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And the awards go to...


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Before I repost all the list of winners, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that participated in the nominations and voting process, as well as to all the people that have contributed to the site over the past 4 years.

Thanks everyone.

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<font color="#cc6600">Best In Character Thread - Comedic</font>

"Where are all the Women"

<font color="#cc6600">Best In Character Thread - Dramatic</font>

<b>"Taking Nova Life"

<font color="#cc6600">Best Non Aberrant Related Thread</font>

"Getting to know each other"

<b><font color="#cc6600">Best Aberrant Related Out of Character Thread</font>

"Who's got your Back?"

<font color="#cc6600">Best Fiction – Vignette</font>

"A Day in the Life"

<b><font size="2" color="#cc6600">Best Fiction - Individual Author</font>

"1,001 Aberrant Nights"

<font color="#cc6600">Best New Female Character Introduced in 2002</font>


<font color="#cc6600">Best New Male Character Introduced in 2002</font>

Dr. Troll

<b><font color="#cc6600">Best Male Character - Lifetime</font>


<b><font color="#cc6600">Best Female Character - Lifetime</font>


<font color="#cc6600">Best Forum Member</font>

Jack Chance

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