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World of Darkness: The Academy - [z-inactive] [Mortals] Thomas Burke (Teacher)

Thomas Burke

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Name: Thomas Burke

Gender: Male

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 165 lbs.

Hair: Sandy Blonde

Age: 22

Position: Teacher; Head Master of Lancaster Dorm (Boy’s Side)

Extra-Curricular Activities: Hiking the wilderness around the campus

Concept: Likable Teacher

Appearance: Thomas looks a bit scruffy and disheveled most of the time. This lends him a charming air, rather than a slovenly one. Of course, having Hollywood good looks doesn’t hurt him. His build is slender and he’s just tall enough not to be short and heavy enough not to be bony. His hands are elegant, his blue eyes sparkle with mirth and intelligence, and his teeth whiten his tanned face.

Personality: Likeable … That is the word best used by friends, frat mates, and even teachers have used to describe Thomas. He likes the company of a diverse group of people, from Jocks to Geeks to everyone in between. He likes music, but has little talent himself. In school, he is vying for the title of Coolest Teacher because of the way he teaches, what he expects from his students, and how he helps out when someone has trouble.

Background: Thomas Burke was adopted by Frieda and Randal Burke when he was just an infant. He doesn’t even know he was adopted, much less who his birth parents are. His parents were always cautious over Thomas’ weak health as he grew up and he often felt stifled and stunted. All that changed when he hit high school and found his talent for life. He discovered he wanted to be a teacher, brought on by his Biology teacher. This led Thomas to be a tutor for various prominent students and that was his back door into his second passion – partying.

College was one great bash for Thomas. He blossomed away from his parent’s crushing concern. Not only did he party hard, but he made suitable, if not stellar grades except in sciences, were he excelled. He considers these the most important years of his life, having loved and lost, made friends for life, and enemies of the moment. He learned a lot about people, romances, and emotions as well. His teaching certification came easily after graduation.

Dalton Academy was the right place at the right time for Thomas. It offered him the salary he needed and the distance he needed away from his parents. He is looking forward to teaching young minds what they need to know about the sciences, though he’s not looking forward to dealing with younger teens that need to have their “Procreation Lecture”, mainly because he knows that many of them know so much already. The rest, especially the Biology courses, he can’t wait for.

The one down side to his presence here is that his parents have come to visit. Their visit left him physically and emotionally drained and is something he prefers to not talk about. It is best said he loves them, but loves them at a distance.

Special Thing: Say what? What special thing? Last time I was someone’s ‘special thing’ things didn’t go well.

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Thomas Burke

Virtue: Hope
Vice: Pride

Intelligence: 3 Wits: 4 Resolve: 2*

Strength: 1 Dexterity: 3 Stamina: 2

Presence: 4 Manipulation: 2 Composure: 2*

Mental Skills:
Academics – 1, Investigation – 1, Medicine – 1, Science – 4 (Biology)

Physical Skills:
Athletics – 1, Brawl – 1, Drive – 1, Firearms – 1

Social Skills:
Empathy – 3 (Detect Lies), Expression – 3 (Teaching) Persuasion – 3, Socialize – 2

Barfly – 1, Eidetic Memory – 2, Striking Looks – 4

Size: 5
Speed: 9
Initiative: +5
Defense: 3

Health: 7
Willpower: 4
Morality: 7

Experience Points: (20)
-10 Resolve 1to2     10
-10 Composure 1to2   0
+2 May/20            2
+3 June/30           5

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