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[Scion] Callum O'Connell

Callum O'Connell

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Birth Name: Callum O’Connell

Nick Names: Cal

Aliases: None

Calling: Jack-of-all-trades party boy

Known Relatives: None

Nature: Libertine

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: Irish

Nationality: American

Height: 6’

Weight: 185 lb.

Eye Color: Bright Green

Hair Color: Auburn

Distinguishing Marks: Callum has a number of unique tattoos on his body. He has a stylized “tribal” dragon on his upper right arm, He has an open rose (in black ink) on his left wrist and the stem warps around his arm traveling up to wrap around a heart on his upper arm (also in black ink. The heart is pierced by one of the thorns and is shedding a single drop of blood in red ink.

Appearance: Callum is an attractive young man with a strong, well-defined musculature without being muscle-bound. His hair is short cropped and he always wears it in the latest style; his skin is unblemished (aside from his tattoo). He wears the latest fashions and could easily make a career in the modeling world.

Personality: Callum is generally a likeable person. He is friendly, playful and loyal to his friends and is good at getting what he wants from people. That said, he has a vicious tongue and is more than willing to use it against the people he doesn’t like or those that annoy him; he is more than willing to stand up to bullies and his enemies. His goal in life is to enjoy it to the fullest while doing as little “work” as possible.

Interests: Aside from partying and sex, Callum enjoys drawing and is a patron of the arts (or rather he charms his sugar daddies into being said patrons). He loves dancing in all its forms and is a devoted gym bunny. In truth, Callum’s other interests wax and wane with his mood and what the popular fads of the day are.

History: Born in the late 80’s Callum grew up in Southie, the Irish Catholic neighborhood in Boston with his mom and stepfather (who were married shortly after Callum was born). While growing up his mother never spoke about his biological father and his stepfather took every opportunity to remind the boy that he wasn’t his father; that he never would have had such an “addlebrained” and unruly kid. When Callum’s “girlishness” became evident as he grew up relations between him and his stepfather worsened and when he was 15 he ran away from home.

Callum first lived on the streets for Boston, learning to survive before hopping a freight train and didn’t care where it was going. He traveled the roads and rails picking up whatever he could learn and doing what it takes to survive before circumstance (or fate) brought him back to Boston 5 years later. He found himself outside his old family home but it took him 3 days to gather up the courage to knock on the door.

Callum’s reunion with his mother was somewhat bittersweet. His stepfather had died 2 years earlier to cancer and his mother was stricken with the same affliction. After many tears and much convincing, Callum moved back in with his mother and began the process of re-entering society. During this time he took care of his mom, but also came out of the closet to her. While she didn’t exactly approve, she loved her son and was just happy to have him back. A year later his Mom died, leaving Callum the house, all her savings and an unopened letter from his father explaining who he really was and how to contact him. On an unexplainable whim, Callum followed the instructions in the letter…

Pantheon: Tuatha De Danan

Patron: Lugh

Virtues: Courage 3, Expression 3, Intellect 2, Piety 1

Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3

Epic-Physical: Strength 1, *Dexterity 1, Stamina 1

Knacks: Holy Bound (Strength<Hero pg. 126>), Perfect Partner (Dexterity <God pg. 63>), Body Armor (Stamina<Demigod pg. 57>)

Mental: Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 3

Epic-Mental: *Wits 1

Knacks: Opening Salvo (Wits <God pg. 76>), Scathing Retort (Wits <God pg. 76>), Social Chameleon (Wits <Hero pg. 135>)

Social: Charisma 4, Manipulation 3, Appearance 4

Epic-Social: Appearance 1, Charisma 1

Knacks: Never Say Die (Charisma <Hero pg. 130>), Come Hither (Appearance <Hero pg. 132>)

Abilities: Academics 1, Animal Ken, *Art – Drawing 1, *Art – Dancing 1, *Athletics 2, Awareness 1, Brawl 2, Command 2, Control – Cars 1, Craft, Empathy 3, Fortitude 1, *Integrity 1, Investigation 1, Larceny 1, Marksmanship 2, Medicine 1, *Melee 2, *Occult 1, Politics, Presence 3, Science, Stealth 1, Survival 1, *Thrown 1


Creature: 2 (Irish Wolfhound “Fiachra” – Standard Dog Template)

Guide: 4 (Fire Breathing Dragon “Aislinn” Using Tatsu template <Demigod pg. 234 changing Acid Breath to Fire Breath>)

Relic: 3 (Golden Celtic Cloak Brooch in shape of a Dragon, Health, Sky, Guide Communication)

Relic: 2 (Golden Torc with silver Wolfhound heads on each end, Animal, Guardian)

Relic: 2 (Gold and Steel Scramasax <Celtic Long Knife>, War, +1 Damage)


*Animal (Dogs): Animal Communication (1)

*Enech: Brehen’s Eye (1)

*Guardian: Vigil Brand (1)




*Sky: Sky’s Grace (1)

*War: Blessing of Bravery (1)

Join Battle: 5[1]


Unarmed Heavy: 4[1] Acc, 7B[1] Dam, 2 Parry DV, 5 Speed

Unarmed Light: 6[1] Acc, 4B[1] Dam, 4 Parry DV, 4 Speed

Scramasax: 6[1] Acc, 8L[1] Dam, 3 Parry DV, 4 Speed

Baretta/Glock: 7 Acc, 4 Dam, 20 Range, 15 Clip, 4 Speed


Stamina: 3B/2L/0A

Epic-Stamina: 1B/1L/1A

Armor: 2B/0L/0A

Total: 6B/3L/1A

Health Levels:

Dodge DV: 4

Willpower: 6

Legend: 2

Legend Points: 4

Misc. Equipment: Mom’s 9mm and 4 Clips, Leather jacket and Chaps (Biker Leather Armor), Car (older model sports car), Cell Phone, Mom’s 3 bedroom house in Southie.

Anything maked with a * is favored by Lugh


Event               (EXP change / current EXP / Total EXP earned)
End of June 2009 xp      +9     /      9      /        9
Truthiness (Q3)          +1     /     10      /       10
Reunion (Q3)             +1     /     11      /       11
Cold Tea (Q3)            +1     /     12      /       12
Epic Stamina to 1       -10     /      2      /       12
End of July 2009 xp      +9     /     11      /       21

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