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World of Darkness: The Academy - [Mortals] Lucia Blake (Student)


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Elegant_by_miaumiau.jpgLucia Blake showed up at the front gate of the Trevor Dalton Academy with a scholarship in hand, clothes far too shabby to fit in, not father to name, skin several shades too dark, and an inexplicably angry mother fuming at home. She's come a long way since then:

She was roomed with Rosalie, a properly pale and legitimate daughter of well-born and wealthy parents. Rosa and Lucia became quick friends, with Lucia providing the ambition and drive Rosa's parents had alway wanted their own daughter to posses. Of course, even four years after they first became friends, many still accuse Lucia of using Rosa for her money and her family's connections. Lucia's response is to point at that she's never asked for any of what she's been given; Rosa's response is usually to roll her eyes. Rosa and her family have provided Lucia with most everything she's needed to blend in (as much as she can) with the well-to-do, taking her clothes shopping and buying her a horse when they did the same for Rosa. Lucia cares for both horses while they're at Dalton as repayment, and Rosa's family takes both horses for boarding in the summer.

From her first day at Dalton, Lucia has been involved with every aspect of the school she could get to. She's on the student council (this year as the President despite only being a junior), a member of the equestrian club, an honor roll tutor, and involved in the school's volunteer club. As a member of House Juno, she's expected to maintain a high GPA (also a requirement of her scholarship), and has a reputation of an academic Renaissance woman. Although always busy with the number of clubs and groups she's involved in she has a reputation of being approachable and charismatic.

Lucia has never formally dated any of the boys at the school, though of course rumors abound from everything from secret trysts, rampant unlikely sexual escapades, lesbianism, and one odd persistent rumor that she secretly married a graduating senior boy, though who it is keeps changing. She ignores those rumors with the same persistent patience as the rumors about her using Rosa for money; when pressed on the issue she states that she hasn't had time for boys yet and hasn't found a boy worth making the time for yet.

Four years of excellent grades, staying out of trouble, and successfully learning how to thread the complicated and dangerous needle of high class socializing has given Lucia a mostly positive reputation as an ambitious and talented young woman. She basks in the praise that is paid to her and has gained a confidence and grace in her time at Dalton that, paired with her natural beauty and intelligence, has earned her esteem from the more modern minded in the loft social circles she aspires to. She's earned the nickname of 'Princess' at the school, an allusion to the children's story "The Little Princess".


Lucia's horse, Aphrodite

Click to reveal..

Name: Lucia Blake

Age: 17

Birth Date: March 20, 1992

Virtue: Fortitude

Vice: Pride



Intelligence 3

Wits 2

Resolve 3


Strength 2

Dexterity 2

Stamina 2


Presence 3

Manipulation 2

Composure 2


Mental Skills (-3):

Academics 2

Computer 1

Craft 1

Investigation 1

Medicine 1

Occult 0

Politics 2 (High Society)

Science 1

Physical Skills (-1):

Athletics 2 (Riding)

Brawl 0

Drive 0

Firearms 0

Larceny 0

Stealth 1

Survival 1

Weaponry 0

Social Skills (-1):

Animal Ken 1

Empathy 1

Expression 2

Intimidation 0

Persuasion 2

Socialize 3 (Formal Events)

Streetwise 0

Subterfuge 2

Other Traits


Contacts: High Society 1

Language 3 (French)

Luxury 2

Striking Looks 4

Status: Dalton Academy 4

Willpower: 5

Morality: 7

Health: 7

Initiative: 4

Defense: 2

Speed: 9

XP Breakdown:

Contacts 1 (2 xp)

Luxury (4 xp)

Striking Looks 4 (8 xp)

Crafts 1 (3 xp)

Science 1 (3 xp)

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