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Mutants & Masterminds: Future Imperfect - House Rules


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House rules:

Every power that needs an activiation (turn on or off) will get the Side Effect Flaw as follows:

Side Effect (-2 always; damage check equal to rank resisted by Fortitude)

This basically means that the power causes damage feedback which you have to resist with Fortitude. The Side Effect applies only to the upper half of your Ranks, the lower half can be used safely.

If you have a blast 8 power you can use ranks 1 to 4 safely without feedback. Ranks 5 to 8 would cause Virus Damage which you resist with your Fortitude Save. If you use Rank 5 you resist vs. 5 Damage, if you use Rank 8 you resist vs. 8 Damage.

I will work on a list of powers which will have the Side Effect Flaw (some wouldn’t make sense like some passive effects and immunities for example) but you can safely work the Side Effect in your built where an active use is necessary.


Travis' TK Blasts are a Rank 8 ranged damage as follows:

• TK Blast – Damage 8 (ranged, side effect 4, split attack, dynamic)

He can use the first 4 ranks safely (alwoing him to do damage up to that of a Heavy Pistol like a .44 Magnum, without takign any risk. Starting at rank 5 and up he'd take a Damage check (Dc 15+(# of ranks used)) resisted by his fortitude as a viral attack. So if he wanted to toss out a Damage 7 attack, roughly equivalent to a heavy machinegun, he'd also take a DC 22 damage hit, resisted by his fortitude (not his toughness).

Viral damage is incurable by Mutant Powers. So healing through powers or regeneration isn't working.

The Powerlevel Limts affects also powers which do not provide a direct Attack bonus or damage effect. All powers fall under the Attack + Effect = PLx2 Powerlevel limit. I hope to clarify some things with that.

Powers within an Array are all receiving the Side Effect Flaw individually. You can't buy a Power up to 12 Ranks assign it to an array and then make alternate powers of Rank 6 within that array which would all be save to use. This I won't allow.

Originally Posted By: jameson (ST)

This isn't entirely accurate. Powers are only bound by the PL limits if they provide attack or defense. Effects like Immunity, Senses, Movement, Leaping, Flight, etc etc are not limited unless you add the Attack extra and turn the effect into an attack (example. Teleport is not limited, but a Teleport attack would be).

Thanks Jameson for the input.

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Revisions of powers

Force Field

Force Field provides a fixed Soak value. The formula is [Q]+FFx3.

No rolls - just a flat soak bonus. Everything else like in the core book.

Enhancement: Quantum Attunement

Quantum Attunement lets you determine the class of a Mutant. At ST discretion a Per+Awareness check needs to be made to determine the class. This is in addition to what Quantum Attunement does in the core rules.

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The following NEW rules are to be used in place of the rules of Power Maxing in the core book:

Power Maxing:

Spend 1 Willpower and Activate Quantum at a cost of 1 QP and 1 level of unsoakable Lethal damage per dot (up to your Quantum in dots).

Activated Quantum dots can be used to purchase the following:

1 Dot = +1 rank/dot increase in the power for this activation


2 Dots = +1 Quantum increase for the use of this power for this activation


2 Dots = add any one extra to this power for this activation (exception: Reduced quantum cost)


Power Maxing requires a full turn worth of concentration before the power activates and can only be done once per scene.

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Style over Substance

Generally I prefer a smooth flow of posting uninterrupted by dice rolls. This game shall focus on the interaction between the PCs and puts a high emphasis on roleplaying (and not roll-playing).

Some situations make rolling Dice necessary which will be of course conducted as needed and kept supervised by the ST of this game.

As long as the current scene is free of combat I prefer to not roll dice unless it's demanded (Player vs. Player actions for example). Players are encouraged to solve such situations without needing to roll dice (either in Chat or via PM - pls include me in your conversation).

Health Status and Penalties will be added in a spoiler box on a case by case basis (usually during combat) to keep track of your PCs condition.

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Rolling Dice

I prefer the use of Invisible Castle as dice roller - but Betachat can also be used. I trust you don't cheat. Should I find out someone does I will penalyze that player.

If you included qualities for your Attributes you can reroll 10s if the action you roll for makes it possible/applicable. Please make the rerolls visible for me so I can decide if the rerolled dice add to your suxx or not.

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Streamlined Combat

Every story thread gets its own Combat Tracker thread (of course only if there is a combat to resolve in the first place)

You roll for initiative and I will add Order of Initiative in the Tracker Thread. Any questions oocly related to the combat should be asked in the appropriate Combat Tracker. I want to keep the general OOC-Thread focused on general stuff and not combat stuff wink

Should a player fail to post in two (i. e. 48 hours) consecutive days in a row I will take over that NPC for the turn (most likely holding action or keeping in cover in the background in order to keep things flowing). There will be no retconning or "But I would have so and so if blabla". Don't get upset because of this. Should you know beforehand that you have RL-issues or other reasons for being unable to post once we entered combat then you can give me a general idea of your actions via PM. I will try to not get you killed ;p

Please post your actions in order of intiative and include any rolls in a spoiler. Again - if you have any questions post them in the appropriate Combat Tracker thread.

FYI - I generally dislike combat but I will try to keep a nice balance between Roleplaying and Roll playing wink

Enjoy yourselves!

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Healing Rates by Rank on the Rank & Measure Table

  • Each "injured" result (i.e. -1 toughness mod.) recovers after 1 hour of full rest (Time Rank 9)
  • Staggered recoveres after 8 full hours of rest, i.e. a night's sleep (Time Rank 12)
  • Incapacitated, i.e. unconscious, recovers after 1 minute (Time Rank 3)
  • Dying recovers as the GM sees fit.
  • All recovery times are doubled for damage inflicted by the virus feedback, i.e. +1 Time Rank.
  • Lasting injuries and conditions are Complications and will grant a Hero Point to the player.
  • Regeneration works as described in the book with no changes
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