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Mutants & Masterminds: Future Imperfect - Character Creation


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Character Creation

You guys are not a team per default. Every one has his own distinct background which can also be of criminal or other lesser morale influenced. I want you all to not only write a background put also post a fic which gives you and the others a good impression about how your character thinks and what his quirks and oddities are. The game will start with you all at one location though - so teaming up will be highly likely and recommended. You can opt to be a villian or of villainous nature but keep in mind that this is a group effort and too extreme natures could not mesh well with group interest and eventually cause too much internal struggle. I don't want the group to split up because of that. Controversy is ok and if there is reason for trouble because someone thinks differently about what to do I'm all for it. As long as it doesn't damage or interrupt the story too much forces the group to split or even attack each other. That would get you killed for sure. You will be pitched against a far greater problem/opponent.

I did mention something about Power themes - This does not mean picking randomly some powers and call that a theme. I was more aiming at something that defines your characters nature. Something you can easily associate your PC with just a few words. Take the X-Men for example - that's what I'm looking for. Not a wide array of different powers, but powers that have a common theme/background. You don't have to worry too much about other Mutants getting in your way since you guys will be on the higher end of the hacking order and given your potentials the sky is the limit.

So if you take - lets say Telepathy as your main power I'd like your PC to stay within that range. Mostly mental powers associated with Telepathy or that correspond with it. Supportive Powers (or alternate powers) should be staying within the general theme and feel of the Character.

I don't want you to create Characters that can cover many bases, I want you to stay in range that makes you special and unique but not without a weak/soft spot. And I know that through use of alternate powers you can theoretically emulate every other powereffect within an Array. Please don't do that.

So if you come up with a Theme please take that into consideration and come up with supportive powers/alternates that are related to that power you picked. I want your characters to feel unique and have an impact on the world with what they are capable of. Think of the other Mutants as superpowered beings but with very limited abilities in comparison to you guys.

I hope this helped for clarification.

Starting points for new PCs are 135 and PL 7 is your cap.

I know this will affect your builds dramatically and I ask you to adjust accordingly. Please bear in mind that your Theme power is really THE defining trait of your character. It is your PCs second nature. Additionally every power that is secondary should have some kind of connection to your theme. Something that is related to the power.

The character's Theme shouldn't be more abstract than that. Trust me that you'll be doing just fine if you're worried about lacking in one category - it is supposed to be that way. I prefer PCs that excel in one area and have trouble in another one forcing them to rely on help or be more creative about use of their powers.

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I want you all to add 2 Complications to your sheets.

First will be „Mutant Virus“

This complication is responsible for the Side-Effect causing feedback damage. Additionally (this is a RP aspect). The Mutant Virus causes regular Migraines, Flu-like symptoms and nausea depending on how much you used your powers. Extensive use (even if succesfully saved) will make you feel sick by the end of the day, like being under a fever or muscle ache after a marathon or coughing for example. Generally the V is not only a mechanical „thing“ but also something that is there every day of your lives.

There will be good days (when you feel fit and healthy) but as soon as you use your powers (usually after a stressful situation like combat), you’ll feel sick (but not to an extend that affects you statwise, no penalties etc.) The only penalties you’ll receive comes from the Damage caused by the V.

Second will be „Class V Mutant“

Class V Mutants are all but extinct. You are a dying breed and the V affects you stronger than the Class Is to IVs. This is already factored in the Side-Effect flaw of your powers.

This complication can also come into effect when it is revealed that you’re a Class V Mutant. The Government will sent everything they‘ve got to get you if they realize you are Class Vs (this has different reasons). Class Vs are considered the most powerful and therefore the most dangerous of all Mutants. The former Heroes of the Golden Age have all been Class Vs or IVs.

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