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[Character] Cisco


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Real Name: Miguel Álvaro Rodríguez de la Peña y de Ybarra

Professional Name: El Guarda, The Guardian

Occupation: Elite Bodyguard

Legal Status: Legalized American citizen

Background Check: Former Captain in the NDA, no adult criminal records, civil records in Mexico expunged per normal NDA procedures.

Identity: Public

Place of Birth: Mexico

Age: 23

Eruption Event: Trauma; near death experience in the desert.

Height: 6 feet, 1.82 meters

Weight: 190 lbs, 86.18 kilo

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Features and manners: Noticeable. Observers have described his presence as quietly commanding. Right eye flashes with an inner light when peering intently. Has a puncture scar on his left shoulder self-describes as a training accident. Strokes his mustache when thinking.

Strength Level: Miguel is seeming exceptionally fit, but has demonstrated strength beyond human norms on two occasions. Estimates put him slightly above the breakpoint between human and low nova levels.

Known Quantum Powers: Unerring marksman with a wide selection of melee and projectile weapons. Within sight of the public (see file PE-2017-0115) he has summoned pistol style weapons from thin air that were devastatingly more powerful than any normal weapon.

Abilities/Special Skills: NDA trained in hand to hand combat, military crowd control procedures and anti-terrorism techniques.

Weapons Used: Unknown, possesses a definite preference for revolvers and pistols.

Appearance: Thin and with olive skin and a full mustache he strokes absently when thinking. He has warm blue eyes that starkly contrast to a quietly imposing presence. His wardrobe varies with the work he is doing, ranging from uniforms to tailored suits, but at home he often dresses casually if expensively.


Born to conditions of poverty not entirely eliminated by Project Utopia, Miguel erupted when lost in the desert. How he came to be in the desert without supplies has never been explained but he does not smile when the subject is brought up. After his return home Miguel and his father fielded offers from nova employers {see recruitment E/R-2015-1231-ME0021) before accepting a commission in the United States NDA with citizenship. Twice decorated, he was considered promotion worthy but has made use of the sabbatical clause of the NDA contract to pursue higher education. This year he's taken commercial bodyguard work to offset his expenses and his current status with the NDA is ambiguous.

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