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Rachel Morning

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Rachel Morning

Rachel is a recent graduate of a small liberal arts college in New England, graduating with a 3.95 GPA and a strong record as a varsity boxer. She now teaches Civics, History, and other Social Studies courses at the Trevor Dalton Academy, mostly to 9th grade students. She is physically fit and highly intelligent, and has developed a reputation for sharpness with students who fail to keep up. Still, she's a good teacher, and instills her students not only with historical or civic awareness, but an understanding of rational thinking and its myriad uses.

Rachel is trying her best to believe in rationality herself. Critical thinking, lateral thinking and focus have worked in her life to solve her problems – but privately, she wonders. Her emotions, intuitions and dreams are sometimes unbearably strong, especially for someone who prefers to ignore them. Sometimes she wonders what would happen if she really cut loose.

This is Rachel’s first year teaching at Dalton. She agreed to become a House Matron, because being physically present at Dalton 24/7, working with students, would help her focus on her work and get through the rocky first year.

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