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Around the Web on February 25th

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Around the Web on February 25th

RPG For Charity

Drivethrurpg.com has another relief bundle available, this time for victims of the Christchurch NZ earthquake. This Bundle is a great value for a great cause. Included are the Supernatural (tv series) role-playing game and Scion: Hero, each about $20.00 on their own. I bought the Haiti one and while not everything in it was a winner, there is enough good stuff to make it worth your donation.

Star Wars Character Triumphs

This image is a fun infographic of character triumph in Star Wars, between episodes V and VI.


Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim official trailer is out. Is it Max Von Sydow narrating? Check it out Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim


Sucker Punch

Led Zepplin's When the Levee Breaks plays behind amazing visuals and non-stop action for a film that geeks are excited about. But I wonder how it will do for the mainstream audiences. It looks great.

Oscar FX

IO9.com has up a bunch of FX reels from Oscar-nominees. The Oscars have long since stopped exciting me; the more I love movies, the less important they seem. But I always love a good-special effect reel and/or a behind the scenes look at how the magic is performed. Maybe that is why I am enjoying the new series Face Off on SyFy. . A bunch of make up/special effects artists compete to be The One, or something like that. Some cool stuff, some bad stuff, and a little soap opera like all reality shows.


Torchlight is not a new game. It is however coming out for the XBOX Live Arcade next month. If you need a Diablo-like game to tide you over until Diablo 3 is released, Torchlight is it.

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Diablo 3


Superman: Reboot, or whatever it is called, has apparently signed on Kevin Costner to play … someone. Superman is just not a good character for cinema, especially in these modern age. He is a omnipotent god, except for the kryptonite thing, and magic, and with a morality in stark contrast to the utilitariansim of Batman. That could just be my bias, but I feel like Superman is not interesting, not layered, not complex enough to work as a movie, especially with the hundreds of other angsty, flawed chracters coming to the screen.


I think this movie, Catfish, makes perfect sense to recommend here. But it is not a superhero movie or an RPG movie, nor despite what the trailer hints at, a suspense/thriller/Hitchcock slick. I won't tell you what it is, except very well done and likely to engender conversation. If I told you why I think it is relevant here, I feel like I would be giving too much away. Chosen and I have already spent a ton of time discussion it. Watch it and let us know what you think.

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Introducing 011, a game and art project combined

A pre-release notice and general introduction to 011 a new board game is up at boardgamegeek. It doesn't come out until October but it looks exciting. Steampunk and mysticism, a heavy metal band, Therion, is tied into it and the art work is the kind of stuff I love, cursive script and ink on sepia. Has anyone played some of the other games from Scibabs, including Star System and Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas?

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