathways were information was stored that he never used. Half remembered facts and things. Kevin though is the confident sort who doesn't feel the need to exceed or impress others. Her prefers to be his own self. This thinking has made him a pit of a procrastinator as he is not as inspired to excel. On the other hand he doesn't search for other's good opinions. Valid point on abilities. Well Kevin wears jeans, sandals, a white t-shirt, and a simple leather jacket most places. I figured with attunement 1 that could be what he wears when he changes. He's still fashionable its just his type of fashion. But I'll think about this. I also have node 2 already. I think Immoliate would work well and I like it. I was thinking of adding it later on in game play though. Just as you said QC on steroids. I have attunement 1 already... I think I'll increase it a slight bit and drop the dormancy by a dot.
  10. well thanks glad you approve. Maybe you can use it too. Its a ncie house rule to help thematics. thanks again Something to keep in mind I suppose. Yeah I think thats a good enough argument to make. hmm but will efficiency sacrifice good characterization? okay thats a valid point! it makes some sense. Kevin had more potential genetically. Would this be reflected in anyway before he erupted? good math *nod* but WHY are his freebies tied up in Quantum? what during his baseline life caused him to have high Q and not study other things why is his potential tied into this? Grants nit picky about freebie point spending and I'd like to give him a fair answer. hmm well I could argue his eruption caused him to gain greater insights into machines increasing his general knowledge and opening up memories and nerve pathways that he just hadn't developed the electrical energy allowing him greater understanding. Okay that's some nice math too. Though I am sorry to see the -2 Taint go. I thought that taint annoyance would be fun. Though on the other hand Taint ain't good to have and maybe I can use it to decrease costs other places... such as bodymorph... Grant wanted some ideas for aberrations that made sense of the characters (just suggestions he'll make final choices once that permanent taint rolls around) one of them is that Spark becomes blue permanently. hmmm you know I never thought of that! wow good point! hmm should I put the other BMP in Flight for a Flight of 2 or into something else. At this point Spark is looking like the back up of the group. His powers more useful for getting bystanders out of the way and acting in defense surprise mode. To hear the way the others have talked at least. So Spark seems to be acting as a helper to the bigger tough guys... intermediary between attack and defense... it works with hsi character. He tends to be the level headed logical one of the group. When not snarking. Yeah I'll admit I bought the second dot in TK for coolness. sorta had the diea of if a tower is falling and a few innocents are inside Spark flies up to save them using his TK to grab one and break his fall and breaking the fall of the other two by grabbing them and floating down to earth. I was perhaps not thinking. hmmm but with more Node comes high taint and the threat of mental aberrations. Okay though you make a good point there. yeah I like it for his character it makes some sense for him and reflects his over all powers well. That's why I hesitate to remove it. Terrible power but GREAT to give flavor... the old Tastes great less filling debate.. well I was willing to do the willpower sacrifice it again would reflect his powers well and where some of his development would go. I didnt think of this logistic though and you make a VERY good point. On the one hand I like it for development and to reflect something of his powers and eruption but in this case utility may have to come into play... thanks Yeah that's a valid point yet again. The boost was for the sake of his powers and such. He doesn't exactly have strong combat abilities outside of his bolt. 1 dot in martial arts after all. but yeah that's a valid point.... FF is a GREAT idea. It really reflects a lot of him his powers and I think would work extremely well. THANKS! hmmm *nods* very true. I had my reasons for why he rejects eufiber. details really. But essentially. his quantum pool and power revolves around electricity. More so then most. When his QP is recharging he is essentially drawing in ambient electricity and bioelectricity. which QR reflects when he is in the right place for enough time. The problem is the eufiber is to sensitive to this. Even if he were at full power the eufiber would get damaged by this ambient drain age field... eventually like at around Taint 8 or so this would be a great aberration I think sort of a kill living things by draining their bioelectricity... hey gotta think ahead... as for Mega Stamina. well I like it but again it doesn't really reflect the character well. Wits is Kevin/Spark's primary attribute and seeing how confident he is in his own nature and who he is I felt the eruption in his particular case would jack up some of his strengths a bit more then usual. You make an excellent case for FF and I think I can see where that would work in well with his powers. Hmmm okay again good points. I think a little FF is just what the doc ordered and it really works with his character... these are some great ideas Mr. Green and you argue the case well. thank you
  11. well sometimes it needs to be broken. Grant is cool with breaking a system when it needs to be broken. But he wants an argument of why. His theory, and in fact the theory of most of our gaming buddies is that if you can explain why your character can do something and make it reasonable that will stymie abuse. Besides sometimes you need a good character or good story not a good system.
  12. Thank you. Yeah the Storyteller cackled a little bit when he read the background. I am slightly worried but intrigued about the possibilities. My problem with expecting him to fudge it is that he already fudged things a bit with the Weakness thing I believe. I really do have to think of the fairness to the group now. I'll talk to Grant tomorrow and see what he says. On the other hand if I make a good argument I suppose I could convince him if not I need to find one or two things that can be cut...
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