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World of Darkness: The Academy - [z-inactive] [Mortals] Micah Kamparos (Student)


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Name: Micah Kamparos

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Year: Senior

Ht: 6'3"

Wt: 210 lbs

Extra-Curricular Activities: Tight End(Football team)

Concept: NFL Scion

Personality: Quiet and confident off the playing field, but on the field he is quite boisterous and aggressive. He feels protective towards his roommate and towards the underclassmen. He doesn't allow anyone to pick on them in his presence, and if he hears about it happening, he'll "talk" to the perpetrators.

Background: Micah was born to a family of football players. His father was a player for the Chicago Bears during the late 80's and early 90's, before an injury to his leg and hip caused him to retire. After the NFL, his father became an agent and had a couple of high profile sports clients. Mr. Kamparos is currently looking at various drafted players that don't have representatives as possible clients. Due to the nature of his business, the elder Kamparos is constantly traveling. His wife left him about the time that Micah turned 13. Instead of trying to take Micah with him on his travels, his father enrolled him at the Dalton academy. He's been on an athletic scholarship for the last year due to his performance on the football field. Since he's been at the Academy, his grades have been in the solid B range. However, since he is going to be a senior, some of the major NCAA football programs have been sending scouts to the Academy's spring workouts in preparation for recruiting various players. Micah is seen as an attractive prospect. He is known more for his crushing blocks on the field than for his touchdowns. Within the confines of the academy, Micah is a quite popular target of the female student body for crushes. While he's not the most attractive student(his roomie is better looking) he's near the top.

Special thing: Metal Furycrafting

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