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[Fiction] Conclusions


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Words were being typed on a screen, in a program that looked to be something like Outlook Express.

DATE: 20/04/2017

FROM: Noel Blight, PI, Bakersville, California, USoA (NBlight@BakersvillePI.org)



To Mr. John Black,

I regret to inform you that I am writing you in regards to the subject (HAPLOPELMA LIVIDUM, A.K.A. Cobalt Blue) and a recent event which resulted in her death.

The subject, on the day of 3/11, received a blank envelope. For the next thirty-two hours, she was not to be seen. We’d thought that she escaped our surveillance, but soon found that she was staying in. On the mid-day of 3/12, she was seen leaving her apartment and heading to a train station. She took the train to Las Vegas, which is where we assume the envelope requested her being.

She checked into the Bellagio Hotel under the name of Tasha Kronkoff. We did some background work and found that the room had been requested days earlier by a male named was Alexander Kronkoff (After some research, we found that this name is the name of the subjects adopted fathers nephew. Whether or not this was Alexander Kronkoff, we are unsure). Not long after, there were reports of multiple gunshots. The subject was found with two bullet wounds in her right side, as well as a bullet lodged in her brain. Another was also found at the scene, a woman. Her identity is unknown, but we do know that she was six foot six, and well over two hundred and fifty pounds. The woman’s body had been crushed entirely by sand. Another’s blood was found, but the blood could not be collected for a sample. It had been ruined with a ammonia substance.

Enclosed we’ve included photos of the crime scene, as well as photos of the unknown woman, the subject, and the subjects death certificate. Again, we are sorry for the loss, and the loss of our relationship. If you find yourself in need of this situation again, please, do not hesitate to contact myself.



Noel Blight, PI

Bakersville, California, UsoA

Haplopelma smiled at the screen, proof-reading the email before hitting send. She turned off the computer, and stood up. The room that she resided in looked to be made out of sand stone, with a small Arabian style window behind her. Her skin was white, as opposed to the usual blue. She wore grey and blacks as she moved to the window while the computer shut off behind her. Maybe they will leave me alone now. She thought while looking over the large tan city. The people who moved through the streets were a mixture of Arabians and Africans, and none seemed to so much as look up at Haplopelma.

She ran her finger around the sides of the window, than withdrew her finger. It was red, and covered in blood and dirt. She smiled beautifully while watching the wound. It seemed to heal in a matter of seconds.

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