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[Character] Denver

Mr. Soul

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Name: Denver Norton

Nova Name/Nickname: Mr. Soul

Age: 45

Height: 6' 4''

Weight: 240lbs

Location: Denver, Colorado

Denver Norton was born Denver Norton to two rather simpleminded parents. It was only through an intense effort of willpower and unshakeable dignity that Denver was able to get through elementary school (the height might've helped as well).

In June of 1998 Denver erupted while chasing down some punk kid who stole his wallet, and is actually rather ashamed of the specifics of his eruption, considering the whole thing quite silly and undignified. After all, who really NEEDS superpowers to chase down a minor thief? Nevertheless, Denver erupted, exhibiting enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and dexteriy, as well as a limited ability to see into the future, and has been making the best of it since.

Denver is a soft-spoken, personable fellow, with a subtly wry sense of humor. He was formerly a devout Methodist, but has recently become a humble deist, drawing heavily on Buddhist philosophical ideas.

Denver is sometimes called, and refers to himself as, Mr. Soul, a nickname which dates back to his pre-eruption days (though few remember it now), and which has little to do with his powers. Or so he claims. Possibly there is more to the story, but if so Denver isn't telling.

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