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[Fiction] Villainy - The Stag

Tori 'TK' Kryzchi

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I’ll move in the shroud of night, and the cover of darkness. No one can see me where there is no light, because there is no one in the area of fear. “I will avenge my ghost.” I keep telling myself that. I keep trying to justify this series of unspeakable acts that I regularly commit. I’m a wanted man, but more than that, I am a wanted spirit. I am a wandering soul without a place in this world, and they took the only thing I had left.

Oh sweet Sara.

Your days in this world were too short, and I will bring you back. I will avenge your ghost, and I will revive your body. The gods know that I know the secret to go against their mighty rules and words, and they know that I’m still stoppable. They want me dead, but there is a secret that not even they know. They know my acts, they know my intentions, but they don’t know my secret.

I have no soul to take.

They’ve sent their guards, their kings, and their police after me. They’ve sent everything but their immortal selves, and it is that day I yearn. Only when I slay the gods themselves, both on earth and in the heavens, will you be permitted entry to this terrible world. I will create a wonderland of silence and wealth that we will rule. It will be our kingdom, and you will be my queen. You are my queen.

I sold my soul for these terrible powers that aid me in my seemingly endless quest. It was the darkest night the city had seen in several millennia, and I stalked the alleys in a drunken fury. It was there that I meant the devil upon this earth, he showed me real power at the cost of my soul, and pitied me. He gave me his powers, his strengths and weaknesses, and shared with me the wisdom of resurrection. Tonight, oh yes, tonight. Tonight will be a night that I continue my quest. All across this forsaken country, and several others, through bars and taverns, through heavens and hells, and its lead me to this place. Gdansk.

Oh, Poland is such a beautiful country. The working class, the farming class, and the young all blend into such a delicate and resplendent society. And as I am walking up to this bar, I am wondering if there are any patrons who deserve anything other than to be a pawn in my grandiose and inexorable fate.

The Stag was the name of the joint, and it was staggeringly appropriate. As I enter, eyes draw upon me like I am a truck, and they are mere does. Even more appropriate. My headphone wires catch on the doorknob, and it draws a few smiles as the music is ripped from my ears. I’ll smile back, I do suppose. I mean, it is the last strange smile they will ever see again.

The bartender turns away as I sit at the bar, and ignores my premier request for ale. I notice past the assumed proprietor of this sinking ship and find a green-eyed man staring back at me. His hair is black and wind-shaped, and his face would be attractive at a certain angle and in a certain light. I raise my hand against him, and he does the same simultaneously. It wasn’t until this moment that the bartender turned from his secluded thoughts and looked at me with expectation. “I’ve got a mean thirst.” I shared with him, and the poor old man looked to his miserable wife who was fixated on the small television in the upper corner of the establishment. I pointed to a bottle near the illusion of myself, and he nodded with disdain. In the moments that he poured the drink, I took inventory of product among the drinkery. An old couple, a few kids who were too young to be drinking were with them, a young woman, and a few other unmentionables. I took a long, hard look at the old mans wife and she spent her last few moments in a stupid trance.

I grabbed the spry glass before me, and launched it at the old woman head. Alcohol poured onto the bar as the old man watched in disbelief. A patron jumped up and screamed something indecipherable over the pounding noise obstruction that currently occupies my ears. The woman fell hard onto the ground, and the old man is about to swing the nearly full bottle at me. It was at this moment that I chose to show my true form. My terrifying and awesome power that these people are likely to never see again will be the greatest thing they will ever witness. I moved through the bar before the old man could gain an accepting stance, and I threw him into the pile of glass. My reflection disappeared as the mirror shattered and what seemed like tons of mixed alcohol poured into the ground, now free of its restraints. “Be free!” I scream, and spin to the left. The lone woman, the young woman, was making towards the door. Before her foot could land, I drew my proverbial guillotine and fired a shot at her head. “Be free!” I screamed as her body went limp, and blood wept through the air on the other side of her. The head of the woman crashed hard into the closed door, causing someone to scream. “Fear me! Fear me! Fear me!” I screamed as I jumped onto the bar.

The bar was still for more than a moment, and the only noise was the screams of the innocent, and the heavy breathing of the wicked. A child escaped her mothers’ grasp, and made for safety. She hadn’t counted on me, however, as I landed in front of her. She screamed, and I heard this over the symphony in my head.

“Am I the villain here?” I said softly, down at the cherub whose path I obstructed. “Or is it your mother for bringing you to such a wicked and evil place?” I raised my gun, and in an instant her mother was propped upon the table with blood trickling off. The tot gave a mighty yelp, than met the business end of my fist. Her head broke when it crashed into the ground, and movement ceased. “You are all the life to my adventure!” I warned them. A man rushed at me, the same man who was with the recently deceased mother and child. He pushed his fist into my chest only to fall through my body and onto the floor. He rolled over and stared at me with his eyes wide. I pointed the gun with a smile, and gave him the satisfaction of a terrifying look.

“Please.. “ He pleaded. Tears ran to his cheeks and than onto the floor. I lowered the gun, and he looked excited. “Oh! Thank you! So much, thank you!” He said, and began to push himself backwards.

I threw my foot onto his throat and he began to choke. He stared at me with his bright eyes and I raised my gun once more. Each of his two other children fell to the ground with nothing more than a pitiful scream. I pressed my foot harder onto the fathers’ neck, and he made a terrible twitch. The next few minutes were unspeakable, and the flocks were thankful to be leaving this hellish pit known as The Stag. I looked around the room, wondering of the legends and folklore that would form around this tragically beautiful moment. I stepped onto the bar, and I spun to the left, than I spun to the right, and I spun to the left again. There was a moan near the corner, and I slowly made my way towards it. The moment was poetic as I removed my coat to reveal the straps and explosives that occupied my torso. In a second I was on the floor in front of the old woman. Police sirens seemed to crash from nowhere, and it cut our moment short. The old woman looked at my body, than at my face. The music paused.

“Thank the gods you will be leaving this planet. There is no room for you here.” She muttered, and her face looked vicious.

“Its not until the gods and devils are gone from this world that there will be enough room for myself, and not until you are gone will there be enough room for my beloved.” I whispered back to her. “And when we join hands, than we will know that I’ve done my job. But now, you will know my name. I am the destructor! I am the holy spirit in a devils vision.” I screamed. I heard a shout from the outside, and in response I cued the music. “I am your nightmare!” I was screaming so that the world may hear me. “And you shall know my name! You shall beware the thought! You will know me! I am your death, I am your gun, and I am your guillotine!” I knelt down to deliver a special message to the old lady. “And I am your judgment.” I said slowly as I hit the button that was placed on my belt.

I will avenge my ghost.

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