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Jul 2007 Writer's Contest Topic: VILLAINY

Seph OOC

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The subject of this month's contest is VILLAINY. The contest is to introduce a new antagonist to the metaplot and write a piece of fiction that elaborates on their place in the world. This antagonist can be an individual, part of a group, an organization, or some other body. For purposes of this contest, the meaning of the word "villain" is deliberately malleable, though there should be little ambiguity as to whether ot not the star of the fiction is the "bad guy".

This topic closes on 30 Jul 2007, after which a poll will be put up for all completed entries to be voted on. Fictions receiving more than 70% popular support will be inducted into forum canon as an objective facet of the overall metaplot.

So come on, mad geniuses! Show us! Show us ALL!!

"What care the gods if a man lives or dies? Let me live deep, let me know the sting of wine in my palate, the wind in my face, the glitter of royal pageantry, the bright madness of slaughter--let me burn and sting and tingle with the madness of life and living, and I quest not whether God's paradise, or frozen hell, or the blackness of empty-oblivion lies beyond."

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