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[Character] Joshua "Sleepy River" Coombs

Sleepy River

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Name: Joshua Coombs

Nova Name: Sleepy River(s)


Height: 6' 4"


Residence: Astoria, Oregon

Josh Coombs' descent into the bizarre and otherworldly started when he nearly drowned in a swollen and overflowing river at age 15. He and his friends had been horsing around on the banks, and two of them fell in. Josh survived and managed to rescue himself and the other boy by stopping all the water in their immediate vicinity from moving and increasing the temperature to tepid levels.


Coombs has remarkable control over water, able to control its movement in any way he sees fit, alter its temperature, use it to convey himself from place to place, launch an attack with it, and even create massive amounts. His stamina and strength are both enhanced, his senses seem to be a bit beyond the human norm, and he is both incredibly intelligent and charismatic.

Finally, he possesses some telepathic ability, able to shield himself from probing, view the thoughts of others, and project blasts of "mental static." He does not appear to be capable of mind control.

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