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Mutants & Masterminds: Legacy - HP/PP Tracker and Rewards


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There are three possible ways I'll reward the PCs depending on what has been achieved and what I think would make a good story.

Heropoints will be rewarded during the sessions for GM Fiat and heroic actions on your behalf. End of stories will always reward you at least one Heropoint.

Powerpoints will be rewarded at less regular intervals. Some stories may only end up with you getting Heropoints and no Powerpoints. Powerpoints in general advance your PCs and are a key motivation. Please also remember that with your advancement I have to increase the villains points to in order to keep the game challenging.

Lastly - storyrewards. Like in the comics sometimes something strange happens to a PC and changes a lot in his life. Whether it's an increase in power or the loss of powers or a total change of how his/her powers work. I'm looking at this mechanic too, and already have a few storyideas that are based around this matter. I'm not out to screw your PC up, though. Some changes may be permanent, others maybe just for the duration of an issue or two. That'll be totally up to how inspired I can get. You are invited to provide me with ideas via PM and I'll try to implement that in stories.

Some stories are going to be heavily focused on one or two PCs. I will try to give everyone such focus so things stay fair overall.

If you got questions - just ask OOCly.

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Issue #0 Rewards:

Everyone gets one Heropoint for the end of the Prelude.


Heropoint Tracker

Watchwoman 3

MegaGirl 2

Tessa 3

Echo 5

Hype 1

Djane 1

Nixx 2

Morgania 2

Celestial Centurion 3

Aeonian 4


Power Points rewards Issue #1:

3 Each

Power Points rewards Issue #2:

12 Each - Campaign PL raised to 13

Power Points rewards Issue #3:

5 PP Each

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