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Mutants & Masterminds: Legacy - Issue#1 Combat Tracker


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Once we get into combat I'll keep order of intiative and other important notes updated in this thread.

Failed poweractivation rolls:

Centurion 2 Fatigued

MegaGirl 2

Echo 2

Watchwoman 1

Djane 1

Hype 1

Tessa 1

Each failed roll increases the DC for another activation roll by 1.

Thanks to CC the despair debuff has been countered. As long as he maintains it and you stay within his reach you are immune to the effect caused by the pyramid and the demon.



Hype 50

TK 28

Demon 21

MegaGirl = 19

WatchWoman = 13

Djane = 10

Echo = 9

Celestial Centurion = 8

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