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[Fiction] Butterfly Net (Adult Themes/Content)


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"You should have been more discreet, Sujatmi Rais."

They said that working for the Directive and being a nova was like working for the Nazi Party and being a Jew. Agent Gareth Dawson had transferred from the more tolerant Interpol to the secretive multinational organisation in the full knowledge that he was going to be despised on both sides of the genetic fence. But the reality was something that even a man with an IQ in the quadruple digits and the ability to prognosticate the future with elaborate mathetmatical equations could not have imagined. His few nova friends had dropped him from their Christmas card lists, the Directive novas distrusted him from day one, and now he was being forced to confront another friend who had gone rogue.

Technically he was in the right, but why did he feel like he was betraying someone?

In all of his number-crunching, he had never expected Sujatmi Rais to go rogue. She was devoted to the rule of law, an ardent perfectionist who lived the job so much she really did not have a life. Once, the Indonesian and him had been lovers. Now they stood on a high-rise rooftop in Chicago, confronting each other, Sujatmi balanced easily on the ledge of the building and himself more firmly planted about three feet from the edge on the other side.

She wore black eufiber so dark that it absorbed the light, only the blue highlights in her long hair differentiating the two, and her skin was a pale brown not unlike raw sugar. Her body was no longer so thin, and her delicate face was more beautiful. Going rogue had improved her looks.

There was a terrible compassion in her almond-shaped black eyes, a knowledge so deep that Gareth could not bear to meet them. It was not a quantum effect; both of them knew that such tricks had no effect on him. He straightened his blue-and-white uniform, feeling ungainly and dishevelled before such beauty, under such a profound gaze.

"Procyon must be a good fuck, huh?" Crudity was something he rarely employed, but until now, Sujatmi had serenely ignored his questions. Technically, the Indonesian agent was not looking at charges beyond knowingly associating with a terrorist, but the Directive wanted her badly. Gareth knew that there was some debate going on between Interpol and the Directive on whether she could be salvaged. The Teragen's Sun King was a social powerhouse and God knew Sujatmi was repressed... even traumatised and vulnerable... in many ways. Interpol said 'yea'; Grayson and his people were not so sure.

He had an ace up his sleeve. Loretta Madison was a telepath with significant skills in altering memories. An afternoon with Loretta would cure Sujatmi's problems and convince her that she had been working undercover to catch Procyon's affections. Then she could lure him into their custody. Grayson had approved the plan, on the proviso that it did not stop him from doing what needed to be done if she was truly rogue.

Serenity faded into pity on Sujatmi's face as she regarded him. The Asian beauty's eyes sparked suddenly with iridescent fire, a thousand minute butterflies filling the air on her side of the building. Gareth's mind rapidly calculated that her control of probability had increased... Hell, her quantum powers had increased. He also knew that he was on the wrong side of the equation.

Thank God for equalisers.

Before she could intuit something was wrong, Gareth whipped out the mox and sprayed it right in her face. She collapsed in an instant, the sedative mixed in with the node-dampening rendering her helpless.

He picked his old friend up and calculated the position of Loretta's office. A few moments later he was there.

"Here's your latest patient. Treat her well."


Loretta Madison watched Gareth vanish in a swirl of algebra before turning her gaze to the supine nova on her couch. Even under the influence of the drug, Sujatmi Rais was a heart-stoppingly beautiful woman, raven-haired and blessed with a boneless grace. Best of all, she was helpless.

A needle filled with mox and a mild paralysing agent took care of the Indonesian accessing quantum or cohesive movement before she took out her restraints, the ones she never let Interpol or the Directive see. Black-tech as only the Japanese could make, they stretched with the movements of the captive, even allowing sitting positions, but not escape. She snapped them around Sujatmi's wrists and ankles while she was still too sedated to respond, then walked out of her office to change.

When she returned, the box of tools and toys that she brought with her was not something you'd expect in a psychiatrist's office. But Loretta got her pleasures in strange ways, and not always in the way those who knew of her predilections expected. And of course, her 'patients' never remembered what happened, or how the strange marks that covered their bodies got there afterwards, or even the personality changes...

Loretta mentally reviewed the file that Gareth had given her. Sujatmi came from a poor background and was once considered the epitome of an Interpol officer. Apparently Procyon was very persuasive, or she had been severely repressed and just broken out in the face of golden good looks and a beautiful voice.

Oh, the things she could do to Procyon if she got her hands on him!

Still, reshaping Sujatmi was going to be pleasant enough. Li Ai Jun Yen... Her new name was real cute, but not to Loretta's tastes. What to keep, what to keep...

Finally, her new pet awoke. Loretta had to give her ten points for calm in a compromising situation before cutting away her cheapish suit of eufiber to reveal a body of sculpted muscle and surprising fullness. Very nice indeed.

"You're certainly a pretty little thing," she observed gently, examining her in the most intimate of places for a moment. "Procyon's tastes are to be commended... Pity he's been missing, huh?"

Sujatmi remained silent. Gareth had said she could be stubborn, so Loretta quit the small talk. She didn't have all day to work on the woman.

Still, it was a pleasant way to spend a few hours.

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Loretta reached into her bag of toys and pulled out a tattoo gun. "For you, I think cool, strong colours will work best," she decided, getting out a few pots of ink. Aquamarine, cobalt, teal, sapphire, violet, emerald, and amethyst were the chosen colours, with black and white for highlights. Calm changed to confusion and even fear on the Indonesian's face.

"Don't like being marked, having something distinguishing about you, do you?" Loretta taunted as she started the tattoo gun and dipped the needle in the first ink she chose.

Sweat broke out on Sujatmi's skin and Loretta wiped it away telekinetically. A useful power, and one she didn't share with her putative employers. Another object was floated from the bag... a wooden phallus, carved in rosewood so dark it was almost black and polished until it gleamed like satin.

The woman actually screamed when it was slid inside her. Pity for her the walls were shielded against noise by more black-tech.

Loretta worked the carving (dildo was really too crude a word to describe a piece of fine art) telekinetically as she tattooed random swirls down Sujatmi's arms and sides, even over lovely breasts that she teased until her nipples were hard pebbles, with butterflies and lotus blossoms in breaks between the elegant lines. Work which would take several hours, if not three or four sessions of tattooing, only took about half an hour for Loretta between her dexterity and telekinesis. Her artwork must have orgasmed three or four times, the mixture of pain and fear and pleasure providing a delicious feast that would sustain her for a day or more.

When she was finished, bands of tattoo ran from Sujatmi's shoulders to her hips, covering her breasts, arms and sides. Wearing modest clothing, it would not be noticed, and Sujatmi would be wearing modest clothing by the time Loretta was done with her.

The Indonesian nova had retreated into herself in shock, which just would not do for Loretta. She flipped the woman over quickly, before she could react, and secured her again. The back was such a lovely space with which to work.

Loretta actually orgasmed during her work, as Sujatmi moaned and wept, crying out in more languages than the psychiatrist could speak. She would have to encourage Sujatmi to come back for more therapy; this was better than she had expected.

When the tattooing was done, Loretta had about two hours left. During that time, she reworked Sujatmi's mind into an Interpol-friendly shape that would make Gareth happy, and used every toy in her bag on every orifice the woman had. Oh, this was a choice piece of artwork.

Finally, tired and sated, Loretta went to pack everything away... when Sujatmi's words stopped her in her tracks.

"Can you not recognise another telepath when you meet one?"

It was the final thing Loretta Madison ever heard.


Gareth Dawson returned to the office at 15:00 hours sharp, looking forward to meeting his old friend again.

What he got was something else entirely.

Loretta was sitting cross-legged on the floor, eyes vacant and drooling, an open bag with scattered tattooing supplies and sex-toys around it at the foot of her couch.

Sujatmi was sitting in Loretta's computer chair, fingers steepled in her lap, eyes cold as an Arctic winter.

Her words haunted him for the rest of his days.

"Thank you, Gareth, for freeing me from the butterfly net."

Then he knew no more, because when he awoke, he was buck-naked amidst the remnants of a Terat sex orgy.

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It wasn't every day you got to tattoo a bonafide nova, even if you were one of the guys from Miami Ink down in Florida. (Yes, the one seen on that Discovery Channel show.)

Especially one as hot as the Asian telepath Chris and Ami were working on from neck to hip.

What wasn't to like about tattooing koi fish, lotus blossoms and butterflies down the sides of a gorgeous nova babe when the damage healed before their very eyes? The pattern, as she had implanted in their heads (with consent, of course), was random but had its own aesthetic beauty.

Well, duh! It was the guys from Miami Ink doing it anyway.

She paid in cash, and when Chris asked for an autograph, she signed her name as Butterfly.

Sometimes chrysalis is not forged in quantum shells.

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