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[Character] Tori 'TK' Kryzchi

Tori 'TK' Kryzchi

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Excerpt from a “Screaming Oh No’s!” Fan Website put together by a dedicated Tori K fan

((Text is surrounding a picture of Tori Kryzchi screaming into a microphone while wearing a pair of sleeves, a bikini top, and low riding jeans covered in what may or may not be blood.))

“Tori K is the greatist singer to come from asia, period. she was born in 1995 to a married korean housewife who had a affair with a polish american biz man. her dad came back when he heard that the korean was killed and took tori from the country and back to america. tk grew up on the sounds of great baselines like nirvana, getyourownsoup, and her favorite band ever yeah yeah yeahs. They are her single biggist inspiration as musicians. I heard thaat once tk met karen when tk was sixteen and karen said tk was the hardist rocker shed ever known!! tks first band were the lucky 50 ns. tk played guitar and sang back-up. The lead singer, whos name is unavailable, refused to allow tori to sing lead or play lead guitar because she was to talented! that shithead. one night at a show a few months back the lead singer got knocked the f out in the middle of the final song, and tk picked up lead vocals without missing a single beat!! she dropped off of the face of the earth that night, or so they say. I heard reports that tk quit the lucky 50 ns, aand killed herself! a month and a half after she disappeared she came back with screaming oh nos. the guitarist joey lord and drummer andy lord are brothers and came from another world with tk because no one had ever heard of them befor! they are some of the greatist musicians I have ever heard. screaming oh nos is the greatist band on the earth! I hope they never leave the ny scene!”


Police Report from June 1, 2017

Reporting Officer: Bryan Race

Date of Report: June 1, 2017

Time of Report: 2317hrs

Location of Incident: ‘The Wayside’ 924 105th St New York, NY

Date of Incident: June 1, 2017

Time of Incident: Appx. 2200hrs

Incident Description: At approximately 2215hrs, I, Officer Bryan Race, was parked in a parking lot on 105th St when I received a disturbance call for ‘The Wayside’. When I arrived I found that a concert was going on. A patron of the bar called the police because the lead singer of the band, Tori Lee Kryzchi, was seen committing lude acts on stage, which includes excessive drug use, pouring blood (It was actually strawberry milk syrup) over herself, and using a dildo which was thrown onto stage to give herself an orgasm while singing a song. When I attempted to approach the subject, Tori yelled at the crowd and they began to riot. I was thrown out of the bar, left wearing only my socks. I had called for backup previous to the rioting, and it was arriving as I was thrown out. When people heard the sirens they scattered, but Tori and her band stayed behind. She was arrested on the grounds of drug use, obscene acts, and inciting a riot.


Psychiatric Report from 2/15/2017, several days after Tori was admitted to a hospital than to a Rashoud Clinic

Dr. Loren Atkins, Psychologist

12 89th St

New York, NY

February 15th, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is regarding a Tori Lee Kryzchi. Tori is experiencing an advanced case of Multiple Personality Disorder. We believe this to be a side effect from her ‘eruption’ on February 10th, 2017. Her disorder is developing uniquely, and is almost spectacular. Tori has the power to shape shift, and to make exact copies of herself. The copies are her separate personalities, and each gain the same general abilities as Tori. The first identifies himself as Joey Lord. He takes the appearance of a long blond haired man with sleeves of tattoos. He is constantly angry, but isn’t violent in any way. He yells a lot to get his point across. The other, Andy Lord, is much different. He’s a little more graceful and rhythmic, and is constantly tapping his feet which might indicate a compulsion disorder amongst her multiple personalities. He wears his hair buzzed to about an inch in length, and and in the colors of brown and black. He avoids conflict at whatever turn, and seems to get along best with Tori.

Tori herself is a unfortunate case. She uses self mutilation to express herself, and acts out for the attention that comes with it. She is an embodiment of indecency and obscenity, and his no regard for others morals. She loves to jump around and show off. She writes poems about whatever is in her mind, love, murder, suicide, being on drugs, etc. She aspires to become New Yorks greatest failure, and has admitted as much to me. The drugs she does has absolutely no affect on her physically, but her body reacts mentally without the negative side effects.

It is in my educated opinion that Tori is no danger to society or to herself. I believe that by embracing her illness she will become a unique, contributing member of society. I also believe that it will be best to keep her condition, and power to clone herself, a secret for the time being. She does realize that the personalities are an illness, but she lets them be real people. There is a very, very, very thin moral line on this issue, and I believe that I have taken the right side. I believe that her clones are real people with their own consciousness and personality making them no different than myself or Tori.


Dr. Loren Atkins

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