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World of Darkness: Glimpses of Darkness - [Profile] Ian Goldberg


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Ian Goldberg

Ian Goldberg is, to look at his background, boring. His parents owned an accounting firm in Juno, Alaska before retiring early and moving to Costa Rica. An only child, he dropped out of high school due to a lack of interest. After getting his GED, he moved to Las Vegas to ‘escape the snow’. Ian makes his own way in life; after reading Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, he began to research aliens. The more he read, the more concerned he became. Gradually, Ian realized that there were aliens, and they were not friendly.

His life became dedicated to warning people about the dangers the aliens offered. He has given everything to fighting the aliens, and the sinister government who denies and hides their existence. He’s driven, and that blinds him to anything else. He currently lives out of his car, buying shower and the occasional couch-time from Derek, a ‘friend’, by stealing porn for him.

Personality: Ian is rude and condescending to women, treating them like baby-makers. He also tends to be dismissive to other men, even in the best of times. His focus tends to be on finding and combating the aliens, and he doesn’t waste time on social graces.

Philosophy: Ian doesn’t believe in the fidelity of people anymore. They can’t be trusted; best to not get attached to them. He’s not attached to Derek; they have a business arrangement. The government is even worse. They’re lying to everyone, covering up all sorts of things, like aliens and cars that get 100 mpg. Ian’s goal is to make them pay for being secretive jerks.

Appearance: Ian is usually unkempt; living out of a car makes things a bit hard for him to maintain his appearance. The occasional odd computer job he picks up has allowed him to make some money for trucker showers, and Derek is pretty cool with him imposing on him so long as Ian keeps the fetish porn rolling in. Ian doesn’t really care about his appearance all that much. So while he doesn’t smell, he is usually dressed in wrinkled clothes. He tends to dress with clothes found at the Salvation Army, and they are usually wrinkled and mussed – Ian has a definite ‘chic homeless’ look going. Oddly, it suits him. The exception to this is a suit he takes great care of, storing it in a garment bag which hangs in his backseat.

Equipment: Large car (Cadillac), laptop computer, several changes of clothes, one suit

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