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[Character] Ward


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Occupation: Devries charity case

Date of birth: July 12, 1998

Date of eruption; July 12, 2016

Description: All public photos show Ward in the MLS system suit designed by Dr. Alinsky of Devries in conjunction with John Hopkins Burn Ward researchers. The Devries opsite releases state Ward’s skin is highly sensitive to broadband electromagnetic energies, resulting in “extreme plasmic transition”. The result is visually a flux of light waves that stymies chemical film and digital imaging systems, albeit for different reasons. Visually, his appearance has been described as “thin yet strangely handsome”.

Abilities: Ward is described as talented with electronics and computer systems. Somewhat oddly, given his situation of requiring environmental protection 24/7, he's also a gifted ergonomic designer for Devries corporate customers.

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