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Mutants & Masterminds: StarGate Freedom - [NPC] Devon Carson

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Devon Carson - Osahar

Description – Devon’s appearance is best described as ‘raw’. His grooming is often haphazard; he doesn’t smell bad, but stubble and disheveled, uncombed hair is his normal look. Devon doesn’t go out of his way to fight this look; privately, he recognizes it as a benefit. So he dresses the part too, in dark, close-fitting clothes that accentuate his lean frame. He’s in good shape and looks it, with a lean ‘swimmer’s physique’. Hours of working in the sun on construction sites has given him a permanent tan.

Other traits (ticks, habits, mannerisms) – Devon tends to curse, and when agitated, he’ll pull his own hair.

History – Devon was born to a poor Irish Catholic family living in London. The middle child of nine children, he was largely left to fend for himself and find his own way. While his basic needs were met, this lack of attention left him fiercely independent and devoted to finding his own path. He broke with his family, his Church – even his people, remaining behind in London when his parents returned to Eire.

As a teen, he was a terror. He ran with a group of trouble makers, fighting and having ‘fun’. He passed high school, but only barely. Fighting and chasing girls were far more interesting than school. However, he found he had a knack for building things, and was able to secure a job as a construction worker with a friend of his, so the lack of education never bothered him. He learned some carpentry and general skills, then was selected to replace his boss’ electrician. As he grew older, he mellowed and became a model employee.

Then he met Betty. He knew she was the one from almost the start; he fell for her like he had no other woman. [betty will be detailed later, as I’d like a PC to step into this spot.] Love and devotion couldn’t protect him from messing up, and Betty broke up with him. Since, Devon has sunk into a deep depression.

Personality – Devon is best described as ‘vigorous’. Devon feels a great deal, and he feels it deeply and often. His mood can shift with the speed of a striking snake, going from happy to sullen to enraged easily. Everything he does is done to the fullest; at the top of his lungs or with wide swings of his arms. He doesn’t doubt himself very often. He’s very outgoing, but in a rough, socially graceless way. He’s the one at the party who would slap you on the back and ask after you one-night stand in front of your in-laws. But he’s a good-hearted man, one who would give you a place to sleep after you started a fight and he had to punch you out. If you can handle his loud laughter, inappropriate jokes and sudden mood swings, he’ll be the best friend you’ll ever have.

Attributes – Devon is strong and tough, and smarter than he pretends to be. His brusque nature tends to put people off, but he can be likeable enough to have friends.

Skills – Devon’s good at putting things together, and he’s good at scaring people. Beyond that, he has moderate skills in a variety of abilities.

Feats/Other – Devon is good at fighting, and he enjoys it. He likes to take his opponents down with strong, overwhelming attacks.

Click to reveal.. (Character Sheet (Optional))
Strength - 15 (+2)
Dexerity - 12 (+1)
Constitution - 17 (+3)
Intelligence - 13 (+1)
Wisdom - 13 (+1)
Charisma - 10 (+0)

Attack Bonus - 4
Defense Bonus: - 3

Toughness Save +3
Fortitude Save +7
Reflex Save +3
Will Save - +3

Acrobatics - 0
Bluff - 2
Climb - 2
Computers - 3
Concentration - 3
Craft: Wood-working - 3
Craft: Electrician - 5
Diplomacy - 0
Disable Device - 3
Disguise - 0
Drive - 3
Escape Artist - 1
Gather Information - 0
Handle Animal - 2
Intimidate - 4
Investigate - 1
Knowledge: Local Culture - 3
Knowledge: Sports - 3
Medicine - 3
Notice - 5
Pilot - 0
Profession: Electrican - 5
Ride - 0
Search - 1
Sense Motive - 1
Sleight of Hand - 0
Stealth - 1
Survival - 3
Swim - 2

Ambidexterity - no ranks
Attack Specialization - no ranks – Unarmed Attacks
Distract - 1
Power Attack - no ranks
Equipment - 3
Startle - no ranks

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