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[Character] Tawny 'Codex' March

Tawny 'Codex' March

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Name: Tawny Rose March

Occupation: Project Utopia Data Analyst

Legal Status: Australian citizen with no criminal record.

Identity: Public

Nova Name: Codex

Place of Birth: Claymore, Campbelltown, Australia

Age: 20

Known Relatives: Jack March (father, alive); Tasha March (mother, dead); Regan 'Samhra' McLachlan (aunt, alive)

Eruption: Unknown, suspected to be emotional trauma on hearing of her aunt's defection to the Teragen.

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches

Weight: 116 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Distinguishing Marks: Codex has 'Knowledge is Power' tattooed across the lower stomach and hips in black cursive script; from the nape of her neck to the base of her spine runs a knotwork tree similar to her aunt's legendary tattoo, except in monochromatic shades.

Strength Level: Codex has average strength.

Known Quantum Powers: Codex has demonstrated enhanced appearance, intelligence, stamina and perception at low to moderate levels, telepathy and cyberkinesis comparable to her aunt's, and clairvoyance, which appears to be a purely unique ability.


Abilities/Special Skills: Unlike her elder namesake, Codex has basic competency in social skills; the trade off is that she lacks the breadth and depth of esoteric knowledge the rogue T2M agent held, having completed a Bachelor of Liberal Arts by correspondence through the University of Sydney after eruption. In public relations exercises, Codex has demonstrated better than average skills with a computer, explicitly data retrieval, and her academic majors are listed as being Information Systems and Theatre Studies.

Weapons Used: None.

Appearance: Tawny is aptly named with the permanent tan that she seems to have acquired since eruption, as her hair darkened from its childhood golden-blonde to ash-blonde; she had navy-blue hair when she came to the Project, but recently shed the colour in favour of her mother's brunette. Her features are uncannily close to those of the pre-Tainted Samhra, but her face is that of Samhra's flaws corrected and made perfect, and her eyes a darker blue verging on navy. While of a similar height to her aunt, Tawny (through nature, eruption or artifice) has a better figure and more athletic build.

Unlike the drab pastels preferred by the pre-Singularity Samhra, Tawny wears a lot of blacks and blues with accents of gold in her clothing.

Personality: Codex, through inheritance or eruption, shares some notable personality traits with her aunt: blindingly intelligent, blisteringly sarcastic when the mood takes her, incredibly arrogant when it comes to her skills, and forthright to the point of utter rudeness. Even the Project does not try to curb her tongue as much as they would some, as her infrequent insults are almost invariably launched at the Teragen. She lacks the idealism of many Utopian recruits, showing herself to be jaded and cynical beyond her years; some top nova behavioural experts have credited this to the trauma of having an aunt she idolised turn bad. Like the former Codex, Tawny is almost utterly private.


Information about Tawny March's early years is sketchy, to the say the least; she was born in Claymore, a suburb considered one of the most deprived in Australia, to parents who alternated between working-class and welfare recipients. Like her aunt, she excelled at school, and the few primary school teachers who remember her speak of a clever but withdrawn girl who liked to play with T2M action figures and talk incessantly about her 'famous Auntie Regan'. In high school, she was somewhat more popular amongst all the other misfits, but still kept to herself for the most part. From the ages of seventeen to nineteen, she dropped off the face of the earth - roughly around the same time Samhra was leaving the Project and joining the Teragen, so it is speculated her eruption occurred around then.

She joined the Project six months ago as a data analyst and gained something of a reputation for being both proud and embarrassed to be associated with her aunt; she took her handle out of respect for what the older woman had been, not what she became.

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